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  1. AlphaOmega

    [DOWNLOAD] Prophesy of Pendor [v3.9.5 IS NOW OUT!!!]

    I stopped logging in forever and boom new version, can't wait
  2. AlphaOmega

    melee companion weapons

    Yeah Companions have always kind of sucked with pokey things, in all editions of M&B/mods, its why I stick with slicing weapons as well instead of ones that have stab for them.
  3. AlphaOmega

    Can't seem to start banquet in Thuatha de Danaan quest

    ailibeam said:
    Aaah, I understood it as between 5 and 20!

    Thanks for the help!

    I did that too
  4. AlphaOmega

    Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    Are the peasant rebellions when collecting taxes suppose to happen so frequently?  It's crazy, this last time it happened every time I took one money, get money, fight peasants, get money, fight peasants.  The longest time between having to fight has only been 4 collections.
  5. AlphaOmega

    Bridge map

    I had a little problem with the map when I joined a group attacking, but the only problem was the one horseman kept running against the edge of the bridge, but was still going down it.  Just very slowly.
  6. AlphaOmega

    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    1. I think so

    2. No, it comes with it's own created version in regards to diplomacy in the game.
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    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    madboy said:
    I've a problem with Adonia, for she gets disgruntled and leaves the party. Next to her is Siggy, but he's ok with Sara. All this is despite the fact that I supported Adonia in conflict with Siggy against him. Is there anything I can do except getting Ansen till he leaves due to Boa & Fred?

    I dont want to rearrange the crew now, casue I'm too far in the game...

    Get your persuasion higher, you can convince her to not leave and it lengthens the time inbetween her wanting to leave I think.  Leadership helps as well I think
  8. AlphaOmega

    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    4. It won't affect the wave he was currently in, but if he doesn't come back for any waves after the one he's KO'ed in, then ya your casualties will be higher if you don't have a back up surgeon.

    5.  Yeah that happens, it also happens with taverns if you go to a bunch in a row or spend to much time in one, the laughing and chatting will stay  long after you've left.  I don't think it'll break the game if you take the sound out, but I think it was recommended to just change the name of it instead of deleting it completely
  9. AlphaOmega

    One guide to kill them all.

    EleventhTower said:
    AlphaOmega said:
    About the Loot part, it's incorrect to say you'll get the best loot possible if you run around with just your companions.  They take 10 shares each, you'll get the best loot possible running around with just you and 100 troops of the same type, since it goes by the stack and not the number of troops in the stack.

    I believe I read in another thread that companions take 3 loot shares. You mention 10. Is there anywhere to confirm this?

    Also, I am not sure I understand what the Loot Share value is used for. Is it used to determine the size of the loot pool you can select from post battle? If so, how does it reduce the available loot quality.

    For example: A battle ends, it is determined that 100 pieces of loot are available. Does it reduce that number by the loot shares in your part (X) shares for each companion, and (1) shares for every different stack in your party? If so does the remaining number (say 45 shares left) get randomized for quality and then that is what you see?

    I have always wondered how the loot you see is generated. I know the looting skill boosts availability and possibly quality(?) but it seems to be a mystery to me. If it really is a mystery, I am fine with that, but if so, what does it matter knowing how many loot shares a companion takes?

    You're right, they don't take 10 you take 10, they take 3 just like other Lords do.  So if you have 100 pieces, you take 10, each companion takes 3, then each type of troop takes 1, and any other lord takes 3 as well.  So the best way to get the most loot is for just you and one type of troop no matter the number in the stack.
  10. AlphaOmega

    One guide to kill them all.

    About the Loot part, it's incorrect to say you'll get the best loot possible if you run around with just your companions.  They take 10 shares each, you'll get the best loot possible running around with just you and 100 troops of the same type, since it goes by the stack and not the number of troops in the stack.
  11. AlphaOmega

    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    saxondragon said:
    Wild Card said:
    Hello everyone.
    So i was wondering, if bannerlord comes out in our lifetime, are there any plans of bringing PoP to it ?
    Plans thoughts ideeas willingness ?  :shifty:

    This has been answered in other threads at other times.

    I am involved heavily in another project now.  When that begins to power down, the next project looks to be POP.

    What form that will take is another story.

    In my view, the optimal path is where our current project can fund development for a full commercial version of POP using the BannerLord platform and an agreement can be reached with Taleworlds where it is mutually beneficial for both (Taleworlds and our Dev team) to pursue this course of action.

    What I can tell you with a high degree of certainty, the next full version of POP will not be a mod.

    How can people help try and convince Taleworlds to let you guys do this?
  12. AlphaOmega

    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    Jean-Philippe said:
    It's about feasts, wedding and marshallship.
    I'm playing a female character, marshall of Sarleon and plan to marry baron Gaidon, lord of Singal (the D'Shar are out). My proposal was accepted and the the wedding feast is planned sometime in the next 80 days on my mission notebook. Do I have to resign my marshallship for the wedding to happen? Or is avoiding campaign enough?
    In a former game of pendor, I planned a feast with my wife while being marshall and the feast never happenned....

    You could try starting a campaign then sending them all home, or sending the baron to whichever castle/town has a feast currently going.  That should trigger the wedding.  I've never done it while a marshal, I try and stay away from being a marshal.

    Sheogorath25 said:
    bandarlog said:
    Am I using them wrong or a pure adventurer party is worse than a mixed empire xbow+melee inf in midgame (just open field battle)?
    (Although all the guides suggest a pure adventurer party, but i dont get the big fuzz.)

    This depends on a whole lot of things that could flip that scenario. examples being
        Command: Adventurers don't need too much oversight to be effective but a Empire force relies on it exclusively.  If you cant properly form a proper empire line you'd be boned.
        Cost: Adventurers and in particular their hero counterparts are some on the most expensive units you will ever have outside of CKHO's and companions.  Empire troops (besides the Gladiators) are much cheaper per man. You could ignore this if you make a killing each week but if you work on budget it's something to consider.
        Mobility: On the assumption that the two party compositions above do not include any other units the adventurers will be a quite faster party to go with.  It's a minor thing if you have the right perks but if you keep getting barely caught you might want to consider it.
        Enemy: This is a more case by case but it can be something to keep in mind. know counters.

    Another boost to using just Adventurers is you'll get more loot as opposed to a mix Empire army.  Since each troop stack takes a share of the spoils, no matter how many there are of them.  So 100 adventurers take 1 share, 10 xbow, 10 leg, 10 glad, 10 other stuff take one share each
  13. AlphaOmega

    [DISCUSSION] Fan Suggestion Thread

    Being able to build up minor faction relations and getting rewards kind of defeats the purpose of the end game goals
  14. AlphaOmega

    [TUTORIAL] Custom Knighthood Order

    Random Person said:
    when I make a custom knight order as a vassal then I become king will the troops used for the Knights change to pendor knight/man rather than stay as the faction I was a vassal of

    If you pick the Pendor culture, yes they will change, if you pick the culture you were as a vassal then no
  15. AlphaOmega

    Normal to trade a lot?

    If your relationship with them is high enough, just capture then recruit them that way, doesn't matter how much they like their liege, if you have an empty fief they should accept.
  16. AlphaOmega

    [DISCUSSION] Fan Suggestion Thread

    I didn't think they did, but I couldn't remember for sure either
  17. AlphaOmega

    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    Mightyena-Lucario said:
    Is it possible to grant one of your companions a fief while you're doing a claimant's quest?

    I'm thinking of starting a playthrough with a female PC and do Madame Ursula's claimant quest, and I want to make Sir Roland a lord so my PC can marry him (purely for RP reasons, I just kinda like the idea  :grin:).

    I don't think so because you aren't officially the lord, but I'm not positive.
  18. AlphaOmega

    [DISCUSSION] Fan Suggestion Thread

    Draenor said:
    Right, i think the unique spawns are a major problem in this regard.
    Ravenstern is fighting the mystmountain tribes and the jatu.
    I often see mystmountain and jatu armies in the ravenstern territorry, defeating many lords.

    Sarleon looses many lords around Laria to the noldor, and some to the jatu as well.

    Noldor are an issue here too, though not as much, however the snake cult spawns enough armys to take down some of their lords time and again.

    D'Shar dont sem to have problems with spawns at all.

    The Fierds neither.
    Rarly a Vanskerry army spawns, but it gets usually killed very fast, and the spawn doesnt happen nearly as often as mystmountains/jatu/snake cult.
    Sometimes, heretic armys roam that countryside as well, but this doesnt seem to happen to often.

    The neighbouring factions seem to get weakend by the unique spawns much more then the Fierds, leaving their opponents weaker.
    Increasing the spawn rate of the vanskerry army might help to cut down some of their lords.

    The D'Shar have a pretty big unique spawn, the problem is that he spawns waaaaaay out in the desert where no lords go, and he never once moves towards towns.  So for him to cause trouble, you have to basically kite him into their territory.  They also will get Singlain army spawns occasionally
  19. AlphaOmega

    Normal to trade a lot?

    Are you at war with the Empire?  They love oil, and Laria produces it pretty regularly, sometimes I've found them to be flooding with oil at under 100 den a piece, that's a good trade day.

    noosers said:
    join some huge lord vs lord battle to snatch off some nice share of plunder and slaves by the end of the battle (just keep your puny forces out of any action at all and let your allies do all the damage).

    I definitely agree with this one, its basically how my entire early game goes, can also do it not just with lord armies but knighthood, or the treasure hunter/minor faction spawns.
  20. AlphaOmega

    Normal to trade a lot?

    I trade a lot early on, and even later a flax or date run is added in for extra money
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