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  1. Mute Zarathustra

    1.5.5 Balance and Further Changes

    • Captain - Reverting some of the Order Command key mappings
    Is this really needed? Not that I liked the change at all, but after learning it this just means I have to learn it again.
    Allowing users to map out their own command keys would be much better.
  2. Mute Zarathustra

    SP - General Troops on siege tower should wait before lowering ramp.

    As title says, problem is that attackers tend to lower the ramp as soon as possible and then get swarmed by enemies. This makes siege towers with ladders rather useless. If they could wait until there is enough troops on top for a decent chance to gain foothold at the wall the rest would not...
  3. Mute Zarathustra


    As far as siege servers go server problems and lack of content are the reason.
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