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  1. Diablodude

    The Noldor:Rate Your Hate

    Personally, I love elves. I love how nice their heads look on my pikes, I love the sound of their women screaming as my men take their prizes to bed, I love the value of their loot after I pillage their parties that are stupid enough to leave Elacrai. What's not to love about the Noldor? They're awesome.

    I'm a Dwarf at heart, so I have to be put down for Dwarven hatred. No contest.
  2. Diablodude

    PoP Knighthood Order Roleplay (Applications Only) (9-29-12)

    There are no limits on who can apply, and how many people can be accepted into the RP.

    As long as your profile is good, you'll likely be accepted.
  3. Diablodude

    Huzzah! We are the Jatu!

    FFL- King Crimson, you officially rock.

    On to the topic at hand though I've always loved the Jatu. You can go around them if you're too weak to fight them, once you know how to kill them they're a fantastic source of loot, and once there are jatu armies about they can protect your holding in the east/north for you, provided you do a bit of kiting.

    So long as you treat them with caution they're 100% beneficial.
  4. Diablodude

    Why does everybody hate me?

    I know this is completely off topic, and I apologize, but when I saw your name and the title of your post, I had to laugh, and was a bit disappointed to find an honest question.

    Everyone hates the RNG and the RNG hates everyone.
  5. Diablodude

    The winds of change

    Hey M0rdred, MSN has sort of screwed me over, so I haven't been able to get on and discuss things.  If you have another IM or Skype send me a PM so we can catch up.
  6. Diablodude

    Your Favorite and Least Favorite Knighthood Order?

    Dragons have always been my favorite order. Like their look, feel, and history. As far as least favorite goes... Well, there's a lot I just plain don't use. Like the Valkyries and Falcon and Raven Spear.

    Dragons though have always been my favorite, hands down.
  7. Diablodude

    ***off topic*** three word game ***off topic***

    Siegfried von Vaseline
  8. Diablodude

    PoP Knighthood Order Roleplay (Applications Only) (9-29-12)

    The rp is dead.

    Long live the RP!

    Or something like that.
  9. Diablodude

    To Save Realistically Or To Not

    I've always done realistic saves. The brutality is all part of the Pendor experience for me.
  10. Diablodude

    Prophesy of Pendor 4.0 Developer Notes

    Sort of, yes.

    More line an extremely defensible string of mountain fortresses. Good luck getting to the cities.
  11. Diablodude

    Runed Weapons Poll

    To each his own. I'd rather go for permanent stat boosts, or founding an order if I have the means to.

    I'm not sure if importing characters has an influence on the worth of the weapons. I start fresh every time, so the permanent stats seem much more appealing. If I imported and had high stats already I'd likely go for the weapon.
  12. Diablodude

    Runed Weapons Poll

    It's not worth 3.
  13. Diablodude

    Runed Weapons Poll

    I never use the rune weapons.

    Too much of an investment for too little gain.

    If I'm playing around just for fun though? I've always been fond of the Sapphire one handed axe. Other than that, the ruby or sapphire 2-hander sword, depending on my stats.
  14. Diablodude

    Character Artwork

    Sending you a PM Dietrich, if you're still checking these forums.
  15. Diablodude

    New to pendor. Couple of questions

    Thrannduil said:
    PoP 3 won't have any major updates anymore

    Or will it?
  16. Diablodude

    Tactics for prisoner farming for profit

    Not in large numbers, but you can get several early game from patrols.

    I rarely play past the early game. It's possible to get 1 or 2 dozen if you get lucky with seer patrols.

    Even that many makes a large difference.
  17. Diablodude

    Tactics for prisoner farming for profit

    Doomguides are very effective, but tedious to obtain.

    Well worth the effort though. You'll cringe every time one of them dies, they're so useful.
  18. Diablodude

    Prophesy of Pendor 4.0 Developer Notes

    You can Purchase Vinland: Arctic Assault at their website;
  19. Diablodude

    Dream Team


    We'll plant the seeds of love and spread the harvest of prosperity across Amala.
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