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  1. Bugs & Other Problems OLD

    Seems to have worked. Played for 45 minutes straight without crash. Thanks.
  2. Bugs & Other Problems OLD

    I seem to be getting a small number of red text errors, as well as in-game screen freezes. Character will continue to walk forward should I keep my finger on W. Also experienced a Runtime error. Will retry a couple of times more followed as well as clean reinstall. - Didn't work. I think it's...
  3. [M] EGWarband 0.80 beta

    Seems the Dedicated Server is down again, for I see none servers with this module loaded.
  4. [M] EGWarband 0.80 beta

    *Cries* I'll be downloading this now*! Seems the only server running this module atm (WB_Expanded or something) has an average ping of 400 for Europe. D: Dung!
  5. they need to be banned, badly

    Yep, all 4 are randomers.
  6. Vikingr Multiplayer Preview!

    Can't say I'm not looking forward to this!
  7. SP Antiquity Dawn of Man - The Neolithic Mod, party like its 9999 BC!

    You sure? I'd suggest getting an external HDD where you put all the work on in frequent intervals o.0 ... I mean  damn. I thought I had it rough with my hardware. Best of luck!

    Does anyone know by now which mod the OP meant btw? Edit: Waaaait. I'm reading this wrong. This is a global message? For everyone? :shock:
  9. 1st St. Petersburg Narodnoe Opolcheniye Regiment *New Commander*

    I already did, hence my conclusion and request. :)
  10. 1st St. Petersburg Narodnoe Opolcheniye Regiment *New Commander*

    UPDATE, Update... My current clan does not want me in another, which I knew already. Regiment on another mod counts for a clan as well, new to me but I'll accept it. So, is it possible to be in your regiment for just the event? Conscript like. Sorry :> Edit2: Infantry.
  11. 1st St. Petersburg Narodnoe Opolcheniye Regiment *New Commander*

    Oi, what about me, Tiberius. :| My current clan does not want me in another, which I knew already. So, is it possible to be in your regiment for just the event? :O
  12. [M] Kengeki 1.5 Warband MP

    I might. Often the servers are empty though (sadly). Whereas the Accuracy is concerned, I would say a -1 decrease in all bows would be a great way to start, and not as hard to do as changing the WP of every troop. Secondly, I don't know if the 0 damage hits I keep getting on high tier armours...
  13. [M] Kengeki 1.5 Warband MP

    Downloaded it right away, played it against a bot and it was awesome. Bad stuff started when a human player joined and all awesome melee fights disappeared to make way for tanks and bowmen. Highest tier armor prevents the target from dying, unless you use firearms on him. :| That said, the...
  14. How to port a mod to Warband?

    Resources are indeed in the module's forum. To work with the .py related files, you should have [EX]Python installed on your computer, as well as a text editor you are comfortable with. I prefer [EX]Crimon Editor myself. Then it all about editing the text in module_*.py files. Browse around...
  15. B Other Combat Animation Enhancement - Fifth Release with Trailer 15/11/10

    I love this! Are any servers currently running this?
  16. [WB][S] TGC: Development Page.

    Just adding white-spaces and paragraphs and all that would go a long way. I read the post, seems pretty solid. You won't get anything from me but good vibes though. *Sends some* :P Best of luck.
  17. Lifeless (back from the dead, after a year of silence)

    A grandmaster knight who's name I have never seen before? 0_o Did you undergo a name swap recently, Shredzorz?
  18. Just a mod Idea:D :D rome mod

    0.o Uh... Well there is an idea tread. Individual idea treads aren't really appreciated. You might want to check out some of the mods for M&B 1.011, I hear that the Hegemony mod has elephants.