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  1. Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    Norwegian vikings: northeast of Scuin, south of Edinburgh Danish vikings: north of Dunwic, southeast of Bosvenegh Swedish vikings: south of Yyns Mon, north of Caiseal
  2. Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    Yeah, leveling in Viking conquest is much slower than vanilla Mount and Blade, and you will need a truly legendary party of companions if you want to mass produce high level infantry. This is somewhat balanced by the much higher party size limit (which includes the leadership skill of all of...
  3. Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    The best way to get them it to admit to yourself that the idea that bags of javelins produced by the hundred for horseman across the British isles shouldn't be ultra rare in the first place, and just allow yourself to buy them from the cheat menu. Absent that, the best way to get them is to...
  4. Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    Ahhhhh, I didn't even think of that. It's too bad then that it's almost impossible to improve that relation score, being non-hostile to norwegian vikings would make it so much easier to bulk recruit them.
  5. Tweaks for Viking Conquest (one for 2.028, others for 2.021, 2.012, 2.010 etc)

    I'm aware of that. But the game does not allow you to build a refuge at all if you attempt to build it too close to a settlement of some kind. As I said, I'd like to build a refuge on Forth River between Dun Breatann and Edinburgh but the arrangement of villages there makes it impossible.
  6. stocking inventory in farmsteads not economical?

    It can be very economical, depending on the item and it's cost. If you are making a major trading circuit and you know a good place to sell a raw material like iron or wool, then compare the price offered at market with the raw materials price described by your foreman. It's pretty unlikely that...
  7. Why, after the capture of the city uprising begins

    Are you playing sandbox or story mode? I know that the player is disallowed from owning lands until you advance far enough into the story to swear to a kingdom.
  8. Tweaks for Viking Conquest (one for 2.028, others for 2.021, 2.012, 2.010 etc)

    Are there any tweaks that allow unrestricted building for the refuge? There's a spot on the river between Dun Breatann and Edinburgh that would be truly amazing for a refuge, but the nearby villages make building one there impossible.
  9. Some hints after exploring game code

    The answer I got from the Quick Questions/ Quick Answers thread was that horns and banners improve in combat morale, reducing the likelihood of troop morale breaking and fleeing the battle.
  10. Some hints after exploring game code

    This is is a fabulous post, thank you for making it.
  11. Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    I understand what you mean, but I'm looking to see if anyone actually knows what specific effect these specific values have. Relations with outlaws, for instance, doesn't affect your ability to trade with them, that's determined by your general reputation. I think it affects the willingness of...
  12. Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    That doesn't actually answer my question. The game tracks several values for commoner relations, sea warrior relations, outlaw relations, but doesn't actually specify what impact these values have.
  13. Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    I know religious relations affect kingdom disposition over time, do we know what effect relations with commoners and outlaws have on game play? It there any point to managing these values?
  14. Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    Oh excellent, thank you. I guess I've just been getting unlucky then. Could you explain a bit about the differences in the different 'simulate battle' variables? I assume they alter the outcome of the simulated fight somehow? Looking at this and guessing at their meaning, it looks like the "Do...
  15. Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    I've put a lot of hours into M&B, and VC specifically, but I've never really figured out how to best handle the sally events that happen during sieges. The enemy sallies, kills roughly 5% of my army outright in a auto-calc battle (seemingly ignoring the party's surgery skill), and then I'm given...
  16. "build mantlets" is useless i think

    Why are people losing any men while building mantlets? You build them, clear then ground, then send the vanguard to place the ladders/tear holes in the enemy wall. Only the later stage involves any casualties, and those casualties are absolutely reduced by placing mantlets.  If it's really a...
  17. Siege system : How can I turn it off / turn it into the old one?

    terry309's advice was fine, except you absolutely build mantlets. They dramatically reduce the casualties taken when you place ladders before the final assault.
  18. Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    So, the horn and banner have no effect beyond the likelihood that a soldier will try to run from a battle?
  19. Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    Can you explain the actual mechanical effects of the banner and horn items?
  20. Low FPS and estimated performance regardless of video settings.

    Rarilmar, I could kiss you! I followed your advice and my framerate issues disappeared! I appreciate this so much!