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  1. [Qx4] Undeadifying my Undead self?

    Hello there, Enjoying the mod once more. This time trying my hands at the Blight instead of the Illorithings and Planelords. Did run into some issues though, (one that happens a lot to me in this mod) which is that I am completely lost. xD  I would like to know several small things, if anyone...
  2. [Qx3] Buying Warband

    Hey, I've finally kept onto my money long enough to now be able to buy Warband! Yay. But there's some things I would like to be reassured about. 1) Buying the game will sent me an email with the activation code? The whole billing address thing kinda freaked me out, as if I'm getting a...
  3. Second Age

    Since the second age tread in The Pioneer's Guild is a popular off-topic tread, I decided to make one here. Discussion is open! But the focus is posting useless comments about ignorant people! (This seems to give a lot of people a big-giant-stiffy for himself) Of course, you can also comment on...
  4. [Chronicles of Talera 3.01 Hotfix] Emergancy ~Mega~ Upload

    Greetings, Since the current link to the hotfix seems to be broken, I decided to upload it to megaupload myself. If someone should happen to try this, kindly report if it works or not. ~Servitor
  5. Problems when trying to play DARK HORIZON ;o

    Heh, I got some problems playing a most awesome space game; Dark Horizon. I allready posted something on their boards, but it's not very active there. So, I figured that I could post it here, in the other games section. You never know, maybe there's other guys around with the same problem xD...
  6. Servitor's screenshots Mongol Delta (09-02-2009)

    The dark one is a bit out of focus. The first picture is the best one I think, it's focused on my character, and has blur behind him. And I didn't use photoshop! Just very awesome HDR settings from atolest. Here's one that's pretty much normal. Servitor
  7. [Problem] Units showing up with 2 handers only.

    Hey, This is the troop's item list: But in-game this unit uses only the itm_sword_two_handed_b Whatever am I doing wrong here? Servitor
  8. [Q] About

    Heh, I have a question about the file, or actually this line here: Is this for reference to the modder, or can you actually change what things like 'knows_common' mean? Servitor
  9. Mount&Blade 0.808 crashes upon the start of a dialog.

    Heh, I downloaded 0.808 yesterday to start playing some of the old jewels again, like ASLOW, TLD and Battle for Sicily, but every module I start in 0.808 gives me a nice runtime error. Pressing ignore will just have it come straight back at me, same for retry. Abort, as usual, freezes up the...
  10. (A rather well-known Asserstion Error is giving me a headace.) *Fixed* -_-

    Hey, I got this nice little assertion error: I have had it before, and I have fixed it before. I looked for a skill exceeding 10, but found none. Nor did I see any mistake in the WP randomization. Mayhaps it's just me looking the wrong way, but I would really appreciate it if someone could...
  11. Disapearing Soldier Equiptment

    Hey, I got a  bug here, which causes all equipment to be removed from a random troop. First time I started the game it was Vaegir Recruit, Then the Nord Hurskarl, now the Rhodok Sharpshooter. Quite anoying, really. Servitor
  12. Wings3d problem. (UV Maping)

    When unfolding, some faces may get on screen separately. The result is textures abruptly changing to some other part of the texture. Obvious. After the separating edge, it gets a different texture block, even though I gave all those squares the same UV char.
  13. Hey, Read this before asking about 1.011 stuff! :p

    Highelf has been away for a time now... Don't ask why and don't ask for any future releases  :o He'll come back when he comes back. Heh, Maybe you can help him with porting it? But you must be a well-known modder, and he must trust you. So, If you want to play this mod, pray download...
  14. De-Magicalizing Quivers.

    Hey, I did search on some keywords but couldn't find where I was looking for. Does someone know the dark spell I need to block the magic of my replenishing quivers? Or, better said, how do I prevent my quivers to restock after a battle (preferably with python) and even better, how do I make...
  15. [Solved] Thank you Pehu Wizzard ^_^

    This is what I set as destination: export_dir = "F:/Program Files/Mount&Blade(0.890)/Modules/MyNewModule"  (In I click on "build_module.bat" Sorry for the huge picture, I ain't used to Imagevenue and imageshack fails me... New picture, fresh from imageshack!  :o Anyway...
  16. I wondered... =o How do you see the word 'Mod'

    Heh,  :o I wondered this... for I have seen the abrev 'mod' as modification for a long time. Now I see it as 'Module'. So I wondered what you guys see in it! Servitor
  17. Triangubla'd model... *Gasp* Polies!

    Heh, I 'v returned to modeling. And finally stopped on those endless swords. I tried a futuristics gun! Here: Well, I like it!  :o Now, That model is ... 538 Polies! 'Kay, So somewhere, I picked this rumor about not being able to texture something if it is not Triangu...whatevered. I...
  18. Question.

    Heh, What is the use of letting your troops live in your fief? Haven't quite figured that out.  :o Oh, and please don't think that you do not have to update this mod after some of it's features have been adopted into M&B itself. :wink: DO feel proud though!  :o Servitor
  19. Cavelry and Spears.

    Heh, Let me tell this. Doesn't have to be implanted. I am posting this because I think that it would be a nice addition, and at least it will stop bugging my mind. The cavalry right now, stops charging when the horse hits his opponent in the middle. And a lance is not couched for a moment when...
  20. Imediate Py problem.

    Heh, I just decided to try my hand at scripting with the module system again, even though I am dyslectic, I am sure I can find it out. I ain't that stupid.  :o Well, Last time I wasn't all that... Enthusiastic, so after getting an error right away, I just gave up. So, I followed Part 1 at the...