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  1. Titan357

    Backspace key causes graphical error.

    I looked around a bit, (not too hard though) and did not find a answer. When in a battle (any battle) and I press the "Backspace" key my screen pulls up like a scroll (like if you opened the character menu) yet its blank with only the little mini map and troop orders. Pressing backspace again...
  2. Titan357

    Some questions.

    I have some questions. The rebel option seems to be gone now, I have taken 4-5 castles and 2 towns and have been refused rights to rule any of them so far. While the rest of the faction sits around and does nothing. I was hoping I could rebel someway with out loosing my only castle, and...
  3. Titan357

    RCM for Warband?

    Anyone know if RCM is out (or will be out) for warband? If it is out, or will come out I may play warband again, as it is its been sitting on the shelf about a month after it came out untouched. Looks like Nick is not going to port Lords and Realms (I have a feeling I know why) and I haven't...
  4. Titan357

    Looking for a mod

    Something like L&R and RCM for warband. Any ideas? I can't seem to find anything like that.
  5. Titan357

    Estimated / real performance issues.

    System specs. AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Thuban 2.8GHz 6 x 512KB L2 Cache 6MB L3 Cache Socket AM3 125W Six-Core Desktop Processor HDT55TFBGRBOX O.ced to a very stable 3.1ghz. Yes the 6 core. XFX 5870...
  6. Titan357

    AAR : Bjorn Redcliff. A Viking warrior.

    First off, Welcome to my AAR! This is inspired by two other AAR's here, one about a knight in training, and the other about Floris. This will be bloody, and messy!  :twisted: Thanks goes to the writes of those two! With out you I would have never been inspired to write my own AAR. Ok, my game...
  7. Titan357

    Hints, tips and tricks

    Please, feel free to post any hits or tips you have, and hopefully we get enough good advice here to get a sticky! Black text is from me, colored is from some one else, respective names are listed as well. "MODS",101731.0.html Quite easily the...
  8. Titan357

    I just can't get started!

    So, After quitting M&B about 2 months before WB came out for boredom reasons and frustration at some mods I finally bought WB from Taleworlds page. I kind of wanted a retail box, but the urge to play it then was too great so I got a digital copy to match my hard copy of MB original. Right, so...
  9. Titan357

    Need some mod Ideas.

    Ok, So I am back to M&B, and I am looking for some mods. I remember really enjoying Lords and Realms with the RC mod added. I will try to break this down and hope to find what I am looking for. Native Expansion, its ok so far. But I am wanting more, the game just doesn't "feel" right, I can't...
  10. Titan357

    Having problems with my mouse on world map.

    Hello, I am having a prolem where my mouse becomes slow and doesnt always respond to my clicks. Like if i click to go to a village, I have to do it 2-4 times before it takes, but on the battle map, or town/village menu it works fine. Any ideas?
  11. Titan357

    Missing textures? and a big white dome

    Hello all, I just installed L&R, and on the main map, there is a large white dome, its very stragne, if you are on the outside of it you can see in, but if you are on the indisde of it you can't see out. and in a battel feild/or smaller local map, I appear to be getting the same affect, I can...
  12. Titan357

    Change battle size?

    Hello, I am playing PoP, and its really great, but my Pc can't handle the battle sizer at 300, but not matter what I do, it is auto setting its self to 300, even if I use the battle sizer What file do I need to edit/change to set it to 200? Thanks.
  13. Titan357

    First player character messed up?

    I guess its normal, but I think I have put my frist player character into too much of a bind and didn't really make him special in any way. I kinda just put points here and there, just making more of a general jack of all master of none kind of deal, but he is already level 26, and I don't I...
  14. Titan357

    Detailed description of each faction and its units?

    Where can I find a detailed description and list of each factions history/bio and there units stats/bio? I have the manual but I dont recall reading it, might have missed it though. I was really wanting to read more about each faction and its units, as well as find out what factions would be...
  15. Titan357

    Have some questions about this mod,

    Hi all, I was looking around and trying to find a mod to play later, I still have yet to get my boxed copy :cry: but I might have it tomorrow, anyway I am drawn to this mod more than the other's but I still have some questions about it before I make a final pick, as I like to have everything...
  16. Titan357

    Great game, but have some questions.

    Hello all, I had a few questions if anyone could answer them, my first question is, how exactly are saved games stored? for example when I get my boxed copy and go to the full version, after I have went through or got bored with the vinalla game can I export/import him into a new game that is...
  17. Titan357

    Just bought the game and I have a question.

    Hello, I just ordered the game because I like boxes and I found a boxed copy, what I was wondering is this. I will put it in order. 1) I am going to use the trial until it gets here, can I unlock the game before then? or do I have to wait for my box to arrive? I bought the box and cd because I...