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    yes, coming back after a long hiatus. Bought Warband release day back in 2010 and put too many hours into it... :roll:
  2. Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    I'm not exactly sure where to post this, but a moderator changed my forum name from 'frostysmittyjaja' to just 'Frosty' a few years back, looks like the redesign has reverted this change, any chance it could be changed back?
  3. Will mods be availabe for EA?

    Hunt mod please, great times were had many years ago on that mod
  4. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Can this just release already!
  5. Still active!

    I'm back after a few years.
  6. Computer freezes after Windows logo

    True I guess, but it's the only major I've had so far so I'll keep going for now. It is annoying when it downloads drivers with windows update, whose idea was that??
  7. Computer freezes after Windows logo

    Thanks! I fixed the issue, whenever Intel HD Graphics were enabled it would not get past the Windows logo, if I keep it disabled it works.
  8. Computer freezes after Windows logo

    Specs: i5 3570, GTX 970, 8GB RAM, Windows 10 64bit Started my computer today, was running fine and everything and then it just freezed and I had to turn it off by the button. Restarted, now it keeps freezing on the startup logo (with the five twirling dots) or it will get past that and my TV...
  9. Free Games - Recomendations and updates galore

    Origins and uPlays support is also miles ahead of Steams
  10. Introduction/Hello thread

    I don't remember doing so :(
  11. Introduction/Hello thread

    Must have been regular then, pretty sure I had you on Steam for a while haha
  12. Introduction/Hello thread

    Your name is so familiar, it hurts me to say I have forgot who you are... Did you used to play on Nditions Duel Server? Pretty sure you were an admin at some point, no?
  13. Introduction/Hello thread

    I can't remember if you were or not either, many thanks!
  14. Introduction/Hello thread

    Thanks! Why is that my friend?
  15. Introduction/Hello thread

    I used to hang here
  16. Cheap Gaming

    My bank is full but I need it for bills. First World Problems.