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  1. Pleas help for newbie

    Hello, all can i instal diplomatic mode to this Red wars if yes, pls can you tell me how i be very greatfull, sorry for mistakes.
  2. Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Hi, im sorry if i havent see this A or wot i just see there are 2 long quest, where i can start it ? or what i have to do ?
  3. Currently working on...

    Maybe realse date know ?
  4. Version 0.611 <RELEASED!>

    Waiting for realease 0.6 version  :twisted: :twisted:
  5. Currently working on...

    Great, any news ? for the realse or some new? :lol:
  6. [Archive] Bug Reports/ Crashes [Read OP]

    Hi, i have try almost all there fixes, dowloanded again mod set at low grapich and try others, but i still get crash in battle or when i press charge enemy
  7. Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Oh, hello im newbie how i can see what mod version im using, and in what topic are patch for new verion if they realese ? thx
  8. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Installing the SVN version of Anno Domini 1257

    How much MBytes its ? need to downloand
  9. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Installing the SVN version of Anno Domini 1257

    C:\Sierra\dev1257\Textures\ REPORT of '/svn/!svn/vcc/default': Could not read response body: connection was closed by server (
  10. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Installing the SVN version of Anno Domini 1257

    PLS Help getting this Error: Can't create directory 'C:\Program Files\Mount&Blade  Error:  Warband\Modules\dev1257\.svn': Access is denied.  Completed!: 
  11. Link ?

    Therefore I present: Threre ar video ? becaus i cant sea youtube link can you put the link here ? but only text
  12. Link ?

    mm what is tortoisesvn sorry im newbie
  13. Link ?

    Where ar Link to dowloand and update the mod i cant found any links in topics
  14. [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    3.51 Last patch will be new  ?
  15. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Are 3.92 F3, Last pacth will be new update or some new stuf ?
  16. Single Player ?

    I was try some mods they good but map like a Native, some only for Multipalyer
  17. Single Player ?

    Hello i whana  ask some, Do you know some good mods For single Player wheare ar Big map lot of good stuff and all, Much Faction Dont give link to Carvans Mods if you know some real good mod give my link to it, Sorry for mistakes
  18. Bug Reports & Known Issues [v2.54]

    Where i can view that upgrading tree all troops i can look only foto on forum, but wheres is in game ?
  19. Bug Reports & Known Issues [v2.54]

    Where i can Native troop trees: Reworked troop trees: Expanded troop trees: In game ?? i cant found it
  20. Bug Reports & Known Issues [v2.54]

    What Dowloand Game ?