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  1. kraggrim

    LSP 3D Art Scenes Galleon ship and static sea-battle scenes

    Galleon-style ship scene prop, plus a couple of sea-battle scene files. No code as I don't have it. For the scenes you could probably use the sea scene code from another mod, like Brytenwalda or something. 21k faces (4k for the collision mesh). Some bits really bulk it out, like the sails are...
  2. kraggrim

    Unflipped normalmaps

    I realise it's pretty unlikely this will get patched at this point, but've forgotten to flip the y/green channel on some of your normalmaps, eg caribbean_weapon_03_normal, various other weapons, dragoon_body_01_normal, both of the helmets I think. Probably plenty more if you comb...
  3. kraggrim

    [Text Tweak] Equip your administrative staff

    If you want to change the equipment of your Treasurer, Secretary etc then make a backup of the conversation.txt file in your module folder (C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Blood & Gold Caribbean!\Modules\BG_Caribbean!_singleplayer , should be similar). At the top of the file change this: to...
  4. kraggrim

    OSP Code QoL Weapon racks in halls show equipped and stored weapons

    These are a pair of triggers you can add to the "visit_town_castle" mission template. The first means that the equipped weapons and helmet of the player or lord who owns the town/castle will be show on the smaller weapon rack scene prop.  The second means that any weapons stored in the first 4...
  5. kraggrim

    Any sword types that are NOT in the game?

    So I was going to make myself a custom sword and was looking around for a type/shape that wasn't already in the game (talking about ones from that region and time-period). Can't find any yet:)! Every one seems to be there that I've seen so far, though I'm no expert so could very well be ones...
  6. kraggrim

    B Dark Ages [Item mod] Horse Armour (very basic version)

    Just a simple modified mesh that adds a horse with very basic armour (padded gambeson type). Not historically accurate afaik if that concerns you :). DOWNLOAD Should work with any post-2.0 version, and any mod that doesn't edit that item entry or the horses.brf. Save-compatible obviously. You...
  7. kraggrim

    SP Dark Ages [VC][Submod] Outlaws Expanded (second test version released) -DEAD for now-

    Outlaws Expanded (second test version released) A small mod that will attempt to give a few new options and gameplay for bandit players. Hopefully it will make playing as a bandit a little more interesting, and maybe more viable in the long term. Probably not story-mode compatible as...
  8. kraggrim

    Saxon/Viking Miniatures

    I spotted these dark age miniatures today and thought you guys might appreciate them: Also these Britonic guys from an earlier period are nice too: They're from, there's more standard troops there too. Not painted stuff in about 10 years but I'll probably buy...
  9. kraggrim

    B Tutorial 3D [VC] Customising Armours Tutorial

    Customising Armours This tutorial is not about creating your own from scratch, it's about mixing up the existing armour parts and accessories to create something unique. An example is the image above where Orm's Byrnie now has a wolf head rather than a bear. The way Viking Conquest's armours...
  10. kraggrim

    Dun Breatann coastal assault scene invisible barrier

    Invisible barrier where red line is, troops can't cross. I think there was another one at a right-angle to this (maybe roughly where I'm standing in this screen).
  11. kraggrim

    B Dark Ages More Pictish painted bodies (Skill-bonuses now added, Save-compatible) for 2.012

    For 2.012, updated 25/09/2015 Overview New painted/tattooed bodies for the Pictish Alban faction, 15 male and 1 female. These now add +2 to power-strike/throw/draw and athletics, but have very low armour.  You can now get them from the last page of the cheat menu. I've set them basically as...
  12. kraggrim

    1.03beta Cannot select an answer on 'Request X be awarded to you' screen.

    I can't select either of these, had to force-quit.  As marshal I had conquered Dun Taruo for the storyline, then the east coast castle, then this one, requesting the first 2 for myself. For some reason my accompanying lords didn't help me with this siege, but did with the other two.
  13. kraggrim

    Tweaks for Viking Conquest (one for 2.028, others for 2.021, 2.012, 2.010 etc)

    Ok guys, here's a few little tweaks for VC (some updated/compatible for 2.012,  others for 2.010, 2.005, 2.0, 1.04, 1.03/beta, check first), though many should work fine on later versions, use common sense.  -Make backups, and use at your own risk (especially in story mode).  -When the game...
  14. kraggrim

    Bug left over from Brytenwalda, plus a new one.

    Current: Original: Looks like bandits still haven't learned to count without using their fingers! Just like old times :D. Also I get this option when I go to rescue a lord. I didn't have a quest to do it and I'm not a member of his faction. Using beta 1.03 and latest Warband (steam).
  15. kraggrim

    Psychedelic Skyboxes

    "Too...much...mead...." Also, I got decapitated when a ruffian hit me in the head with a rock. Only -1 intelligence for that wound, guess I didn't have much in there to lose! rgl_config (minimum graphics pretty much)
  16. kraggrim

    Alternate map-icon textures for Repolished or Graphics Pack (wip)

    Edit: Now with .brf! Warning, both work-in-progress and noobtastic. If you're using Brytenwalda Repolished or the Graphics Pack and you want map icons look like this: instead of this: then go to your textures folder and make a backup of the and files...