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  1. HUtH

    [BUGS] Support Thread for v3.8+

    Is it intentional to have loot in a random order rather than by value?
    Is there some option to change it?
  2. HUtH

    [DOWNLOAD] Prophesy of Pendor [v3.9.5 IS NOW OUT!!!]

    Just when my hero becomes strong in 3.7...
    Well, now he will become stronger in 3.8!
  3. HUtH

    SP Native Fantasy Nysne - Metamorphosis (Version 1.2 - check p.5)

    Started campaign in this mod, I'd say it has a quite original visual design, it's not only about environment, aura, but units are better suited for climates they're based on, all of that gives nice feeling to gameplay.
  4. HUtH

    A humble plea

    DarkOmegaMK2 said:
    It even has a "skip 100 days" option, so check it out.
    oh, I didn't know that.

    @ krisvk
    Thanks, man. More in PM.
  5. HUtH

    A humble plea

    Hello everyone, I'd like to play some PoP again, enjoy some big battles etc. But I don't have old saved games, even so, I'm not sure if they'll be comapatible. So, could someone upload a savegame from newest PoP version above 100-days, some vassalage and castle would be nice also. Or even more...
  6. HUtH

    Vikingr Community Release - Download Thread

    good job
  7. HUtH

    [MEDIA] Prophesy of Pendor Screenshots

    Evil sword. Surely merchant is a heretic.
    Probably that's because there's so many evil armies everywhere
  8. HUtH

    Advice for scrub veteran

    The best way to make own kindom is to have a wife, have some fiefs(castles, starting village), have good relations with lords, especially of your faction, have many manufactures, full garrisons of shooters and infantry with reserves and a ready to go elite cavalry army - full size you can get with you for hard times, when you heavily outnumbered or pinned down. Such army is undestroyable, but hard to refill, and if not garrisoned - horribly expensive. The last one is quite time and money consuming. It's easier with order knights, though there's a big cost in prestige/renown, so the higher your honor, the better.
    And the last thing - rebel only after capturing town, your liege usually doesn't want to give it to player.
  9. HUtH

    How do you feel about the new look of the Ancient Engraved Shield?

    New one is better, it just lacks some nice bump and specular texture maps for a classy polished engraving look.
  10. HUtH

    Prophesy of Pendor 3.705 Bug and Support Thread (Ask all of your questions here)

    Why is Rebache a sweet little SNOWY village, though it's on the bottom of mountain on grassland?
  11. HUtH

    [SUBMOD] [For PoP 3.9.5] Proper/Polished Landscapes Mod V.3.6+ NEW!

    HooTmAn said:
    i actually can't play without it anymore
    Yeah, it's always like that with these immersive graphic mods.

    Thank you for working on this, mod looks much better, and because it's so realistic, PoP seems less fancy-fantasy and more serious like GoT or LotR. Still I would change the trees and grass on plains to more lush and bloomy, now it's too 'ravenstern'.
  12. HUtH

    [SUBMOD] [For PoP 3.9.5] Proper/Polished Landscapes Mod V.3.6+ NEW!

    Is it only my feeling or this new textures also made sky somehow darker and everything is more gloomy, because there's less light?
    Is there a possibility to give this more sun and moon light?
  13. HUtH

    HILDILEIKR – official Víkingr server

    Dansk viking said:
    Hildileikr has been taken down until further notice. It will still be possible to put it up again, however, if enough interest is generated.
    First find and fix reasons for this lack of interest.
    Just sayin'
  14. HUtH

    [SUBMOD] [For PoP 3.9.5] Proper/Polished Landscapes Mod V.3.6+ NEW!

    Well, this autumn/early spring weather doesn't really match PoP colourful epicness, though it's more natural and less plastic, so I'll give it a try.
    But castle/town map icons aren't needed at all, they're too much different than actual settlement.
  15. HUtH

    [SUBMOD] [For PoP 3.9.5] Proper/Polished Landscapes Mod V.3.6+ NEW!

    I'll check this. WB greens without HDR are a bit radioactive
  16. HUtH


    meikaina said:
    No, not finished.
    The more i work on it, the more work i realize i have to do/put in.
    Many changes (though not final by any means).
    May seem like a small update but it's takes a lot of time to do the details -_-, it's ridiculous.

    -m0rdred, i drew frederick but i scrapped it a while back!
    Definitely redrawing him though, but this piece is holding back a lot of ideas as i gotta finish it - it's been far too long.

    This is great!
    If you could add something to widen composition(is there Alaric? Snake Cult?), , so it'd fit panoramic resolution, then colorize it(digitally), and it could be much better mod loading screen than current medieval historic one.
  17. HUtH

    Let's Play - Prophesy of Pendor - Mettenheim Style!

    b34bb_H said:
    Cavalry is probably the easiest enemy for an all-infantry army, have a bunch of Sarleon Halbardiers with some Sarleon MAA and let the Jatu charge right into your shieldwall...lots of dead Jatu.
    If your troops are good positioned. And most importantly if you have enough of heavy troops to take massive charge of lancers even weakened by shooters. And have enough patience to stand and trying to shoot down the last horse archers...
    Generally as a footmen army you are limited to standing, shooting and thinking about good positioning all the time. Too much Total War for me :razz: And your character levels much slower.
    Though I have fun in much earlier PoP version playing as Empire, they were more depended on foot and throwing weapons than now, so role playing a legionary was cool, first line action all the time, I might try it again, but for fun and role play, because it require a steady flow of new recruits..... heh :smile:

    That's why I had a bunch of horse shooters(motly companions, so less recruiting for this most exposed unit), they're great for luring and drawing away charging cavalry to the right from your perspective, so they show their right, not shielded side, and your first line is quite safe from charge damage. But... thats so much tactics and time. Why not using massive heavy horse archers/lancers army to hit-and-run or blitz everyone with some heavy shooters+halberdiers regiment just for fire support.

    I see this "medieval" warfare in PoP as scaled down battles from much newer times. So: the longer distance the better, and speed is equally important as armor. That's why Hero Adventurers are ultimate killing machines, if mounted knights are tanks, they're like helicopters.

    BTW these new Pendor Black Archers are a very very bad guys, devastating.
  18. HUtH

    Let's Play - Prophesy of Pendor - Mettenheim Style!

    Once I played campaign as heavy footman(siege xbow + veteran polehammer) recruiting only xbowmen, archers, shielders and horse archers(mainly adventurers...). Very challenging, quite satisfying but boring in long run.
    I find footman-style gameplay too much time consuming, because of all the battle positioning planning and tactics, and too limited because of being depended on enemy initiative. Good luck with Jatu, Noldor, or even Sarleon heavy cavalry or the worst thing: big xbow-based armies - it's like one tercio against another, shooting 10 minutes...
  19. HUtH

    [DOWNLOAD] Prophesy of Pendor [v3.9.5 IS NOW OUT!!!]


    I love Veccavia Horse.
  20. HUtH

    Prophesy of Pendor 3.705 Bug and Support Thread (Ask all of your questions here)

    There's still this visual bug with long lance while braced. It moves to front too far, behind hands. Looks kinda funny,

    New Noldor look is nice, though it's a shame that forest maps are still smaller than flat and with strange hills, and Noldor cannot use their shooting potiential. Oddly for a forest nation...
    Also it's still much easier to autocalc Noldor battles... I hate it, reminds me of Total War games and their gameplay, one would say 'broken',other one 'for hardcore players because of intentional exploits to master'
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