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  1. Shrugging Khan

    Settlement development and upkeep

    I don't know what's planned for settlement management, but I find its present state very shallow and uninteresting, so here's some quick suggestions that would work without having to completely replace the existing system. Add construction costs to each settlement improvement, and not just...
  2. Shrugging Khan

    Unsolved Crossbow Expert doe snothing

    Summary: Crossbow expert does nothing How to Reproduce: Activate the "Crossbow Expert" park in the riding skill and attempt to reload a crossbow on horseback.
  3. Shrugging Khan

    How to get Lords to join you?

    Trying to convert a lord with whom I have decent relations costs me around 1 million denars. There seems to be no other way to do it. Am I overlooking something? Is there some way to determine which lords are more susceptible to conversion? Does the lords' situation matter? Is there some way to...
  4. Shrugging Khan

    Charm XP for empty barter

    You get charm experience for successfully bartering nothings. Empty barters. Yep.
  5. Shrugging Khan

    Wife, Crashes, Fathering Children

    So I got my PC married to a nubile lady, who is now eagerly patrolling my countryside. Yay. But whenever I try to talk to her, the game crashes. Nay! Is there any need to interact with the wife in order to father legitimate children?
  6. Shrugging Khan

    Automatic Promotions

    Hi there gents. Mod idea: Save the last choice the player made for promoting a type of unit, and automatically re-apply that once the conditions (XP, money, horses, perks) are met. Additionally, there should be a menu option for stopping this process either in general or for specific units...
  7. Shrugging Khan

    Snows indoors

    It snows indoors. Noticed this in one of those strangely expansive Sea Raiders caves.
  8. Shrugging Khan

    Imperial Crossbowmen

    Have 130 Bow skill but only 80 crossbow skill. Thank you, that is all.
  9. Shrugging Khan

    Ongoing Development?

    Hi there, is Nova Aetas still being worked on?
  10. Shrugging Khan

    Firearms stats

    Hi there, I just encountered a gun runner in a tavern and had a look at his merchandise. Now I found that all guns have two damage stats and two speed stats. What's the meaning of this? Are there two different modes of firing, one loading less powder? Or is that for when the powder gets wet? Or...
  11. Shrugging Khan

    State of the mod, plans for the future?

    Greetings, Gentlemen. I'm new to the Mod, but I quite like it. I suppose I needn't tell you why! Since most good M&B mods have stopped being further developed, yet ScreamingCommie is still around, I do wonder about this one - what are the plans for the future? What will the next version...
  12. Shrugging Khan

    Playing as non-Laurian

    So, in order to follow the old directive of "know thy enemy", I went and started a game as a Lion Throne mercenary. But that was disgusting, so I opted instead for something a little more humane...Swadia, eh? Those guys are alright. Or so I thought. Dear God and Damnation, what is WRONG with...
  13. Shrugging Khan

    Purchase Mail Troubles

    I bought Napoleonic Wars via the Taleworld Shop, paid per PayPal, received a mail, klicked the activation link, and that was it. I didn't get my Key Code at any point. Now, my mistake was probably in the ancient mail address I had in my profile. I should've changed that ages ago, since I don't...
  14. Shrugging Khan

    The Repository / Mirror Please

    Lately, the repository hasn't been working too well. Some people get crappy loading/downloading speeds, while others (myself included) can't access it at all. Someone please create a mirror for PoP, on a site that isn't the repository. Thanks a deal!
  15. Shrugging Khan

    Difficulty Scaling by Level

    So...why is it that the difficulty scales with character level? And how exactly does it work? ...and what can one do to mod it away?  :)
  16. Shrugging Khan

    Current Events

    I recall we had a thread like this once, but bugger me I can't find it. So here's a new one. PLAYERS! Post what's happening! Moi, for one, just ran across the Prince-Sovereign. He was hunting a few broken Vaegir lord parties around Odoiev (Zenislev is a Ducal Holding ATM), so I seized the...
  17. Shrugging Khan

    Battle Sizing

    Has anyone other than me ever done battles with higher-than-usual numbers of participants? Ancient M&B standard was 100 men, Warband made it 150, My usual is 300, The highest I got my machine to stomach (at 1 FPS) was 800. I feel that in TEATRC, with the various faction-specific tactics and...
  18. Shrugging Khan

    I am killed!

    Blasted, you frivolous eggs! TEATRC, now patched to exclude the message spam, has once again cost me an entire night! And I had an exam to attend today! ...but the examiner was sick, so it's all right. I loves you alls. PS: Does anyone know how far I can go with neutral-aligned caravans when...
  19. Shrugging Khan

    New Game: Difficulty

    I'll keep it short. What is the difference between the three difficulty settings presented when selecting "new game"? inb4 "easier/harder". Edit: To be more precise; is "harder" actually "more realistic", or is it simply "artificially difficult", with the player (and/or his troops) dealing...
  20. Shrugging Khan

    Submodding (totally not cheating) Question

    So, since 9.1 breaks old savegames, I wanted to accelerate my new game by giving all companion NPCs some item sets of my choice. Steel Boots for everyone! Really, I just hate managing companion inventories. So I thought this would be a quick way to save me some annoyance. But alas, it didn't...