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  1. Artetius

    how do i ask for feasage?

    Smoked Cheese Sausage, you know the Polish had it first.
  2. Artetius

    Ideas For Fire and Sword

    I only bought the game for the story, I still play Warband for everything else, mainly for Prophesy of Pendor. I don't know what exactly has changed with F&S mechanically, other than a nifty but, annoying gun feature. As far as the story goes, if you try to play with it from the starts, F&S is a lovely $15 standalone. Otherwise, it doesn't quite live up to Warband or better yet... PoP!
  3. Artetius

    What damage setting do you play on?

    Touché, Griefer, touché. You made me feel so much better about the modification. See it only takes the well-planned and well-thought explanation of one person to change the way I think about PoP. I have experienced alleviation. Thank you again. /me bows
  4. Artetius

    What damage setting do you play on?

    I don't know, Fawzia. I don't attack armies that I can't defeat, I normally get chased down when I am recruiting or simply traveling. It's not so much that I am not skilled at the game but, I can't possibly outrun some of the Top Tier armies.. and I am not talking about the armies that have cities and lords either. In the end there is a much safer way of battling in the game and that is to follow lords around as a merc, which is what I have been doing to get to at least level 10. Tons of opinions about the mod, I suppose.
  5. Artetius

    What damage setting do you play on?

    El-Diablito said:
    hmm, I never even thought about lowering damage, I just quit the mod due to every troop and their mother tossing headshots with ranged weapons across the field. Plate armour horse archer knights etc urgh >.< damn shame too, the mod has a lot of great stuff in it (which is why I every now and then hop in hoping to see some re-balanced version that'll no doubt never happen).

    I don't know, I just can't bring myself to lower the damage. I did always wonder how so many people kept playing the mod with all the insta death whizzing about randomly though, guess this explains it :razz:

    It breaks my heart (and I am semi-serious, I joined the fora in 08' but, I have been visiting the fora since maybe 06? I feel really devoted to M&B) that I would have to turn the damage down for the mod because I consider myself to be a good M&B player, I can't deal with being wiped out by these Godly Armies every other in-game week, if you know what I mean... but, I am not going to give up on the modification because it isn't balanced. At the end of the day it does smack realism right in your face and even though you may be the Choosen one, you obviously aren't suppose to be the Almighty Tidal Wave of Death and Destruction on the Battlefield.  Of course you could just play an easy game and Accompany Warlords around in the Early Game, Build Reputation and Twiddle your thumbs like a two year old, it's semi-fun... I guess. Honestly it's nice being forced to stick with the in-game Factions for awhile, in Vanilla (native) I also end up starting my own Kingdom as soon as I am about level 20 which gets old after awhile.

    Most the advice given about PoP is from the vision of it's creators and their followers, which with the limited customization of the map and ai in Warband (without extensive scripting and programming), all you can do is go by that.

    Let the trolling begin!
  6. Artetius

    What damage setting do you play on?

    noosers said:
    You live by the sword and you die by it.......
    :grin: My family is Prussian, I say Prussian mainly because they moved to America before the Germany Empire was founded. My Great Grandfather brought a piece of paper from his Commanding Officer after being discharged and a family sword to America with him. On the piece of paper, a personal letter from his officer to my Grandfather, there is a quote that says "Heinrich, if you did not leave, you would have died by the sword.". Always puts a smile on my face when I see the saying.

    m4dm4x101 said:
    But the beauty of the M&B is that losing hardcore is expected, and you can always rebound  :grin:
    I find that I can't rebound sometimes, being left after a battle with only 2 gold at level 1. That's me though, I don't really care to throw my precious time away on a level 1 character trying to revive him when I can simply start all over again. Opinions!

    It's the difference between night and day at 1/2 damage, new character is already level 8. Wife isn't going to be happy that I stayed up all night though.
  7. Artetius

    What damage setting do you play on?

    My Difficulty is at 111%. Anywho, I have an odd taste in gameplay, sometimes I rather march into battle on foot, with my troops.  Other times, I don't mind riding high and mighty on my steed. I just got bored of this amazing campaign I was on as an Empire pawn and decided to start a new campaign (it was about time for a change) and I realized that every time I start a new character, I end up needing to create another character at least three or four times before I get a decent start. I don't like sitting back in battle but, I know my limits meaning I am not that gung-ho when it comes to fighting the unbeatable, I just get caught sometimes with Recruits versus Snake Cultist which I can't outrun, or Outlaw Knights, or better yet Noldor! Point in case, I will turn the damage down and pretend that since I am the one in the Prophesy that Obviously fate is on my side!
  8. Artetius

    What damage setting do you play on?

    I play on "Normal" but, for the sake of not getting wiped out at level 3 with no chance of remaking my character (because of bad spawn balancing due to the random in-game politics, roaming of lords and so forth), I am thinking about setting it to 1/2 or 1/4 damage to player. I don't like...
  9. Artetius

    The use of Native English

    I had/have the same feeling about the language in the game but, I did get use to it.
  10. Artetius

    How to found the Knighthood of Eventide?

    I understand the just of PoP, always love listening to advice though. When I get bored of this campaign, I am going to build relations, right now it's just fun assisting the Empire. I've played multiple types of campaigns while playing PoP, the most successful seem to be the ones where my relationships are poor. Don't ask me why!
  11. Artetius

    A little too ambitious for the M&B engine

    No Problem here either and I have a CAD Workstation (horrible for gaming). Maybe you are taxing your memory or have other problems (overheating of your North Bridge, Graphics Card, Processor... etc...). If you are having problems with Brytenwalda, atleast download HWMonitor and see if you are overheating and/or check to make sure you aren't hitting your memory cap while playing (both your graphics card memory and on-board). So many factors to why you may be experiencing issues with the Mod, which all seem to be computer related.
  12. Artetius

    A Simple Qualis *Cheat*

    I often cheat in PoP just because I get tired of restarting my character to a string of bad luck. In most cases I will have a perfectly fine character and then update PoP not to be able to use that character again. Unfortunately there isn't much that leveling myself up can do to improve gameplay for myself. Takes quite awhile to get anywhere in PoP which to myself makes the mod quite fun. Same thing with Brytenwalda, really hard mod to play and takes forever.
  13. Artetius

    How to found the Knighthood of Eventide?

    Marleons and Talon Castle are the only two remaining cities. I use captured lords as money banks (their bounty). In fact early on in-game I normally 'assist' when two larger armies are fighting each other, and 7 times out of 10, I am awarded to Keep or Release the opposing Lord(s), which is where I make the majority of my revenue in the early campaign (coupled with trading and raiding). Now that Sarleon is almost gone and the Empire controls Half of the Map, I am not sure what to do with my prisoners.
  14. Artetius

    How to found the Knighthood of Eventide?

    Fawzia dokhtar-i-Sanjar said:
    We are currently working on the stuck lord problem, which has been repeatedly reported in the support thread, but there is to my knowledge, no problem with stuck knights.

    It's truly ironic that almost all of Sarleon's Lords (including their King Ulric) are stuck.... in my castle prison! Muhahahaha! Empire rules!
  15. Artetius

    What are Honor Units?

    I normally do just fine killing off the Serpies, I lost my 'elite' army in a war against Sarleon (I am a Servant of the Empire) and was recruiting a new army to train, ran into a Serpie group with 85 Levy Recruits and 15 or so Militia. I did win the battle but, I didn't have the troops to be fighting it in the first place. I was having a hard time retreating. If only my main army had not been stuck in that castle a few days early! 160 versus 1200 is not fair! I guess I am the type of guy that gets used to fighting one type of war with a great, sorted legion.. then after I lose that said legion, I can't adapt to being a Nubcake again.

    Edit: Oh and thanks for explaining honor troops to me! I guess my Renown isn't high enough to learn about them or through my 47 levels in PoP, I simply haven't read about them. That's me though, missing out on the amazing because I am too lazy to read dialog.
  16. Artetius

    What are Honor Units?

    I know this is a newb question.. and I don't consider myself to be a rookie on Mount and Blade, just confused by the Lingo on the fora. What are Honor Units? I just got done losing half my army to a band of 32 Serpies and I got on here to Gander around and saw the term "Honor Units" posted quite...
  17. Artetius

    Graphical Enhancement 2.5, version 3 is in Pioneer's Guild.

    I knew I paid for my rapidshare account for a reason. Thank you.
  18. Artetius

    Graphical Enhancement 2.5, version 3 is in Pioneer's Guild.

    It may just be this morning but is having issues for me right now (and has been that was for the past 20+ hours) could someone load the 2.5 release up to fileshack or something?
  19. Artetius

    Finally picked up my BOXED COPY!

    I just bought mine from Direct2Drive
  20. Artetius

    M&B Multi-player Elaboration

    Thank you guys. It really saved me a lot of working since my searches were inconclusive.
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