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  1. almightycricket

    Taleworlds, this is false advertising and you know it

    Kick to me has been most effect on walls during sieges.
  2. almightycricket

    When the enemy has one last city... / post your weirdest thing!

    My games usually end with an update, but I made a character who would only recruit from looters, bandits and the like.
  3. almightycricket

    If I could make one wish, I would wish to get rid of the "main questline"

    Nonsense. The only qualification to have a kingdom is to be able to defend it.
    And take it first.
  4. almightycricket

    Evolution is wrong,Development is right

    OP see your posts

    I translated one of his russian posts, it's as broken as this english here, so he's probably using google translate. So he isn't is!
  5. almightycricket

    Taleworlds, this is false advertising and you know it

    Cause you're bumping it

    Only because I saw multiple notifications in my bar...course by bump shaming me you also bumped it :roll:
  6. almightycricket

    Taleworlds, this is false advertising and you know it

    Holy crap, this thread is still alive o.0
  7. almightycricket

    Need More Info Launcher not working beta 1.1.0

    I had no issues til the beta version b1.1.0. Launcher won't work, can start game via exe, mods won't load without launcher. Tried compatability modes, admin, reinstall, clean install...etc.
  8. almightycricket

    [e1.1.0] Beta Feedback Thread

    I don't know, but the economy will never make any sense if I can upgrade a guy from recruit with a pointed stick to a guy on a barded warhorse with a lance for 800 gold but buying a horseshoe off his horse costs 8000. Then when I kill that guy he drops his helmet worth 20K.

    It's like weird MMO-style pricing. Gold needs to be put into wall repair, siege engines, feeding armies, holding parties for morale, etc. Not a +2 Mace of Bashing.

    I love this analogy.
  9. almightycricket

    [e1.1.0] Beta Feedback Thread

    I can't even get the launcher to work now 0.o?
  10. almightycricket

    beta crashes every time i enter a manual battle with old character

    it needs to be solved before the patch leaves beta...

    What they are saying is, and talesworld has as well, that changes that fix the game as a whole and don't prevent people from playing the game is more important than backwards compatibility to old saves from when it was less so. What would you rather have, an old save or a better game?
  11. almightycricket

    Beta Branch e1.1.0

    Great patch but please check the AI for infantry units. Now they rarely block incoming attacks. Tournaments are a joke now and too easy.

    Errr...anyone else experiencing this, and dabos, did you post a in the bug area?
  12. almightycricket

    It's in EA... Should it excuse "everything"?

    Jaha has made each and every one of you emotional EA defenders look like complete fools literally this entire thread. Where the ones critiquing are eloquent and composed the fanboys are screeching. lol Well played..

    All they've done literally is say no one's made a point, and tell others to shut up. Super eloquent.
  13. almightycricket

    It's in EA... Should it excuse "everything"?

    Well I think it's okay for them to voice their concerns anyways if they want to. Also for some types of things it is useful to see just how many people have a problem or opinion. For instance a wide range a PC builds have performance issues, so it good to see this being voiced frequently because it is common and persisting. People have a lot of variation in their negative experience with the leveling/skill/perk system and many ideas on what would be better, it's good to see it.

    The point I was making is, if you're going to complain, do it in one topic and make it in one place so it's easily seen. Not make it spread out where it's not nearly as noticeable in a bunch of topics.
  14. almightycricket

    SP - Battles & Sieges Auto-block in singleplayer

    There's literally very easy mode. Add to that autoblock and you might as well watch a movie. And as you said, cheats. Why would you want to make it even easier? Waste of time adding such a pointless feature, when they could be focusing on adding more content and bug fixing.

    It's not pointless. Also tone down the condescension it's a game. If you actually read the whole topic instead of just blatantly spewing verbal vomit you'd see people requesting it due to their own physical limitations, which is less about game difficulty and more about just being able to play. Sure some just want it back due to their own skill ceiling, but a lot of people just need it to play. It's already been modded in, and it's working swimmingly, so implementing it via the dev side cannot be as time intensive as you (not a game developer) claim. Get off your high horse.
  15. almightycricket

    It's in EA... Should it excuse "everything"?

    I'm sorry you feel baited. Hopefully you understand that I'm sorry for that. Not my intention whatsoever.

    No, Their saying you constantly addressing every person, and then openly telling them to be quiet, or drop it is in itself baiting and confrontational. I think, sorry if I also missed what you were saying. Definitely not them feeling attacked personally tho.

    Oh and a final note to anyone who see's this, Every thread with the words EA, early, and the word excuse in their contents. Took me less than 5 seconds in advanced search.
  16. almightycricket

    It's in EA... Should it excuse "everything"?

    Again your issue. is assuming all this. this is YOUR opinion. if you want to find someone that wants to share it with you. it's not me.

    Assuming people didn't look for posts about their subject before posting a new thread? Like you did?

    At this point you're basically trolling your own thread. Granted you probably know that. Just thought I'd point it out in case you didn't.

  17. almightycricket

    It's in EA... Should it excuse "everything"?

    I'll stop challenging people once they actually say something helpful

    Telling people to stop, isn't a challenge. It's a command, and pointless.
  18. almightycricket

    It's in EA... Should it excuse "everything"?

    I think it's very important to make it known every problem and concern we have about the game. I do think it's important to not be too nasty about it and trying to 'critique' an EA game is kinda dum. It's also dum to denounce everyone concerned with "dudes it's EA". We want to make sure TW knows what serious problems we have so that they will be changed by the time it's not in EA.
    This could become the greatest game of all time, or it could become the dark souls 2 of M&B games, an okay game with it's own fans but overall a disappointment that didn't deliver what the fans really wanted.

    Like I can say 3 things about perks that are all true: Dude the perks are ****. The perks aren't working as described (or at all). The perks are not useful enough and I would like more powerful and useful support skills and leveling system in the final game. I tend to say all 3.

    This is fine, the problem here (which the OP admitted to) is people not looking to see if the problem was already voiced or addressed. What's more noticeable a bunch of threads spread far apart about a subject, or one huge megathread that gets put at the top of the page?

    People immediately go to complain instead of looking into their own issue, see if it's been resolved (via a future patch or temp fix) or addressed. It's not that people don't like the complaints, we don't like the lack of organization and lack of effort on the complainers part before posting.
  19. almightycricket

    It's in EA... Should it excuse "everything"?

    I agree with you on some parts. working things is very challenging on the internet. However I also corrected myself already so this doesn't matter anymore. drop it.

    Also, just like you can post whatever you like on the internet, so can other people. Stop trying to police others, if it's needed a moderator will do it.
  20. almightycricket

    It's in EA... Should it excuse "everything"?

    No one here cares or is focusing on that anymore. Stop trying to re-ignite things

    If I wanted to re-ignite things I would focus on your replies and bait you. Instead I offered an a good analogy for something you obviously didn't understand and you ignore it and go for the least important bit of my post. Nice.
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