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  1. waswar

    This is an open letter, aimed at revealing the China censorship going on right now by the Chinese mods,TW should be report investigate progess

    I quite look forward to the day that the so-called "People's Republic" is toppled, and we will no longer have to deal with this insidious influence in our lives.
  2. waswar

    MP Native [Update 1] Persistent Realms - Bannerlord Role-Play.

    Whilst I would find it very lamentable if you do go with Vlandia (I had made the joke to a friend that it would all be Vlandians, just like with Warband all the roleplay servers were in Swadia or in Swadian borderlands) considering all of the rich cultures in the game that are now far more aesthetic, I would very much like to see Bannerlord roleplay, making this promising in prospect.
  3. waswar

    [ NA ] Deliverance [ Rules / Info / Staff ]

    Splintert said:
    Shall I have your servant create a thread for the purpose of bashing your server and staff? Seems to me that this would be the best place. I addressed the server administration as a whole that I am not looking for recruitment which is the only possible reason someone like Savina would consider talking to me on the day of her server's launch. Now, if that is all my lord, I will be on my way.
    Farewell. Until our next meeting.
  4. waswar

    [ NA ] Deliverance [ Rules / Info / Staff ]

    Splintert said:
    waswar said:
    Splintert said:
    Yep. The big bad Splintert has maliciously posted a thing such as this, on a civil public forum. From private messages.
    You're being infantile. Kindly cease in spamming these forums.

    Have I damaged your honourable title, my leige? I dare say, good sir, that you can deal with it. With all due respect your grace, you held a considerably different opinion on the matter when it was not your server being bashed. Quite ironic, is it not?
    Such were debates on forums where debates on particular topics were welcome, not on a public server advertisement. If you wished to address Savina, you should have messaged her on Steam, as she did for you.
  5. waswar

    [ NA ] Deliverance [ Rules / Info / Staff ]

    Splintert said:
    Yep. The big bad Splintert has maliciously posted a thing such as this, on a civil public forum. From private messages.
    You're being infantile. Kindly cease in spamming these forums.
  6. waswar

    [ NA ] Deliverance [ Rules / Info / Staff ]

    Splintert said:
    Oh please, don't get started on scorn in public forums. Surely you know who you are.
    You brought this affair from private messages to a public forum to ridicule the other person. Must you truly be so malicious as to do such a thing on a forum such as this, a forum which calls for civility?
  7. waswar

    [ NA ] Deliverance [ Rules / Info / Staff ]

    Splintert said:
    TargaryenStark said:
    I didn't want you to admin for this. It's too good for you. You're maladroit and unintelligent. Please refrain from commenting where you're not desired. Supercilious bastard.

    You came to me, oh great and powerful Savina Haleheart, great savior of Arr Pee.
    Splintert, why do you insist on being so melodramatic and rude over everything? Must such a simple request be replied with such scorn, not to mention on a public forum?
  8. waswar

    [ NA ] Deliverance [ Rules / Info / Staff ]

    EdgeCrusher420 said:
    Wow, some of you people just having been playing PW too much, everybody knows everybody else and hates them for some past thing they did. Ya'll should make new names and just start over geez.

    Anyways, might go check out the NA server now
    Is your profile image a custom Baldur's Gate portrait?
    I used Viconia's portrait for a while. Albeit it was edited, so her eyes were red, her skin was darker and thus more Drow-like, and her clothing was black with a red trim.
  9. waswar

    [ NA ] Deliverance [ Rules / Info / Staff ]

    Splintert said:
    Tell Savina that I'm not sorry, and that I am not going to admin for this garbage.
    This is a compliment. Splintert's ideal server has no administrators, so he's praising this server, which is far better than the other garbage servers out there..
  10. waswar

    PW dead

    Splintert said:
    Usually "roleplayers" are the ones who want to stand around in plate armour that is protected by admins and rules so they can pretend to be rich nobles who are important and powerful.
    Fake roleplayers, who lack the ability to even type complete sentences, on trash servers with easily corrupted administrators.
    Please defame another group.
  11. waswar

    PW dead

    MickDick said:
    waswar said:
    More servers is good. The trash can occupy abysmal servers, and roleplayers can play on good servers.
    Anyone who isn't a roleplayer is trash?

    Captain_Conner said:
    Well, no.
    New server spam is not like, good.
    It splits community over fragments.
    The roleplaying fragments can be good. The trash ones can remain abysmal. Fragmentation is good. What if the only server was a trash server? PW would fall into obscurity.
  12. waswar

    PW dead

    More servers is good. The trash can occupy abysmal servers, and roleplayers can play on good servers.
  13. waswar


    This server is good when unintelligent people are not DDOS'ing it. There are actually roleplayers! It's a revelation! Until hacking harlots decide to be arbitrary and attack for no reason

    Silversword said:
    They should've changed the name to Virus_CPRS, not HCRP, pheh.
    Why do you insist on trolling? If trolling is all you can do, why do you insist on breathing?
  14. waswar

    The things that made Lowlands what it was

    I had an amazing time on lowlands, it was up when I first started playing PW. People actually roleplayed, and it was very enjoyable.
    However, if I were to play it again today, I do believe I would have a superior experience if it included the revered commoner fighting classes, as well as an area to purchase Sarranian equipment, which is much sightlier than the equipments of other factions.
  15. waswar

    US_PW_East_RP - Serious Overhaul

    It's people like you that are the problem. The server rules clearly state, "2000 for anyone with metal bodyarmour or above.1000 for anybody else."
    Is this saying people with metal armor can tax for 2k, or can BE taxed for 2k?
    The second seems more sensible, as the metal armored person would easily take down others, and would be able to obviously afford any fees, if they are forced to pay from being heavily outnumbered. A peasant being taxed for 2k is absurd.
  16. waswar


    I mean not to be rude or abrupt in this, but may I ask how roleplayers made you leave? Unless you were on a hardcore roleplay server (Joining because of ping and ignoring server descriptions seems rather... Unthoughtful, I suppose.), or unless you explicitly interrupted their roleplay, (Usually with 1k or die, or abrupt raids) then I must say that you have made a rather audacious statement.
  17. waswar

    [PW Sub-Community - The Roleplayers Guild]

    Nationality: American; United States
    Fluent Languages (English required): English
    Steam ID:
    Username- Waswar 292
    Community name(Varies): (currently) Celeborn. Formerly, Meister Sibrand.
    Three characters most commonly used:
    -Arella (Usually the Huntress)
    -Maria de Montferrat (Rarely used)
    Persistent World servers most active on:
    -United HCRP sever
    -(Rarely) United RP server
    Brief example of your roleplay (Screenshots, threads, etc.):
    (Trying to draw parts of my roleplay out will be difficult. This will be my weakness, so I'll try to briefly make a summary of my character)
    I have felled many enemies with my bow, and I do not fall far behind with a scimitar. I am usually with those I can trust, and I sometimes, those who I trust come to me. While I am adept with court systems and the liking, I also excel in surviving in the wilderness. I know how to manage things, and usually try to avoid spilling blood, unless their is is enough of my own blood to risk...

    How did you hear about the Roleplayers Guild?
    GA_Frederich's in-game announcements, and in-game explanation to me and a couple others.

    Why do you wish to become apart of this sub-community?
    For easier access to  roleplay, and to make it easier to access for other people. Also, the decrease in roleplay recently has plagued me,

    Do you have any possible conflicts that may interfere with your activity on Persistent World and participation within the guild?
    I may be playing other games at the time, and therefore I may not be in the mood to play it, particularly when the server resets.

    Do you use and frequent Teamspeak servers? (Not required, but highly recommended)
    No, just, no...

    By estimate, how active are you in Persistent World? (In-game, steam, forums, etc.)
    Many hours on-end in-game, a couple friends on Steam,  and occasionally looking over at the forum. (Though this is my first time posting in this particular mod thread.)

    Do you have any interest in one or more voluntary positions within the guild? If yes, list in order of interest:
    Scout. I would like to bring a few others into the roleplay.

    What can you offer to the Roleplayers Guild and your fellow roleplayers?
    While I've only been playing PW a couple months, I have been active in actually RP for a long time. I can bring other good roleplayers into the mix, and likewise can adapt to bringing myself into other roleplay sessions if permitted.

    *** By filling out this application and signing my name below, I hereby agree to conduct myself in a positive and productive manner around my fellow roleplayers as well as other members of the Persistent World community. I also understand that as a member of the Roleplayers Guild, I represent myself and my associates with my actions, and any inappropriate behavior or misconduct may lead to me being barred from the guild, and possible disciplinary action being taken against me by the administration. ***

    [Forum Name, dd/mm/yy]

    Waswar, 20/5/12
  18. waswar

    Bug Reports and known issues [v2.5]

    A lesser problem than most
    Sultan Hakim generally sends you to get get Sarranid Al-Haqani...Just there is no Al-Haqani unit.
  19. waswar

    .zip Instead of .exe

    Suspicious Pilgrim said:
    As I am awaiting a new Alienware x51 computer, I've sued Wineskin to run games like Warband on my Mac. I'm able to unzip files, but I can't run .exe files unless i use overpriced software. Is it possible for the devs to add in a download link that has Floris zipped up?
    Can I assume you meant used?
    And I agree with this. I find it easier to simply extract the files in the module directory, rather than have to go through the run, directory finding(Steam makes it rather long to find) , what to install, etc.
  20. waswar

    Hilarious glitched sky textures

    Epicrules said:

    This was my first ever graphical glitch at a linebattle.
    Are these just lowest settins, or are these memory leaks? (I get similar things in Morrowind, the boxed/corrupted (Russian? :lol:) text, missing meshes/textures and all that, memory leak.)
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