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  1. Narmin

    Need a boost at getting better at bannerlord? Your wish is my command 🐐⚔

    Ever wandered what it would feel like not to get absolutely stomped by your opponent on duel? or tired of getting T-Bagged on Team death match servers and just want to turn the tide of war? I've gotten numerous requests to coaching dueling via Fiverr and here it is. (Thanks for the Idea Kato)...
  2. Narmin

    How to SPIN tutorial

    due to popular demand on duel servers, I decided to create a short tutorial video please let me know if yall have any questions! allah bless!
  3. Narmin

    Banned on RONIN for no reason

    SO where do I begin? Nessa (Turkish) Hops on NA duel, begins **** talking me because im Kurdish, saying racist sh*t with his broken a** English such as "GO DIE KURDIE TERORIST" and I told him if he continues I will have to ban him. He kept saying it so I banned him. 30 seconds later, he logs in...
  4. Narmin

    How to M feint like and sub guys!
  5. Narmin

    Post malone has warband tatted on him

  6. Narmin

    Lagging when feinting

        So last week I had a problem my animations in blocking and stabbing are really stunned and held back. This is also coupled with sluggish turning despite having a high sensitivity, and furthermore often my 'feints' (stab - block - stab) sometimes stop randomly in the middle of the action and...