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  1. Articulo34

    Runaway slave quest bug (Reforged Edition)

    I took this quest from one of the village elders in Northvegr (the closest village to Tunsberg), I found the hideout and when I went in I kept getting this error message over and over and over again: At Mission Template mst_slave_hideout trigger no: 16 conditions. At Mission Template...
  2. Articulo34

    Wall of SCRIPTERROR (Reforged Edition)

    Just got a bunch of script error codes, not sure if it was during a fight or right after. EDIT: Just to clarify, this was a brand new game.
  3. Articulo34

    Ribe naval assault scene bug

    It seems that sometimes enemy archers will spawn all over the hill at the deepest end of the scene, making it impossible for the player to reach them (invisible wall). I was forced to retreat and try again, however it didn´t happen this time around. A few details: Battlesize = 420 First Assault...
  4. Articulo34

    Siege and dueling don´t mix

    Just ran into a bug that may not have been reported yet. I had a settlement under siege when an enemy lord attacked me, I offered a duel and he accepted. After I beat him I could not leave the next screen, every time I clicked to leave it just damaged their morale and improved ours but wouldn´t...
  5. Articulo34

    Refilling arrows

    I asked something similar in the Bugs thread and nobody answered but after doing some testing on my own (reinstalling the mod) I figured it was not a bug but a feature so now I ask if it can be turned off through TXT editing somehow. I play Floris Expanded 2.54.
  6. Articulo34

    Haelmarian Pike´n Shot tactics PROFIT!

    I have always liked the Haelmarians. In my opinion they have one of the most balanced troop tree in the game. They don´t excel at anything but they don´t have weak points either. What bothered me was the fact that, to make the best of them, it required too much micromanagement, and I´ll explain...