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  1. kelrouth

    Is this mod still alive?

    Soooooo.... How's it going for you? Any thoughts on getting back on the mod or are you going to move on?
  2. kelrouth

    War of the Colors

    Blue - 26
    Red - 20
    Black - 26
    Green - 26
    Yellow - 26
    Purple - 27
  3. kelrouth

    [K-KA]Kaiserlich-Königliche Armee

    BrC Crusader battle? We're all going to die.
  4. kelrouth

    [K-KA]Kaiserlich-Königliche Armee

    Sorry for late notification.

    It's Stag here, some of you call me Basil. Anyway, I have to say this that I will be very inactive (which you may have noticed) until my vacation ends, in about two to three weeks. Until then don't expect me to participate in linebattles and/or trainings. Just saying.

    When my vacation ends I hope I'll be back, up and running along with you guys again.
  5. kelrouth

    6e Regiment d'Voltigeurs

    Yeah. That cake is disgusting. So disgusting.
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  7. kelrouth

    The 6e Cuirassier Official thread // Recruiting officer's \\

  8. kelrouth

    6e Regiment d'Voltigeurs

    And I became the Standard Bearer! WO HOO!

    Anyone? Wo hoo?
  9. kelrouth

    [M] Empires of Faith (ex-Caravan Raiders)

    One question:

    Is it possible to change your nation in the future? In some sort of update or w/e.
  10. kelrouth

    Clan Banner Pack [OLD THREAD]

    Purple Gentleman disbanded so you can remove the banner.
  11. kelrouth

    List of Native Multiplayer Clans|Updated 29.03.12

    Purple Gentleman disbanded.
  12. kelrouth

    [PurpGent] Purple Gentlemen {Recruiting new people!}

    Due to the clans inactivity, I'm sadly disbanding it.

    I don't blame the members, I blame myself for not being able to fulfill mu duties as the clan leader, and thus it failed.


  13. kelrouth

    [PurpGent] Purple Gentlemen {Recruiting new people!}

    Derp. A new poll about polls have been made.

  14. kelrouth

    [PurpGent] Purple Gentlemen {Recruiting new people!}

    And a new poll as been done, my kind sir.
  15. kelrouth

    [PurpGent] Purple Gentlemen {Recruiting new people!}

    DarkShogun417 said:
    I like this part of your OP:

    "Those who cause drama or any kind of harassing of another person will be taken care of."

    I don't want to join the clan but I can take care of somebody if you want...

    L0L, my first thought:


    And by the looks of the poll summary, we'll be keeping the old banner.
    And was I the only one who voted for the new banner with text? :sad:
    But the old banner was the one everyone voted on, so I'll heed their wishes. :smile:
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