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  1. The Bowman

    Return the deserters on the campaign map (and suggestions on how to do it better than Warband)

    One of the big surprises that Bannerlord brought us is the absence of Deserter and Manhunter parties on the campaign map. If TaleWorlds ever plans to add them back, I suggest to lave behind the Warband design and come up with a mechanic that makes sense and does not spawn parties out of thin air...
  2. The Bowman

    Bandits and hideouts overhaul: a breath of fresh air into the bandit underworld

    Introduction: I've played the Mount&Blade series since 2007, and I can safely come to the conclusion that banditry is one of the most inaccessible, artificial and lacking features in the game. Sadly, this approach seems to have been ported over to Bannerlord, and the only logical thing we can do...
  3. The Bowman

    Village militia take lords as prisoners instead of you

    Summary: I have initiated a battle against a lord who happened to be on top of a village (he was not raiding it). When I started the battle, I was also joined by the village militia. When the battle ended, the village took the lord as prisoner, which is not really fair, nor practical, because...
  4. The Bowman

    Unsolved Dungeon guard does not let his lord enter the dungeons

    Summary: As the lord of a castle, when you walk in the courtyard and talk to the dungeon guard, there is no option to go in the prison when it's empty. He'll tell you that there's no reason to go in, as if you're a total stranger. Since you can already enter the dungeons via the main menu, it...
  5. The Bowman

    Unsolved Game does not remember troop roles assigned by the player

    Summary: When you change troop roles in the party screen, such as Infantry/Archers/Cavalry/Horse Archers etc., the game will not save your adjustments after you exit the game. Thus, you will always need to reassign the roles to your troops every time you load your save. Please note that default...
  6. The Bowman

    Unsolved Deceiving and outdated menu line while attacking hideouts

    Summary: In one of the recent patches, hideouts have suffered a change: your party does not disappear anymore after failing to destroy the hideout. Instead, you get pulled out by your men. Nevertheless, when you choose to attack a hideout, the game menu will warn you that your party will...
  7. The Bowman

    Unsolved I can assign a clan role to a newborn baby

    Summary: I've just had my first baby, and it looks like you can assign him a clan role even though his age is 0. Normally, you'd have him pick up a role at a later age, such as 12/14/16. Edit: Additionally, in the screenshot, you can notice that he was 'Last seen at Chaikand today'. In fact, I...
  8. The Bowman

    Unsolved Army Created event causes the player party to move elsewhere

    Summary: When you get the 'Army Created' event, your party will suddenly start to move elsewhere on the map. In particular, I have noticed that the player party moves where the mouse is pointed right when you get the event. This issue is pretty severe, because it compromises your attempts at...
  9. The Bowman

    In Progress Dynamic shadows and static shadows have vastly different quality levels

    Summary: The game has two shadow options: Static Only and Dynamic, with the possibility of adjusting their quality from Low to Very High. The issue is that on my system, Static Only shadows have very poor quality all across the range. In comparison, choosing Dynamic shadows set at a Low level of...
  10. The Bowman

    Unsolved Underground child in Pycaon

    Summary: A child occurred to walk underground, with only his head being visible. Once you talk to him, his position would reset to normal after closing the dialogue window. How to Reproduce: Observe the road between the central marketplace and the tavern in Pycaon. Quest/Settlement Name (if...
  11. The Bowman

    Loot some of the equipment of your own men after battles (horses)

    Summary: Today I had a battle in which most of my cavalrymen died (about 5 of them). When the battle was about to end, I noticed that all but 1 horse have survived, and were simply sitting around the battlefield. The issue: I went to the loot screen, and all I could take from the battlefield was...
  12. The Bowman

    Unsolved [e1.0.2] Ladder collision issue and two mesh probems

    Since these are very minor issues, I have decided to collect them in one thread. 1. This Vlandian barn has a faulty collision for its ladder. If you try to walk on it, you will get stuck between the steps and the character will jump up and down continuously. 2. All the imperial gatehouses share...
  13. The Bowman

    Unsolved [e1.0.2] Cannot enter Seonon/Marunath tavern from the town scene

    I tried to access a tavern directly from the town streets in Seonon (or Marunath; it's one of these two Battanian towns), but it looks like the scene lacks a passage door towards the tavern scene. Thus, you can only enter the tavern through the town menu. Picture:
  14. The Bowman

    Need More Info [e1.0.2] Minor issue: Character carries weapons in keeps

    Small bug: When you character enters a keep scene, he will always keep his weapons. I think it would make much more sense if you entered unarmed, like in Warband. Picture:
  15. The Bowman

    [e1.0.2] Quest: No relation penalty with the abducted girl, after you kill her lover

    There is a mission where a notable who asks you to bring back his 'abducted' daughter in exchange for money. The mission looks like this: When you finally find the girl (in my case, Laria the Black) and her lover, you have two choices: to leave them alone or to kill her lover and bring the girl...
  16. The Bowman

    Unsolved [e1.0.2] The same companion always follows you in scenes

    The issue occurs as follows: I have recruited my first companion (Laria the Wronged), and when I entered a town, I told her to follow me around. Eventually, I recruited three more companions, and I wanted another one of them to follow me (Laria the Black). Thus, while in a town scene, I talked...
  17. The Bowman

    Solved [e1.0.2] Crash when entering Oks Hall scene

    I have encountered a crash that presented me this error while trying to enter Oks Hall. The crash occured exactly when the scene had finished loading. The error: Unfortunately, I have been unable to send a report through the report tool, because the fullscreen mode does not allow me to...
  18. The Bowman

    Solved [e1.0.0] Game changes resolution randomly

    The game has two specific video issues: 1. When you Alt-Tab while in "Fullscreen" mode, the game will always become windowed, even though in settings it is set to "Fullscreen". The issue can be partly fixed by switching to "Borderless Fullscreen", but when you try to change to "Fullscreen"...
  19. The Bowman

    Audio driver issue - big cry for help [Solved p.2]

    Hello, I've been struggling for two months with my Realtek driver, and now I'm about to capitulate. The problem seems very simple, yet either Realtek or Windows make it look complicated. Essentially, I want the driver to recognize my headphones as a separate device, but Realtek just won't give...
  20. The Bowman

    Transport Fever 2 (Release: December 11, 2019)

    Urban Games have announced their next title, which, (un)surprisingly, is a sequel for Transport Fever. Among the expected features listed on the official announcement, what seems to make it stand out from the previous title is the Asia scenario (and specific vehicles), a scene editor, modular...