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  1. Lock Captian's position

    There needs to be a update to the game where you can select captains in the party menu. Then be able to lock that so the captain will not be removed from that slot unless they're killed or I removed them. Had issues with joining battles where my archer captain (no horse) takes command of my...
  2. SP - General Ideas id wanna see

    I have a few ideas I'd like to see added into bannerlord at some point. Diplomacy being one as I think the interaction between kingdoms is dull. So spice it up with having a option to be allies with a kingdom. Expanded calradia, move some of the villages and castles so they're more in places...
  3. Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine II

    I was curious have you tried adding more towns, villages, and castles to fill in the empty places in the map. Maybe even try and add another faction or two. Cause you do have those big islands in the middle of the lake between the western empire, southern empire and the Aserai. Maybe a long forgotten city and you can do a quest or just a single town. Or even add something in thats like the vikings or other raiding like faction on those small islands to the west. Even if it's in future DLC after the game leaves development stage. I'd love to the see the map filled up rather have a lot of empty space.
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