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  1. Computer freezes after Windows logo

    Specs: i5 3570, GTX 970, 8GB RAM, Windows 10 64bit Started my computer today, was running fine and everything and then it just freezed and I had to turn it off by the button. Restarted, now it keeps freezing on the startup logo (with the five twirling dots) or it will get past that and my TV...
  2. Laptop power board - which do I buy?

    I have a HP 15 n268sa laptop and my power button board has broken and I have no idea what I need to buy to replace it...
  3. Viking game badge

    We will be able to get a Viking DLC game badge on our side profile?
  4. Server list empty with 1.160

    My server list is empty with the latest path?  :?
  5. Install without Steam

    Not sure how to do this anymore but how do I install Warband without Steam? There use to be a link on the website and then you just enter your key but loads of the links are broken on the main site so I'm not sure.
  6. Need help to free up space on drive

    My 60GB SSD drive only has 2GB remaining and I can't do much to remove any more space from it. I have no games or other programs on it they are all on my other drive so I'm not sure what to remove. I've gone through my documents, pictures, music etc to remove quite alot of useless junk in there...
  7. Rootkit found

    Keep getting this Rootkit warning from my anti-virus Isn't Ralink just a wireless adapter company? I also tried deleting or moving to the chest but they don't work, is it just an error?
  8. NASA - Remember the 13th

    Apparently NASA discovered something big according to this site - It gets announced in fourteen hours!
  9. Host process for windows services taking up alot of memory

    Recently I have noticed my memory has been taken up more than usual, there is usually only 1.9GB or RAM out of 8 taken up but lately it is around 3.5GB In the processes tab of task manager, svhost.exe is taking up 431K which I don't think it has done in the past, anyway I can turn it off or...
  10. Incorrect authorization key

    I have two separate Warband games installed on my computer, one on Steam with the version 1.157 and one non-Steam on version 1.153, I have been using 1.153 to test out a server I can't join on the Steam version but now it says 'Incorrect authorization key' when trying to join any servers on both...
  11. [xfldx] frosty's love dungeon

    FLD hey guys this is my new clan thread, frosty's love dungeon, i would love for anyone to join, you dont have to be good at warband just a lovely person  :mrgreen: :mrgreen: clan information: no one called diabetus can join you must play zelda 2 the adventure of link at least once a week...
  12. Dual monitor help

    Hey, I have two monitors and I've been wanting to get them working on the same machine for some time, one of them is a newer 1920 x 1080 monitor which I'll use for gaming and the other one is an older 1440 x 900 monitor which I'll use for browsing etc... I have many cables and have tried...
  13. Computer suddenly shuts down randomly

    Hey, since yesterday, my computer randomly shuts down immediately at random times. But then I can turn it on fine a few seconds later, so I'm not sure if anything is loose as it probably wouldn't turn on if it was loose, I can open my PC easily if needed, but I wouldn't know what to check to see...
  14. Anyone know a good free anti virus?

    So, avast! keeps telling me that Steam is malware and refuses to open it, tried reporting as a false positive, adding it to my exception folder and updating avast. Nothing is working and I was wandering if there were any good anti viruses that were free?
  15. Twelve shot dead at Dark Knight Rises midnight screening

    Article James Holmes, a twenty four year old, opened fire killing twelve and injuring many more during The Dark Knight Rises midnight screening. :(
  16. Bad internet connection

    Hey, For a while now my internet has become really bad. Every few minutes or less, my internet will disconnect for a minute then reconnect, then disconnect immediately, some days it will just be fine, but when it does happen, it will probably do it for the whole day. At first, I thought it...
  17. Skype and Fraps

    Hey, I'm getting a new computer soon, I was going to start recording gameplay of games with some friends, I know Fraps records in-game sound, but does it record Skype sound, including my own voice? If not, are there any recorders that do?
  18. Google Chrome keeps crashing

    In the last few days, my Google Chome keeps crashing randomly, I had to post this on Internet Explorer because Google Chrome crashed about 3 times trying to create the post. Most of the time, my webpage will just freeze (sound will continue if watching a video) sometimes, after the freeze, it...
  19. The Elder Scrolls: Online

    So The Elder Scrolls: Online was finally announced... Official Forum: Do you think they will do a good job with an online Elder Scrolls game?