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  1. Smuggler

    Bohemian Guard - Vityazi of Sun - violation of rules under the judge supervision

    First - lets stay out of posts ala "lames, cry me some more, etc etc". I think our history with worlds elite clans and our mutual matches speaks for us, that we do not have this need, even if are loosing. Now, why this thread. We protests against this match and we demand the match will be...
  2. Smuggler

    [Bohemian] Bohemian Guard

    We are Bohemian Guard, descending from legendary knights, who rest in their eternal slumber under Blaník. We are clan comprising Czech and Slovakian M&B players worldwide. As SanDiego - creator of the original thread - has left our clan. I am creating a new one which will be fully updated I hope...
  3. Smuggler

    Czech Nations Cup Team Thread + Scores & Schedule

    Czech Nations Cup team Active team ( 8 ): CZ_Smuggler(captain) CZ_Switchfoot CZ_Lord_Umeny CZ_Marvv CZ_Vallonzo CZ_relaXcz CZ_Deithwen CZ_Ghrazdul Reserves ( 6 ): CZ_BigShock CZ_Arek CZ_El_Corty CZ_Husita(Fakken) CZ_Telcharius CZ_Chris CZ_Olafsson CZ_SanDiego Players total: 16 Match...
  4. Smuggler

    Mount&Blade League - looking for webdesigner and moders

    Hello community! :) My friend wise, who is an experienced web programmer, had an idea to build a center for clan competiting in Mount&Blade: Warband. This project might gather the community of Warband clans and you can call it a league. Me and Oğuzhan are currently looking for a group of...
  5. Smuggler

    [BUG] 0.700 Server assertion error

    I've tried to run dedicated server on Windows Vista SP2 and I get this assertion error: Older versions of Warband works well... EDIT: Damn, there were old dedicated files :D
  6. Smuggler

    [SUGGESTION] Chat-bubble while writing

    It would be great if you will writing a message ingame and something like chat bubble will fly above your head. So all people will know that you are writing something and all normal people won't attack you :D
  7. Smuggler

    EU_Czech servers upgraded

    Hello, Today we've opened a new server EU_Czech S2. So now you can see three Czech servers in the game - S1(Siege), S2(Fight & Destroy) which are public and a closed Bohemian Guard server for clan testing and training. The machine was upgraded and now runs on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and there...
  8. Smuggler

    [BUG] Assertion failed! - The server crashing bug (0.622)

    I am the administrator of EU_Czech server and I am having serious problems with the latest 0.622 version. My server is still crashing and reports assertion failed: