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  1. Bertalicious

    [BEAST#2] Division A - Week 1

    DoF 4(12) - (3)0 Enigma I couldn't insert the images due to "Something went wrong. Please contact the administrator".
  2. Bertalicious

    [BEAST#2] Division A - Week 1

    DoF vs Enigma will happen on Sunday, 19:00 BST
  3. Bertalicious

    [Beast #2] Suggestions

    "1. Admins will have to make a determination based on any evidence supplied. Unfortuantely trying to pin down consequences leads to more conflict, especially with clans/players who are more interested in the letter of the rules than in fair play." ?????????????? Just state what the...
  4. Bertalicious

    [Beast #2] Suggestions

    Suggestions: 1. "(3) Either team may restart the match during the warm-up phase up to 3 times each, but players leaving a match once play has started may face consequences." This is completely unclear, you should state exactly what the consequences are. 2. There is no default match time in...
  5. Bertalicious

    [BEAST#1] Grand Final

    DoF (9) 3 - 0 (4) DR DR has used their veto:
  6. Bertalicious

    [BEAST#1] Quarterfinals

    The above "decision" was not discussed with us at all, and we will be playing during the default time, which is 19.30 BST Sunday 02/08/2020.
  7. Bertalicious

    [BEAST#1] Top 16

    DoF 3:2 HINQ (11 - 8) Both teams have used the veto:
  8. Bertalicious

    [BEAST#1] Rosters

    Hey, can you please remove Krex as the co-captain in Defender's of Fortune, and add Karatak instead? Thanks!
  9. Bertalicious

    [BEAST#1] Group G

    Defenders of Fortune 3 - 0 H5
  10. Bertalicious

    [BEAST#1] Group G

    Defenders of Fortune 3 - 0 Defenders of Faith
  11. Bertalicious

    [BEAST#1] Group G

    DoF vs DoF should be played Friday 26th 19.00 BST, subject to change next week.
  12. Bertalicious

    [BEAST#1] Suggestions

    I have previously mentioned that people have exams right now, but I don't think this has been taken into consideration (even though you've mentioned you will come back to that). Half of my team will not be available this week. Can we please delay the tournament start by 1 week (so that matches...
  13. Bertalicious

    In Progress Dropped weapons disappear

    Summary: Weapons dropped in multiplayer disappear after being unable to be picked up for a little while. In my experience, the picking up process would generally lock itself at some point - upon hovering over the weapon there would be a message displayed suggesting it should be possible to pick...
  14. Bertalicious

    [BEAST#1] Suggestions

    Given that custom servers are likely to be available - I presume some rules must be changed (e.g. regarding crashes in warmup), but is it also worth re-doing any of the votes? The teams might have different opinions on for example class limits, given that (hopefully) everyone will be able to...
  15. Bertalicious


    We put normanguy on godmode that's why! Good game Malta hope to clash swords with you in next tourney!
  16. Bertalicious

    [WIS] Semi Finals

    Sorry for that guys, Al has been alt-tabbing and joined in by mistake - "my screen was black so when I was clicking stuff it joined the team", we can upload our perspective from that moment (because Apfel was recording), if that's ok with you? We captured as we tell him to leave the server as...
  17. Bertalicious

    [WIS] Team Rosters & Substitutions

    Team Name: We don't care about names Name of player(s): Earendil Addition or Removal: Addition
  18. Bertalicious

    [WIS] Team Rosters & Substitutions

    Team Name: We don't care about names Name of player(s):Earendil Addition or Removal: Removal