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  1. Archonsod

    Who of the old guard are still around?

    I do still visit on occasion :P
  2. Archonsod

    Attempting balance in a feature incomplete game is a bad idea.

    Affecting isn't the same as interlinking, and once you've got something stabilised it's easier to tweak the output up or down than rebuilding the entire system. The economy impacts a lot more than caravans, and things outside of the economy impact on caravans too. You pare it down precisely so...
  3. Archonsod

    How to punish noobs who turtle up with shield and wait for friends to come help?

    Generally I'm finding the stun is long enough to get a quick thrust in, and two or three of those tends to put an end to it. Plus you can always kick them to death (or even better, over the nearest wall if playing siege. Yelling 'This is Calradia!' while doing so is entirely optional). Also as...
  4. Archonsod

    Attempting balance in a feature incomplete game is a bad idea.

    That's not how you balance a game. It's like having a room with fifty boxes, only one of them is ticking and the only way to figure out which one it is would be to start opening boxes. Much easier to fill the room five boxes at a time and sort out any ticking as it comes in. The game consists of...
  5. Archonsod

    Armor [high and low tier] is irrelevant - it needs to offer % based dmg mitigation, rather than just subtracting from dmg dealt

    When was the last time you saw the AI achieve 150 damage from an attack? Most of the time they don't even remember to couch their lance :P Experimenting with the high tier armours it tends to work fine as is - with 50 ish armour on everything I could pretty much stand all day in front of any...
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    PLEASE Test sieges without cavalry

    Given the number of arrows in the air, I'm pretty sure that advice would hold even if they removed cavalry entirely :P
  7. Archonsod

    PLEASE Test sieges without cavalry

    On the contrary, I love it when half the defending force is running outside the walls on their horses. Means there's less of them actually defending the flags, which is all you really need to worry about in siege :P To be fair I've yet to see cavalry achieve much on either side in siege. It's...
  8. Archonsod

    All thrust attacks should be couchable

    Yes, the force exerted is a function of mass and acceleration. That's the problem though - the reason you thrust with the spear, or indeed swing a fist, is to increase acceleration. At a walking pace - which I'd define as slow enough to come to a dead stop without needing to slow down - the...
  9. Archonsod

    All thrust attacks should be couchable

    That depends. Breaking the skin with a knife (and functionally a spear is simply a knife on a stick) requires between 10 and 20 newtons to be applied, or roughly 1 - 2 kgf against the tip of the spear. If you're simply standing there, the only force you're exerting is against gravity...
  10. Archonsod

    All thrust attacks should be couchable

    It's not me you'd need to worry about, it's Isaac Newton. Though I'm sure NASA would probably also be entertained by you explaining how we've had the basic laws of motion wrong all this time :P
  11. Archonsod

    Please nerf archers one way or another.

    Archers aren't the problem, it's the AI. Not really. There's some significant scatter on the arrow over range even if you max out your bow skill, and the AI archers don't have maximum skill. The problem is the AI has a tendency to bunch up, particularly when it's decided to attack a target and...
  12. Archonsod

    Evolution is wrong,Development is right

    It's because it's overpowered. Nerf CEMENTISTS WODS!
  13. Archonsod

    dont like how sp makes level advancement...

    I believe some of that is related to focus point spending though. The problem with the cap goes back to what I was saying about the relative value of the attributes. Vigour, Control and to an extent Endurance are somewhat hampered by the fact that they contain multiple skills you wouldn't...
  14. Archonsod

    dont like how sp makes level advancement...

    Yet the design of the system forces you to generalise. One of the big problems with Bannerlord that Skyrim avoided is that not all of the skills are equally useful at all points. Try specialising as an engineer for example and you're immediately confronted with the issue that there's no way of...
  15. Archonsod

    Formation system need a rework: infantry just can't fight properly

    It's not random, the AI is looking at the target and trying to pick the best attack to hit (it won't try a left swing if you're holding a left block for example). It's not looking at it's surroundings (hence happy to hit the nearest wall) or the weapon it's using (thus trying to literally go toe...
  16. Archonsod

    Please bring back "Relative to Enemy" swing/block.

    No, they're asking for the relative position controls, both block and attack would be set by the same thing, which is relative position of the crosshair to the closest enemy. Whether automatic blocking would be included depends entirely on how they implement the function into Bannerlord. It...
  17. Archonsod

    is there a level cap?

    Level up requires a certain amount of skill increases, so the theoretical hard cap would be the total number of potential increases (250 is the max for any skill I think) available in all skills divided by the number of increases required to reach the next level. In practical terms, the maximum...
  18. Archonsod

    Thought and issues about automatic battle resolution

    The levelling progression is kind of the issue. Why when you have 200 men (mid-late game) are you fighting 7 bandits (tutorial) to begin with? The game makes those bandits run for a reason. You're basically going back to the tutorial dungeon with a high level character; the game might allow you...
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    Ehh refunded it.

    I'm pretty sure I've still got a copy of Mount & Blade .0632 sat on a hard drive somewhere ... :P
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    Thought and issues about automatic battle resolution

    You still take casualties with looters. The only difference is that they're all equipped with a blunt weapon in their first slot, so only do blunt damage which KO's rather than kills (thus the casualties become wounded rather than dead). Actually the hard part would be chasing them down, since...