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  1. xdj1nn

    Navigating the Encyclopedia is causing consistent crashes.

    Whenever I start to look at many different pages in a quick succession it crashes the game, unsure of the cause. Bare in mind that I'm using mods, they could be the issue, just reporting here so we can narrow it down without me fiddling with disabling enabling mods to test it
  2. xdj1nn

    1.4.1 Campaign Siege Attacking AI broken.

    So, I've just made a siege battle on the defending side. I've actually managed to kill or wound 700 men out of 800 army, and the AI is completely broken, the attacking soldiers NEVER LOSE MORALE. They are immune to morale loss making their Zerg rush extremely effective. I've said time and time...
  3. xdj1nn

    1.4.1 freezing during battles for no reason

    Yet again nonsensical performance loss in a Beta branch. I have 6 cores, game is addicted to only using 2.
  4. xdj1nn

    I'm sorry to say it, but the nerfs on economy have made it suck in 1.4.1

    You are punished for playing the game constantly. A moderate sized non-elite army (150 t1 to t4 troops) is costing more than your castle + villages can grant you, in my playthrough I have 1 caravan 2 workshops + 1+k prosperity castle and I'm losing 1500 gold per day. I mean, come on! This...
  5. xdj1nn

    [Feedback] 1.3.x (not sure if I've got the hotfix or not) Performance

    So, the game seems to have improved quite significantly on performance, my rig is managing it quite well, but, only for the first hour or so... Anything I do after having the game playing for 60 min basically starts stuttering + having massive load times. To me that's likely caused by Memory...
  6. xdj1nn

    [Suggestion] Character System & Issues and Quests

    Taking from the Roadmap (ty so much for that), I'd like to suggest something that I've always thought should be a major part of BL since, idk, 2014 or something. Based upon mods like Prophecy of Pendor, I've always found that having ways to boosting skills or weapons proficiency (back in...
  7. xdj1nn

    Level scaling for sold gear should be removed.

    Just saying, this specifically hits progress more than anything else even after re-balancing leveling + attributes per level. It's the only thing that gets me enabling cheats, but it feels too unnatural, specially given the fact that a massive chunk of gear is simply unavailable in-game under...
  8. xdj1nn

    [Armor] This may sound a bit Nitpicky but the values make no sense

    Ok, I was, this time around, fiddling with item cheat menu, I've noticed some pretty bad patterns... Like sleeveless armor having the same Arm rating as a full mail on "arm", long armor having less leg protection than short armor. Fully covered mail chausses having less armor than "Chevallier...
  9. xdj1nn

    "God Saves US" "They are TOO STRONK!"

    This is the new "It's almost harvesting season" to me
  10. xdj1nn

    [Suggestion] Skirmish/Harass Command for Troops.

    I think is a must have, there could be 2 types mashed into a single button, if the holster ordered to skirmish are skirmishers on foot, they skirmish on foot, like one would skirmish. If they are "Horse Archers" they "Harass" as horse archers do, carousel anyone? Or, it could be better. Harass...
  11. xdj1nn

    End Game or would it be Whac-A-Mole?

    So I've come to a point in the game that it's basically Whac-A-Mole. If I don't use mods to force peace/war the game becomes an annoying carousel dance where your 14k strong kingdom can't deal with 5k strong enemies (AI wise). Your lords will keep strolling with armies doing absolutely nothing...
  12. xdj1nn

    Okay, doing my 15 minutes quick-burn plays, I've encountered some weird bugs.

    First, minor factions/clans at late game are forcing you to recruit them as if they were lords, after you do so, some time passes, they return to being mercenaries (?????), and switch to another faction. Good nature lords are deflecting extremely easily, and more surprising, they are taking...
  13. xdj1nn

    Game has bored me to death

    I've been running around in circles for the past 2 days, I've already forced myself into nearly 200 hours, and the lack of road-map or any sign of an update bringing fundamental core features into the EA is basically discouraging me to even keep the game installed. I've already suggested...
  14. xdj1nn

    Will the Banner editor get an upgrade at some point?

    I was noticing that AI lords tend to have banners with overlapping symbols, whilst as the player we cannot do that at all (only with that online editor, which weirdly makes all symbols "pixelated" if used). Not only that, another issue with it is that it defaults to offset positions, most...
  15. xdj1nn

    Am I the only one that thinks the Characters look really weird?

    To me they feel kinda cartoonish, but the worst part are the eyes! Everybody is cockeyed! really, pay attention to their eyes! It's SO WEIRD.
  16. xdj1nn

    The UI is quite laggy, is there something being done about that?

    It's really slow to navigate things, sometimes it lags out. I think we need more shortcut menu options to dive directly into things that are most commonly used... Each time you want to go to a keep in a Town is a chore, you click, lags a bit, click again, lags a bit, goes to loading screen...
  17. xdj1nn

    Shouldn't the remaining Empire factions be merged into yours once you've "restored the empire"?

    Seriously, it's too weird rocking the game seeing T6 former leaders roam with 0 troops aimlessly, meanwhile the "restored empire" is thriving, not only that, but the remaining clans from other empire factions (that were not obliterated) should also be merged into your faction of choice (or your...
  18. xdj1nn

    Execution and Consequences: What do you think about it?

    So far I've found it to be quite unrealistic, and more of a gimmick than an actual game feature / mechanic. To me the relation hits with lords from nations that are not part of the "executed" prisoner's kingdom doesn't make sense at all, and it actually makes this option not viable at all times...
  19. xdj1nn

    Struggling to understand what dictates the candidates for a fief after the siege.

    Struggling to understand what dictates the candidates for a fief after the siege. Most of the time it doesn't even make sense, it calls upon lords who didn't even partake on the battle, rarely the player is selected among those, and then there's the ruler influence magnate who usually takes...