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  1. Corinthian Hoplite

    [WIP - New map] N0body's Map

    Make sure any potential bandit spots are between important locations. A bandit wouldn't hide for an ambush between a castle and the map's edge, as no one would go there.
  2. Corinthian Hoplite

    Patch 1.126 log

    Rhodoks spawn with polearms now. Something was fixed.
  3. Corinthian Hoplite


    Queen Pinky said:
    But the Huscarls are a higher level than marksmen IIRC. Are they one of the exceptions? I expected them to be one of the strongest units
    It's random. Do you know what random means?

    Imagine this simplification: a lvl 28 troop will have 28 attribute points to spend randomly between the 4 attributes, while a lvl 24 troop will have 4 less to spend. The huscarl could spend all his points without adding a single one to strength, while the marksman could put them all in there.
    The system is not exactly like this, but this is enough to explain it to you.
  4. Corinthian Hoplite


    Attributes in native are almost always random and solely dependent on level, with a few exceptions.

    Also, archers do need to be strong to draw bows.
  5. Corinthian Hoplite

    [suggestion] Slow things down a little

    Vornne said:
    Salganos: you seem to be speaking of having a sweet spot along the length of the weapon, whereas I'm pretty sure Jack_Merchantson was speaking of a sweet area in the swing arc. Plagurizing Crazed Rabbit in order to make things clear, this is the type you are speaking of:
    And this is the type he was speaking of, that he suggested was relevant to the current thread:

    I also think the second type is important to the success of the game, by restricting the effectiveness of players with a good system and connection hitting at the very start of the animation before their opponent has any chance to react; whereas the first type you were speaking of would be a nice realism enhancing feature, though not quite as critical for the game mechanics.

    It hasn't been implemented in any way yet from what I can tell; I tested on the combat dummies in 0.701 and hitting at any part of the swing still does the same damage, even if the sword is practically already touching the dummy before starting, or the sword just nicks it at the very end of the swing. On the other hand stab sweet spots were fixed recently, from up too close or too far away little damage is dealt.
    I too, agree with you.
  6. Corinthian Hoplite

    [Suggestion] - Allow nakedness

    Styo said:
    How about this, you go naked and 1 swing your dead and 1 arrow your dead. If that happens then yes, otherwise no.
    But then the same would necessarily happen when wearing the free clothes.
  7. Corinthian Hoplite

    [Suggestion with poll] Deathmatch should include all factions.

    Do you mean Deathmatch only, or TDM too?
  8. Corinthian Hoplite

    [Suggestion] Urist's big&biased list of melee weapon stat rebalancing

    Sir Pwn-A-Lot said:
    Agree with OP, though I think 2h axe-like versions of berdiches should be completery replaced with polearm long ones. Coz as I know historically they were used as poleaxes, right? Leave the stats as they are, well, as a last resort cut damage to 2-3 points.
    My opinion as well.
  9. Corinthian Hoplite

    [Suggestion] Improve Cavalry Charge

    A_Mustang said:
    Personally, i think that SP and MP should have kinda different combat mechanics. Nothing incredibly different, but they are two different beasts, and as such should has the combat system of each type more tailored to what it was meant to be. Because in it's current state changes affect both MP and SP, it will be hard for both modes to feel "right" via balancing. 
    Completely agree. It would be a win-win decision.
  10. Corinthian Hoplite

    [Suggestion] Make big melee weapons(polearms, two-hander) use up 2 item slots

    Iberon said:
    What would 1h/2h weapons count as?
    As 1h, I guess.
  11. Corinthian Hoplite

    [Suggestion] Overhead spear/pike attack

    Pikes, lances and spears should get an overhead thrust instead of the overhead swing. Spears could use this thrust with a shield. They need a 2nd shield attack, or they can be easily beaten with ripostes.
  12. Corinthian Hoplite

    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    I asked it! Wow! Didn't remember :grin:
  13. Corinthian Hoplite

    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Then how can I change the troops' pay without changing their level?
  14. Corinthian Hoplite

    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    How can I change the experience troops require to upgrade without changing their level?
  15. Corinthian Hoplite

    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    FrisianDude said:
    Itm_ entries, as far as I know. Not sure about that, though.
    I tested, 60 entries seems to be fine, 68 is too much.

    Thank you for helping me out  :grin:
  16. Corinthian Hoplite

    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    FrisianDude said:
    I've had that tonnes of times. Removing a few weapons from the longest troop tuple tended to fix it. It seems there's a limit to the variation one troop type can carry.
    Is the limit connected to variation or to number of itm_ entries?
  17. Corinthian Hoplite

    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    My game is crashing at new game loading, last text I can see is "Loading Map File". There are no build_module errors, no error message and I did not touch any map file. Last I edited was module_troops.

    Does anyone have a clue?
  18. Corinthian Hoplite

    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Is tf_mounted enough to make a troop move with riding instead of athletics on the world map, or is tf_guarantee_horse required too?

    What gives a troop a cavalry upkeep: a horse, tf_mounted or tf_guarantee_horse?
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