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  1. TrashMan

    Feasts - when?

    Seriously. I'm tired of downloading giant updates that add jack s*** of actual worth. At the current rate of progress, I will not live to see the basic old features implemented. The game is still far from what I would call "complete" and the entire experience feels grindy and half-baked. I'm...
  2. TrashMan

    Problem with units, upgrades and armor

    Longbowmen are a special case as the king wanted to make an army of longbowmen, so they were required BY LAW to train and have a bow. Also, a longbow isn't that expensive or difficult to make. The most expensive piece of wargear is BY FAR the armor.
  3. TrashMan

    Problem with units, upgrades and armor

    Comparatively low quality. Something like a Gambeson is a decent armor and was probably the most common armor used in armies, especially earlier, since it's cheaper and more protective than leather. Chainmail later became more common. But the point is that good armor was expensive and soldiers...
  4. TrashMan

    Problem with units, upgrades and armor

    A simple truth is that 90% of an army were conscripts/levies - troops with equipment that was practically never of quality. Only nobles had the best armor, everyone else managed how they could. In fact, mercenaries and professional soldiers were the only one with what you could call "good"...
  5. TrashMan

    Does anyone think that Vlandia is way too fancy in the game?

    Who cares? You got romans and mongols and everything mixed into a single pot. Vlandians look OK by me.
  6. TrashMan

    Worth the Price Tag?

    And soon you realize you have reached the end of content. There's little beyond the early game. The game is barren of any real content at this point. Definitely not worth it at this time, but the potential is there. Wait a year or two, because I don't see it nearing completion any time soon.
  7. TrashMan

    Taleworlds, where is the Transparency & Communication? :(

    Agreed. I bought Empyrion and am very happy with the communication, even if the development is slow and some of the things in the game piss me off to no end. - snip -
  8. TrashMan

    [TWLauncher] Seasonal animations and sounds

    Pointelss waste of man hours and work
  9. TrashMan

    Where's the patch, TW.

    What's the point? It's not like this patch is going to be a major game-changer. The game need a year or two more in the oven at least.
  10. TrashMan

    Spears are weak.

    - low quality plate - rather flat plate armor - no give, fixed armor
  11. TrashMan

    Adding Army attrition and exhaustion, improving the morale mechanic [Suggestion]

    All armies should automatically stop and make a camp at night (and when exhausted) UNLESS forced march is turned on. Camp followers, logistics should definitely be a thing. It would be as a simple as a) pack animmals and supplies with an army b) automatic supply caravans that travel from...
  12. TrashMan

    Lord's Changed (secretly)

    The new lords are "wonderful". Picard, Shrek, Thanos, etc...
  13. TrashMan

    Game has bored me to death

    Modding community is great and all but it should NOT be the role of modders to make the core game playable. As much as making the game as moddable as possible is a GREAT move that I wholeheartedly approve of, creating an empty, shallow, unfinished box, calling i a full game and letting modders...
  14. TrashMan


    Well, technically, as long as here are people alive, there are people who can and will take on the mantle/position. Nobility is created.
  15. TrashMan


    Who said ALL lords?
  16. TrashMan

    Leveling is cringe-worthy

    Having to reach a skill level of 100+ before being able to take the second perk is insane
  17. TrashMan

    Marriageable Freedom, Romancing, Courtship, and Family: a complete love-life and progeny overhaul suggestion

    I find it hard to vote because some of the options are combo option or too broad. I don't technically mind removing age restrictions, as long as fertility and health problems are modeled (meaning, the older your spuse is, the harder it is to get children and the greater chances there are for...
  18. TrashMan


    Let's keep going: 32 - The entire courtship thing is broken. Either you get a perfect score or you're locked out forever. That is utter bullcrap. Ease up the requirements, give us more chances to impress. 33 - For the love of all that's holy, allow us to talk to a specific lord in an army...