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  1. Damn dissapoitned [in my humble and slightly ignorant perspective]

    Im' dissapoitned by this event, one of my guys crashed 15times! Thats bloody 14times to much. I crashed 5times. Aswell as constant lag. Getting teleported freezing screen each 6sec. Also what is up with those spawns the prussians are supossed to deff wavre not damn attacking it.
  2. Musicans

    Will there be musicans in the next version?
  3. 11th and 7th looking desperatly for help!

    We need an help to find an server that we could play the match on tonightas Valmys server is taken down...  :? Asking for temporeary admin powers for the match. About 40 slots!
  4. Instrument

    Will you include instruments like in the next patch?: Drums, Bagpipes, Trumpets Fifes etc..
  5. mm waterloo

    What is this mm waterloo server and module? Im' an closed beta tester but still none information of this.
  6. Swedish 11th Regiment of Foot; Älvsborgs Regemente. [TrainingSundays19pmGmt+2

                                                                One of there company banners;Swedish Regiments are divided into two bataljons which consist of four companys each, i will maybe add companys later. Due to that there are no "realistic" uniforms in this module for sweden as all...
  7. Beta Events

    Would'nt be nice to have some sort of event for the beta. It's not really the same thing to play 1vs1 instead of 30vs30. So should we set a time to come there to have fun?
  8. Artillery

    For this coming event(Waterloo) i'd like to know how the cannons will work as im' not gonna assign if don't know how they will work.
  9. Banners

    Hi! Im' wondering if any out there could make me some banners(The sort of the banners i talk more about later) And well why can't i make some banners on my own? Well... Im' definitely not the best artist out here and for the second i suck on thing like this....
  10. Bannér

    Jag vill ha en bannér till mp och sp, Frågan är var jag ska fråga om någon vill göra denna bannér då jag själv inte har någon erfarenhet med att göra något som detta. Om det är till någon nytta så vill jag ha en bannér med en blå eller röd drake., Helst en blå
  11. Projekt Volountery Scandanavian Marksman Battalion(VSMB)

    Den här tråden här om en idé jag fick när jag spelade på 22nd musket server. Att alla skandinaviska spelare som kör modden mount and musket till warband ska en plats om prata om denna modd och en plats att hitta andra skandinaviska spelare att köra modden med. Men det här har också en tanke...
  12. Stop an cavalry charge!

    What is best formation for stoping an cavalry charge both from flanks and fronts? for solo playing and multiplaying. Free for discussing!
  13. Crossbow's vs Bow's

    i play mostly with the nords and i are in war against Swadia and i feel like my archer's are pretty 'owned' when fighting against ther  crossbows. The question is do Archers/Bows have any advantage against crossbow's :?: