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  1. Megaberna

    Streaming the game

    Ah damm...well it was worth the try! Thanks everyone :wink:
  2. Megaberna

    Streaming the game

    Hello. I would like to know if it is possible to contact someone in order to stream the game in it's alpha or beta phase! My channel is Thank you :)
  3. Megaberna

    Infanterie Regiment "Freiherr von Strauch" Nr. 24

    Here lie the fouding members of the Nr.24. The best melee regiment of all time in the NW Community.​



    Our lord, our savior. Hekko is love, Hekko is life. This has been and will be our motto for ages to come. Located in Finland, Hekko shows himself by being the best commander in Europe and lso for being a true gentleman inside and outside the game. His love for pizza and whiskey makes him a true tactician a fearsome opponent in battle. His sword represents the true power of the Nr.24 and with it all the members of the regiment. He also haves a strange love relationship with the French.​



    "Follow the girl with the ponytails!". Located in Sweden, Svensson is truly a modern viking. Known for his melee and leading skills, Sven shows himself as the right hand of Hekko. With his blonde hair, he strikes down our enemies with no mercy while at the same time, boosts our members morale. Being Swedish, Sven likes to be drunk once in a while poking people on TS and Steam and sending some wierd stuff. No doubt he is the best Swede!​



    Megaberna, the only portuguese who actually plays the game for more then 1 month. Founding member and a good player (once in a while). Mega has been around for a while and some of his actions divided his reputation inside the community in two. On one hand he is loved, on another hated. He has found some problems with his nacionality since some poeple insist he is from Spain or Brazil. Mega fights everyday to make Portugal a respected country inside the community. Loves beer and pissing people who love the internet more then life itself.​



    Vorlen is that kind of guy that everyone loves. Brilliant at melee and also a fellow friend. Vorlen is one of the founding members and one the most respected member in the regiment. Deadly at shooting and even more at melee Sometimes he likes to stay alone in the TS while others are in another channel. It is a weird behaviour, some of us started wondering what is he doing sometimes. Maybe a plot to run over the Nr.24 or a glorious plan to take us to the stars? No one knows...yet.


    Mem the true german of the Nr.24. Mem blesses us with his presence everytime he comes online or on TS. Recently no one has seen Mem, there are rumors that he has been wondering trough out Germany, lost and no where to be found. He has been a father figure for most of us since he and his powers led us to become what we are now. Everyday we light candles for him, hoping he comes back. Some people said they have seen him but they might be wrong.
    The Dane


    Lord of Denmark and ex-51st. Once a true and fantastic leader. Tales and songs were made about his commanding skills and about the orders he would give during the battles. He has been away for ages and no one knows where he is, some say he is in Denmark leading some peasants to glorious victory. Dane was a founding member and helped organize and arrange several events as well as creating a good structure for the regiment.​



    The traitor swede. Once full of pride and glory he was surrounded by power and was once one of the best melee players in the regiment. Carl, being very well known in the community, filled the Nr.24 ranks with swedish players and they were brutally good in melee. Carl was one of the strongest swedes in the community. After some events Carl left us and with his leave the Nr.24 got hit pretty hard. Some say he lies with the 63e nowadays but no one actually knows what happened to the true "CarolusRex".​
  4. Megaberna

    Infanterie Regiment "Freiherr von Strauch" Nr. 24

    HadHod removed me from friends list :sad:
  5. Megaberna

    Infanterie Regiment "Freiherr von Strauch" Nr. 24

    SvenssonHD said:

    On that list i see everyone dead except us lol
  6. Megaberna

    Infanterie Regiment "Freiherr von Strauch" Nr. 24

    NanoNapoleon said:
    I think we should officially rename to Nr.1, then we can make a new thread on FSE right?

    FSE is afraid of Nr.24...image how they would be if we were called Nr.1!
  7. Megaberna

    Infanterie Regiment "Freiherr von Strauch" Nr. 24

    SvenssonHD said:

    NWL Champions yo!
  8. Megaberna

    Infanterie Regiment "Freiherr von Strauch" Nr. 24

    biggun34 said:
    :O HOW DARE YOU, I also play Dota and cs go

    Dont forget the amazing EU 4!
  9. Megaberna

    Infanterie Regiment "Freiherr von Strauch" Nr. 24

    biggun34 said:
    The Nutty Pig said:
    biggun34 said:
    So I hear we're falling apart? I haven't noticed anything differnt although with this community others outside of the regiment always seem to know more... 
    Don't hate us cause you aint us
    Not easy being the best! :wink:
    go away

    Nutty thought you were into child porn now go away.

  10. Megaberna

    Infanterie Regiment "Freiherr von Strauch" Nr. 24

    SvenssonHD said:
    Alp said:
    "is this real life?" - some wise dude said once


    Is this fantasy?
  11. Megaberna

    Infanterie Regiment "Freiherr von Strauch" Nr. 24

    Skyddis said:
    10-0 great job guys!

    Ya ya very good! Next one is against the 17e!
  12. Megaberna

    Infanterie Regiment "Freiherr von Strauch" Nr. 24

    Skyddis said:
    SvenssonHD said:
    Harsh words from the imp

    Dont be mad virgin

    Ohhh dammmmmm!
  13. Megaberna

    Infanterie Regiment "Freiherr von Strauch" Nr. 24

    biggun34 said:
    I hear if they catch a live Nr.24 member they castrate them!

    Dear lord...
  14. Megaberna

    Infanterie Regiment "Freiherr von Strauch" Nr. 24

    Deans has the best weather ahah
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