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  1. tarakan

    In Progress Crash after autosave load

    I moved on from my looter crasher group and it seems to have done the trick. I hope I don't run into them again :grin:
  2. tarakan

    In Progress Crash after autosave load

    I would love to send a proper crash report, but crash reporting runs into several 403 forbidden errors and doesn't send anything. What happened: I reloaded an auto-save which was made just before attacking a small group of looters. I can engage them just fine and they die easily, but when I...
  3. tarakan

    modding text?

    original said:
    Probably the text you see when you enter towns and fortresses.

    "Yesterday there was a party. A lot of girls jumped into the lake naked".
    "The priest gave communion to two women, all night long".

    Need to start paying more attention to these messages :/

    Not sure, but when you edit, try keeping the number of digits per line the same. Something, like replacing the 'naked' with '*****' and such.

    I don't see these messages as awfully profound and just a little bit suggestive. Why would you have the need to remove these anyway?
  4. tarakan

    I am the best player on multiplayer + Fun way to make people sad

    Alex Dragon said:
    Same. Erdrick . THis is what happen when people think you are cheating.

    So i have to punish them by grenade them . I got 10000 greande with 1000 health. THey only got 100 health and i got 1000 health.

    What are you, ten?
  5. tarakan

    modding text?

    TheTuetonicKnight said:
    .. profanity and suggestive content ..

    is there any?
  6. tarakan

    A story on how we might have been trolled ironically, epically and deeply.

    Protip: if you collect the taxes, the timer on the quest disappears. You can pay the noble his stuff back when you have a million gold. In ten years. While being his king.
  7. tarakan

    Uh...Not able to join a faction for some reason...

    you should get a proposition to be a merc for the faction soon.. just keep raising your relationships with the faction and it's members..
  8. tarakan

    Losing Men In Traps

    Cerlin said:
    I personally dont mind traps, they seem like something you would encounter in a siege.  Although being able to see the traps in battle would also be awesome.

    Agreed. Seeing traps would enable us to send cannon fodder to die in them.

    I have an army of swedish mercs, which consists of about 200 elite and a bunch of other dudes (tweakMB-d a larger group for single sieging). Every time I get the 'trap' message, I lose about 15 Elites, because there is a lot of them. Now, that is stupid, because a general with half a brain would never send the elite troops to look for traps. That's what the militiamen would be excellent for.
  9. tarakan

    Caravan Trade Bug

    do want.
  10. tarakan

    Dead end

    gh3tt0 gangst3r said:
    tarakan said:
    TweakMB will help you there. Tweak the base party sizes and leadership bonuses.
    yea but that's cheating..........

    This kind of cheating is a reasonable solution to a bug. I'd rather cheat than settle for a broken party size.
  11. tarakan

    F&S Bugs Thus far

    FrederikBlom said:
    .. unless king Carl suddenly respawns and conquers Allenstein Castle, i doubt that i can complete this quest... 

    He doesn't have to be at Allenstein. If you have to bring her to him, you will just have to locate him. If you have to bring her to the city, just bring her to the city, king or no king. Talk to the mayor. (I guess this is a mayor quest, right)
  12. tarakan

    F&S Bugs Thus far

    FrederikBlom said:
    ... i can't find the Prison Chief, ...

    Try taking a walk around town, he usually hangs outside the prison..
  13. tarakan

    Own faction suggestion (plz read nox)

    The idea is beautiful and all, but I don't think they'll recognize this until they don't let go of the notion of this being a historical game.

    However, I agree that this game has to be fun first and historical later.
  14. tarakan

    Everything Lost :-(

    Try this:

    Move your stored safefiles to a safe location, until the folder is clear. Then start a new game with the same char name. Play a little bit, save&exit the game and overwrite those savefiles with your old ones.
    start game, load, magnets.

    Maybe helps. not sure.
  15. tarakan

    What happens when your armies rebel/mutiny

    The first time I had a tiny mutiny, I killed my doods right after they ran off and took a loot of 75k off of them. Doesn't seem much, but I myself had only 3-4k on hand at the time and I didn't know anything about caravans yet.

    I took the 75 and bought me some bad-ass weaponry.
  16. tarakan

    Bug reporting site

    ARKHAN1 said:
    DUDE I M FACING LOT OF there any way to fix them or i have to wait for next versions??

  17. tarakan

    Character Setup

    Since the best custom armor in game needs 13str and the best helmet needs 14str, you would need those.
    Other than that, I agree. Intelligence+charisma are the way to go.

    Another thing to watch out for is the skill tree of your companions. All skills with the (party) behind the desc mean that only the party member with the highest skill is the one who this is based on. Meaning, you could divide party skills to your companions and not waste your own skill points on those skills.
  18. tarakan

    Sheep Herding

    marshallannes said:
    what would be funny would be if the AI/CPU used a 'feign retreat' as a tactic

    feign retreat
    suck you into chasing
    then attack you (and you forgot wagon thing cause you thought they were weaker)

    They do that sometimes. they retreat, group up and come back for you.

    I've had 1000+ encounters, because a patrol got gutsy enough to chase me down when they had a huge party behind them
  19. tarakan

    Caravans for Beginners

    Good idea.

    Additionally, I suggest sending Velvet from southern cities, like Bratislav (check for lowest Velvet prices, under 200 per item), to northern Swedish cities, like Dorpat, Narva and Vyborg (which usually are above 1500 per item). These are usually the places with the highest prices for Velvet (and quite low for furs). Keep in mind that this may vary per game, so be sure to check.

    Also, to activate a caravan from a city where the merchant doesn't have the commodity you're trying to send, have one piece of the commodity with you at all times and sell it to the goods merchant a moment before asking to send a caravan. If the goods merchant has at least one item in inventory, you can send a caravan of up to 40 items. Do not forget to buy the item back before leaving the city. Protip: don't leave your item with the goods merchant while doing the 'assess prices' thing. He might sell it by the time you're done with the assessment.
  20. tarakan


    ArkadiuszB said:
    Can someone simply post what happens after the Black Mace quest ?

    I've restarted and went with the Cossacks. Building my reputation with them now.

    But at 10+ rep he asks me to defend a village. I know this will start the Black Mace quest.

    I know that in that quest I will have to side with Janusz Radziwill and start a Polish Rebellion, and he makes me his vassal.

    Later on I dont know what happens. I want to be with Cossacks not the Polish.

    Could someone who's done the storyline tell me what happens ?

    I finished the village defending and went about doing what I did before. After the village quest, you get the option to ask nobles about the black mace.
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