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  1. Change my demanding mind

    ? Game is on track for full release after 1 year in EA. I'm quite happy that they are fleshing out & in some cases totally reworking some systems after receiving feedback from the playerbase. I don't think devs were happy with some systems on release and they were there as placeholders.
  2. Minor Point but... Wouldn't it be nice if Cities Had More Than One Gate?

    Are you referring to an inner gate or a separate gate location? If a separate gate location, I would like to see it, but it will need to be easier to station AI where you want them if they do. The current iteration doesn't really allow for it. I would love to see inner gates, attacking in a siege is a bit too easy now if you ask me. Something like an inner gate could punch up the difficulty a bit.
  3. MP Native Kingdoms [Persistent Kingdoms Successor]

    Will the mod be available exclusively on your servers or will it be open to other server hosts?
  4. [Hawk] Hawkband

    Stumbled upon this & record the two charges, very cool guys.

    Apologies for my bad camera skills & hud in the way.
  5. ? Alpha & Beta Branches Feedback

    1.4.3 beta there is a bug where if you place a group of troops in loose formation you can't get them out of it; they retain this loose spacing even if you put them in a different formation. To make matters worse, this 'infects' others groups. IE you set Archers to loose, infantry to shieldwall. Infantry will be loosely spaced while holding up their shield. This bug also occurs in village scenes by simply moving a troops group. I've already reported it & community supports passed it along.

    Side effect of the new shared troop XP: doomstack tier army composition, atleast for AI minor factions. In particular, the Ghilman faction is becoming 70-80% composed of their tier 4 troop. This unit has cataphract & mameluke armor on (at 1 tier lower). See image

  6. Ghulam Army Composition & Armor - Beta 1.4.3

    While I'm glad that it's not facing armies of pure recruits, this is bit too much. Elite troops should be exactly that, elite. When they make up the majority of army composition they are now the common troops.
  7. Ghulam Army Composition & Armor - Beta 1.4.3

    Good. Now give them tier 5 and 6 elite Camel knights too.

    get gud
    I may be able to get gud but the AI can't ?‍♂️. I would like to see tier 5 minor faction units, it would be awesome.
  8. Ghulam Army Composition & Armor - Beta 1.4.3

    The Tier 4 minor faction 'Ghulam' have Tier 5 Mameluke armour on. The Tier 3 unit, Ghilman, has Tier 4 troop armor on. I have not dove into the stats of the unit, but this feels quite unbalanced in gameplay. But maybe that's just me. What is not just me, is how many unbalanced it is for the AI...
  9. Resolved Loose Formation Bug - BETA 1.4.3

    Have you also notice that infantry formations don't reset after being cavalry charged? (Don't go back in formation and face the enemy in a different direction)
    I have not noticed this for cavalry charge into infantry in particular, but I think there may be some issues with the 'Face Enemy'. 'Face Enemy' seems to get stuff sometimes, or they face a particular enemy instead of switching to the nearest one. I haven't encountered much cav yet so I can't really be certain on that.
  10. Resolved Loose Formation Bug - BETA 1.4.3

    Forwarding this issue to the QA team for further investigation. Thanks for reporting.
    Hey just an update on this, this bug also occurs in village scenes; without changing to loose formation. If I try to even move my troops in a village battle scene they will be set to to loose spacing. Ends up forcing me to avoid those battles
  11. Landlord Needs Manual Labor XP Bug - Beta 1.4.3

    When the 'Landlord needs Manual Labor' quest is taken, you can then talk to a headman of villagers. You can select one of three options, side with the villagers, cut them in, or tell them to sod off. When selecting the cut them in option, you gain charm XP & relation with the villager headman...
  12. Getting killed in almost every battle and one shotted far too often 1.4.3

    Is there any talk about eventually down the road once more important stuff has been dealt with, to take a second look at armor damage reduction calculations? Many people feel like armor doesn't do nearly enough in Bannerlord compared to Warband.
    I think its mainly piercing that is the culprit here. Piercing will almost always pen and seem to do full damage. It it had less of a chance to pen, then armor would feel better. I think stabs & arrows need to have a higher chance of deflecting.
  13. Resolved Loose Formation Bug - BETA 1.4.3

    Forwarding this issue to the QA team for further investigation. Thanks for reporting.
    Great, thank you! On the bright side, its a nerf to archers since I won't be using the loose formation. :smile:
  14. Resolved Loose Formation Bug - BETA 1.4.3

    When placing troops into any formation from loose formation, the retain the spread of troops in loose. This occurs even when a different group was the group set to loose. IE Group Archers to Loose Group Infantry to shield wall Group Infantry in shield wall will be spaced apart as if they are...
  15. Suggestion: Hope you address this on the next patch

    Agree with most of this. Devs have stated troop passive xp gain is going to be addressed, I don't think they patched it yet. I sure do miss feasting!
  16. A message to the devs

    That was my intention. Probably could have phrased it a bit better myself. I simply can't understand why there are so many people around the forum, that seem to believe the game was announced to be feature complete upon EA release.
    lol, sorry couldn't tell. Just wanted to be clear as well :smile:
  17. A message to the devs

    Its a great sentiment and idea, i just honestly dont think the Developers are organized enough to do this. And that aint just a knock at them specifically - Sandbox+Action Gaming is just a nightmare for various compartment departments - Art/models/Assets/Action AI/Strategic AI/World AI/GUI/Sound/Voice/Music/Branching Texts/Physics/MultiPlayer etc to all be able to work together. So say Kingdom Management incorporates at least 4-5 of the above and they really break alotta ground in one aspect making it seem like we're headed for a huge Kindgom Managnment update -yet that huge chunk of progress comes at the cost of 2-3 other areas which now need some serious resources thrown at them - grinding that whole Kingdom Managment patch to a screeching halt. Now surprisingly all that time Multiplayer has made huge leaps and bounds but are held up at the finish line by the GUI guys for something small before they can release -but the GUI guys are slaving on that expected Kingdom Management patch.....

    Not exactly how that might go down but you get the drift

    Yes, I understand the drift. Its certainly not so clear cut as 'we are going to do this & this alone this patch'. It is why I am asking if it something possible for them to do; if it would actually be something they could implement into their workflow. Even if the patch itself isn't a 'focused' on 1 system, it would be great to hear from a gameplay developer what system they are looking at currently and if they want to get community feedback on this system in particular, for the upcoming patch or one in the future.
  18. A message to the devs

    I don't get why anyone could read the EA description in a way to come to the conclusion the game is feature complete.

    You could discuss if the description suggest more existing content than really delivered as it contains the usual vague marketing phrasing and avoids concrete statements, but it is clearly stated multiple times that features are missing.

    How do you get the message "Hey, the game is feature complete!" from this? Where is this "clearly stated"?
    you are misreading; Taleworlds has always been crystal clear that the game is not feature complete upon EA release.
  19. A message to the devs

    We will be sharing more information about upcoming updates with blogs (or something similar).

    To give you some rough idea though without trying to ruin too much of the surprise, we have some updates coming to multiplayer that I am personally very excited about and that I feel will be a great boost to the clan scene.

    Over in SP, we have some nice UX and UI improvements that should really improve the flow of the gameplay. There's also changes to the character development system, some new perks, new quests, as well as, tons of other changes, updates and performance improvements.

    Hey Callum, IIRC it was stated that as far as content/gameplay changes the upcoming patch would have a similar scope are prior new version patches. Does this still hold true, or should we expect more, less?

    On a tangent, has any discussion been had in regards to different ways for the community to provide feedback, testing outside of the forums? I think much of the frustration that ends up expressed on the forums is the result of players sometimes feeling like they are not being heard or their feedback being used. I think all reasonable players know that Taleworlds staff can only read & respond to so many posts; it is certainly a full time job to do so & of course has even more work to provide such feedback to programmers etc.

    In the alternative to a different way(s) to provide feedback (which to be frank, I have no clue how better, useful, feedback than forums could be provided), perhaps it would be beneficial to players & devs if it was expressed what the focus of upcoming updates will be. Actively engaged players that wish to aid the development process could spend more gameplay time engaged with the systems that are planned to worked on soon. Example, if the Kingdom management system was to be a focus for an upcoming update, and this was expressed to the community, active players that wish to provide focused feedback to the dev team could do a deep dive into the Kingdom Management system in their gameplay. When the Kingdom Management update then comes, I think players who provided feedback would feel that their feedback was considered & possibly used by the developer team. This would foster positive community involvement. The playerbase wants to be useful to the developer team, please help us be more useful.

    As the game is not feature complete (which TaleWorlds clearly stated upon EA release), the forums end up being a laundry list of feedback. I think turning it into a shopping list would be beneficial for everyone.
  20. Its Been A While

    When it's done™
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