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  1. UK-Tranquillity

    Take MP Offline

    Frankly I am no longer interested in this conversation.
    At least when I posted some sarcasm it was also educational because clearly you didn't know the difference between then and than.
    Enjoy your memes though
  2. UK-Tranquillity

    Take MP Offline

    This is amazingly un-self aware...
    No this was sarcasm used to make a point
    I did exactly what you did to display how obnoxious you were being but you do you.
  3. UK-Tranquillity

    Take MP Offline

    taking it away will be just as bad (if not far worse) then leaving them buggy,.
    Can you learn the correct use of 'then' and 'than' because you can pretty much replace every use of your 'then' to 'than'.
    Also stop trying to control others speech.
    Now on topic, yeah the MP is fun. If you go to the custom server list and play on official Taleworlds, it seems to work apart from the odd crash which has been improved in the latest patch.
    The matchmade multiplayer on the other hand is pretty poor quality, I tried a few and had issues with every attempt.
  4. UK-Tranquillity

    Resolved Dunglanys Town Map Visual Bugs

    I've been informed that this bug is fixed and the fix will be sent to the game with future patches. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
    No worries glad I could help. Finished my playthrough for now but I will report any I find in future once again.
  5. UK-Tranquillity

    In Progress Prisoners escaping the jail cell in Sargot and walking into the bars trying to get back inside

    Summary: Put 13 prisoners from Aserai into my prison in Sargot. Went inside to see them all and found that one of them was outside of the cell in the walking animation trying to get back inside. You can interact and talk with her the same as the other Lords/Ladies but clearly she is meant to be...
  6. UK-Tranquillity

    Resolved Dunglanys Town Map Visual Bugs

    Summary: Visible pink sections all over the map and floor. Not sure what they are for. But I assume their visibility it supposed to be switched off. How to Reproduce: Walk around Dunglanys Town scene Have you used cheats and if so which: None Scene Name (if related): Dunglanys Town Media...
  7. UK-Tranquillity

    Resolved Nevyansk Map Visual Bugs

    Summary: Blue areas visual bugs How to Reproduce: Go to Nevyansk castle and walk around inside Have you used cheats and if so which: None Scene Name (if related): Nevyansk Castle? Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU Driver Version...
  8. UK-Tranquillity

    Bannerlord was a grift

    Oh btw, @Phantom425 , go on, waste some more of your time by "having the last word", as you always want to do that anyways.
    I have barely been active on the forum lately.

    But like a month ago I seem to remember this guy was doing this then. I see he hasn't stopped trying to defend TW since then.
    Have to admire the dedication.

    For me yeah this game is not improving. At least I do not see it becoming a true sequel to Warband. It's very disappointing :sad:
  9. UK-Tranquillity

    Fixing ladders needs to be the very next thing

    Good luck we have been asking for sieges and ladders to be looked at since the dawn of EA.

    It's literally banging your head against a brick wall. You know it isn't going to move but you kept trying until you gave up.
  10. UK-Tranquillity

    [POLL]: How do you feel about he console port?

    I am disgusted by this news quite frankly.

    Man I think I am ready to give up on this entirely. What a f****ing shame.

    Shame on you TW.
  11. UK-Tranquillity

    POLL: DLCs from Taleworlds

    For me no. Finish the damn current product.

    Why would you even contemplate handing out more money at this point?

    So far development has shown us that they can't provide even 50% of what they advertised for this product. What makes anyone imagine a DLC will improve things? It will just introduce more problems.

    Sorry Taleworlds. But unless Bannerlord becomes what you advertised it as. You won't be seeing a penny from me for any DLC.
    And so far you are FAR off.
  12. UK-Tranquillity

    What does the community want?

    and you should apologise.
    Nope. I stand by my statement you are or were posting like an obnoxious person.

    And I said I could be wrong about Phantom but I have seen it done before. It's very easy to make another account and start posting.

    +1 @Sundeki and @MadVader for their posts.

    OP just doesn't understand. Maybe time will show him.

    We have all tried really hard to work with Taleworlds, It's just Taleworlds doesn't seem to want to provide what the collective community wants.

    The biggest travesty is the "dumbing down" of features and controls. And delivering no requested features that were at least present in Warband.
    Bannerlord feels like a combat simulator alone without any meaningful RPG features beyond the skill tree. Also it's a combat simulator that does not like you to manually control your troops by doing anything other than hit charge.

    If you like to manually adjust formations, control when archers fire, even change direction to face oncoming threats from a respawning enemy (as enemies frequently spawn from a side of the map when enough numbers die and need to be replaced) good luck.
    As the devs has responded in the past and make it sound like you should not be wanting to manually control because the AI will just do it for you.
    If you manually control them it becomes "problematic" for their *excellent* AI.
    This became very apparent when a thread suggested if we can bring back the old "0" hotkey for selection surrounding troops to the player and was shut down with the above response.
    About how they saw no need for any reason why a player would want to control small portions of troops individually. Even after many of us provided examples of why we would indeed want to.

    Sieges don't work, troops get stuck on the ladders or refuse to use more than one ladder on a 3 ladder siege tower.
    They go to the top and die like you are watching lemmings in those old video games going down to their deaths one by one, apart from this is uphill.

    Multiplayer has been neglected ^ read the above posts no need to repeat.

    Many many more issues.

    I personally stopped playing when they changed the hotkeys and when they finally spoke about WHY they changed them and if they planned to change them back the answer was not satisfactory to me personally.
    They spoke about why they made the changes without discussing the shortfalls or the problems with using toggle on face direction etc.

    Also after reading many other people's threads I began to notice the trend of "too complicated" or "that is not in our vision" (to things that were promoted in dev posts in the months/year before early access or E3 presentations).
    And finally the lack of communication on what has gone wrong, taking none of the blame and holding their hands up. Or even the lack despite being asked over and over respectfully to provide any sort of meaningful roadmap beyond the very basics of bug fixes they plan to do and minor changes to the overall game simulation.

    The only major features they have delivered in my memory is rebellions and prison breaks, and the rebellions has received negative feedback as many of the town simulations prosperity does not work currently. So I assume that one may get fixed over EA.
    Prison breaks however are really quite poor imo, and should look back at Warbands version for inspiration.

    Anyway I fully intend this to be my final post in this thread also. This post has indeed peaked. As by now myself and many others have tried to paint a picture to the OP on what they were missing. And the current feeling of the forum base.
    And 10 pages of repeating the same cycle in circles is enough I would have thought.
  13. UK-Tranquillity

    What does the community want?

    Please show some respect for new players. You are not as cool or "old school" as you might think. A little bit of humility would go a long way here.
    This is not YOUR forum, this is the COMMUNITY'S forum.
    With all due respect. Who the F made you the moral high horse of virtue.

    The way you type with capital letters like that makes you seem like a pretty obnoxious person tbh.
    Like you are talking down on everyone else.

    That's the worst thing about this whole thread tbh.

    And based on the way you type I'm starting to think "Phantom425" is your side account. Has all of the same post structure, capital letter and quote mark crap as you. If I am right in suspecting that, that is really sad.
    Using two accounts to make it sound like you have a leg to stand on.

    Tbh the whole way you have behaved in this post makes it seem like you created the thread because you enjoy a good argument.

    I could be wrong. But that is just my impression.
  14. UK-Tranquillity

    What does the community want?

    No you're ONLY posting to shush people and that's why it's white knight bull ****. You have nothing else to contribute and no interest in doing anything else.
    Hear hear.
  15. UK-Tranquillity

    What does the community want?

    Here's some light reading for you:

    Giant thread asking for a roadmap from Taleworlds:

    Oh but wait the community has not tried I forgot.
  16. UK-Tranquillity

    What does the community want?

    Thanks everyone for pretending to have an argument so the thread gets popular and we get our poll data.
    Lets now go back to the mature discussions. :grin:
    Or we just cant be bothered to point out the obvious if you would just help yourself.

    Why should I or anyone else do your research for you?
  17. UK-Tranquillity

    What does the community want?

    Do you really think everyone getting pissed off would be an effective strategy to get their attention? I get the thinking behind this, but it doesn't seem to be effective to me.


    I am not even trying to be hostile at the moment, I really want to know what you think. Hey, if this truly is a more effective strategy and gets us more results, then let's get it. But is it really? This discussion IS important. The forums is what we have, and using them wisely will get us at least SOME results.
    Oh my sweet summer child... You are all of us from 6 months+ ago.

    Storm their HQ like the capitol?
    Sorry to burst your bubble but this forum is not just for americans.
  18. UK-Tranquillity

    What does the community want?

    Can you show some examples?
    Unfortunately I can't as I don't actively save post froms Taleworlds and have them ready to call upon on a moments notice. But I am sure someone else on the forum has them at hand. The threads are there if you care to look for them.

    I don't always post, but I check for about 30 mins a night and try to stay up to date.
    Over the entire EA year I have seen this time and time again.

    You won't have to look far :smile:

    EDIT: Look at some of those top curated threads and tell me people haven't tried damn hard to provide constructive feedback.
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