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  1. nikosierra125

    Ancient History A-Level.

    I've recently started studying the OCR Ancient history course, I was wondering if any Brits are doing it too, or if any other forumnites are studying a similar course? If so it'd be cool to talk about it, share links to good websites and have discussions.
  2. nikosierra125

    The Malazan Book Of The Fallen discussion.

    Being a huge fan, I would like to talk about the book a bit with people here, the facebook groups are good for discussions but they get too busy and I end up getting too many notifications and Unfollowing the threads. I suggest if you want to take place in the discussion to warn about spoilers...
  3. nikosierra125

    Steam Tags

    Steam has introduced a new Tagging system, so I think we need a thread dedicated to discussing them, especially to put our collective weight behind certain tags.
  4. nikosierra125

    El Dorado at The British Museum.

    So the British Museum is about to open a new exhibition on El Dorado, there are many myths as to where this legendary place is actually situated, but one of the most accepted stories is that it was near Bogota, in a lake where the local Chieftains were initiated by being covered in gold dust...
  5. nikosierra125

    What gave you faith in humanity?

    As oposed to what made you loose faith in humanity, say what things made you proud to be a human. Ill start off with my train ride home yesterday, where a loud and annoying drunken woman started shouting at a 20 something year old girl for no reason, she eventually started crying and the woman...
  6. nikosierra125

    The Music Will save you.

    While playing last night me and a few other fellow musicians discovered that if you play instruments, you will, mostly, be completely ignored until the end of the round. I propose that more and more people play musicians and that Pianos and organs be installed in more maps. What think you?
  7. nikosierra125

    Gaming In Education.

    Hello everyone I am currently doing a project at uni in which I am looking at the future of the strategy gaming genre, I am looking at what new technologies are being used, like motion capture and generally try and see what is coming in the next few years, for part of my work I want to discuss...
  8. nikosierra125

    Clan History

    Only one post per player, please name your clan, or if not in one if your a wanderer or a bandit. example: all stories in spoilers please  hope you enjoy making and reading ! Balions: Hoboknights: Shieldings: Holy Brotherhood Of Suno: Defenders Of The Faith...