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  1. TheCrusader5

    Solved Multiplayer Login Failed

    I had the same issue, my friend has a vpn so i asked to use it and so far the issue is gone
  2. TheCrusader5

    In Progress login failed error for multiplayer

    Any update on when this patch will go live?
  3. TheCrusader5

    Need More Info Login Failed

    I just downloaded Bannerlord on my work computer to see if that computer had the login issue. My work computer had no login troubles so the issue has nothing to do with my wifi. I also looked at the work around topic that you linked and nothing worked. I would play on my other computer if it...
  4. TheCrusader5

    Need More Info Login Failed

    My bad I forgot to copy the report number Edit: I have resubmitted the crash report with more details and have recorded the report code. The report code is 2020-09-12_00.53.29_1261f3fd83dad913b45809e9280362c9 My main issue that I have is still the login failed error message that prevents me from...
  5. TheCrusader5

    Need More Info Login Failed

    I just submitted a detailed crash report using the uploader, and I have been able to reproduce it everytime which I outlined in the crash report.
  6. TheCrusader5

    Need More Info Login Failed

    I am having this same issue i cant login it says login failed. Occasionally i can get into the lobby but as soon as I start to search for a game bannerlord crashes.
  7. TheCrusader5

    Need More Info couldn't receive login result form server

    I am also having this issue. Sometimes I can get into a match before it boots me, other times I cant even login to the menu screen.
  8. TheCrusader5

    [BSL] Bannerlord Skirmish League S2 $360.00 in Prizes! September 6th!

    Clan Information Clan Name: NA Teutonic Order Clan Tag: NATO Clan Page: Requested Bracket: A Roster TBA
  9. TheCrusader5

    Royal Rat Rumble Tournament

    Steam Name: TheCrusader5 Do you have a mic? Yes Would you be interested in being a captain? No Do you have prior team tournament experience?: Yes Are you available on weekends and weekday nights? Every Night but Wednesday and Thursday Do you pledge yourself to Rat Royal Family? Sure