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  1. How do you change the names of the AI you pick up in taverns?

    U know the people you pick up in taverns well how do you change there name and have it stay that way once they join you?

    I know a lot of people that would love this type of mod.U know how you see yuor horse and number of part and stuf in overlap screen well instead your alwayz in the "battle" screen it might take longer to go place but I think it would be a lot funner to always be in yuor persons point of view.And...
  3. Alantis/Monastary

    Where is the Alantic kingdom places I cant find them only the people bc i cheated on the island and I cant move also where is the monastery im stuck
  4. The Masked One

    I attacked the Masked One and he just wouldnt die I kept firing at his horse and him there was just no damage to him tons to his horse but his horse doesnt die how do I kill him
  5. Mod Release Dates and Questions

    I have a question about Last Days it comes with Mount&Blade but It wont let me play it why and wat is Last Days about
  6. Questions and Answer

    Alright this is a fourm where you post questions and im positive someone will answer them.So i have a question.I am playing custom Settlements and i have lumberjacks farmer etc. but they wont work i dont get the resource
  7. Custom Settlements HELP for download

    Hey i need help on how to download this mod it looks AWESOME but i have the latest version of Mount&Blade and don't know how to download custom settlements.SO if you could give me links and steps that would be great! Thanks Also if you need help downloading this game post stuff here people...