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  1. FUBAR!!!

    Your Army.

    What types of units and tactics do you use when fighting? Poll for types of units. Discussion on tactics. I notice whenever i start the 1755 game i always stick to only using line infantry and try to stay away from cavalry and Indians. But i have recently started useing some cavalry witch is...
  2. FUBAR!!!

    Red Orchestra

    I hope im not the only person on this forum who loves Red Orchestra  :) Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, the leading tactical multiplayer WWII shooter on the PC, will take the award winning Red Orchestra franchise into the next generation of gaming. Cutting edge graphics and audio built...
  3. FUBAR!!!

    Just an idea.

    Now i have been playing allot of PW mod lately and i think its really amazing what you guys did its really fun  :D. But i have an idea that i think will be very possible and can add allot to this mod  :). So far my two favorite mods are Persistent World and 1866. I think combining these two...
  4. FUBAR!!!

    Discussion on Militia.

    I think having militia for every country would be a good idea not exactly like Russian militia but similar. - they can start of with cheap firearm and knife  - low stats in fighting but a bit higher in shooting then regular infantry but lower then riflemen. - different color uniforms (Brown...
  5. FUBAR!!!

    Donavons Provincial Rifle Corps/Militia(North American)Looking for Drill Sgt!!

    Welcome to Donavans Provincial Rifle corps/Militia! Organized as light infantry but armed with rifles rather than smoothbore muskets, riflemen have every right to see themselves as elite. Chosen for initiative and intelligence, they do not need close supervision by their officers. These crack...
  6. FUBAR!!!

    sword fighting

    in a match about 5 minutes ago i swung my sword right at someone's head and he didn't die, i think i was using light sword but how is it possible he didn't die. If people die in one shot from a flintlock rifle then they should die from a sword to the head.
  7. FUBAR!!!

    Whats your favorite TW game? (new poll)

    Pick one in the poll and then post a short comment of why you like it  :) i chose empire because i just really liked the campaign map and the addition of muskets, also the new naval battles were really cool. Previous poll results Witch TW is your favorite? Medieval 2+...
  8. FUBAR!!!

    does anyone know how to use cart horse??

    i have the cart and the horse but when i try to load it it doesnt load up please help :(
  9. FUBAR!!!

    Do you like grenades?

    Just choose one in the poll.
  10. FUBAR!!!

    Canons in line battles.

    Can we increase the amount of canon battery's per side in line battles? So each side can have 3 battery's instead of 2? 
  11. FUBAR!!!

    Is artillery to effective?

    please answer :D
  12. FUBAR!!!

    halp! :(

    when i play this mod europe 1805 my men dont stand in line they just run around like rabble and it piss' me off. how do i make them stand in line.
  13. FUBAR!!!

    *NEW*1st Russian Lifeguard Artillery Company*NEW*(Always Recruiting!)

    The 1st Russian Artillery Company! :D "Lets send Napoleon back to Paris, one canon ball at a time!"-Col.Fubar Many foreigners were impressed with Russian artillery. "The Russian artillery seems particularly fine and well appointed.The horses of the brigades belonging to the Guards are more...