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  1. iskar

    30 is a little over the hill, no?

    There was even an option of the same name in Warband, although it would simply end the game with a general summary of your achievements.
  2. iskar

    30 is a little over the hill, no?

    If the player is 20 instead of 30 it would at least alleviate the annoyment of meeting one of those 18-year-old Beni Zilal leader scumbags sporting better gear than you'll ever find in shops and having higher skills than you'll ever be able to grind to.

    It would also increase said scumbag's chances of not being executed after capture.
  3. iskar

    30 is a little over the hill, no?

    I think seals are actually pretty fit, even more so compared to the player character. They just chill hard while on land.
  4. iskar

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Religion?

    Hopefully not, who would want to worhsip this heretic cult of the false "ninth divine"? <Enter Thalmor Inquisitors> :razz:
    (Besides, Daedra and Ancestor worship of the Dunmer is the true way to go, anyway. Heed the words of St. Veloth!)

    Anyhow, it sounds like something a mod could explore with lots of opportunities to make the game more interesting and add another layer of politics/relations/character roleplay motivation. But I think for the obvious risks of real world parallels stirring up hatred/hurting religious feelings/making people go crazy the devs will make the choice of most games: Ignore the issue for the official game.
  5. iskar

    30 is a little over the hill, no?

    Game just need a slider for age selection. Older you chose - more attributes and focus points you get. I believe it is relatively easy to implement
    That would be excellent. I'd be more than willing to trade having a character around my real age for not having to stress myself that the game will be over before I get their skills up to a reasonable level.

    I can see why you would make the starting char around 30 considering that the core customers have been aging together with the first M&B title, but one shouldn't overdo it, especially when a year is only 80 days long (must be a weird solar system Calradia's planet is in).
    I mean, will they release M&B III: Midlife Battle and M&B IV: Nursery Home Rampage when their customers grow older? (Not that it wouldn't fit their development speed.)
  6. iskar

    Has Anyone Noticed A Sudden Shift In Balancing For The Worst?

    "Raising armies" would be an option if training or recruitment were working features instead of lasting sources of permanent annoyance.
  7. iskar

    SP - Economy Tie prosperity to food supply change rate instead of food supply

    Currently prosperity change per day of a settlement is negatively affected by having zero food in the stores and food supply change per day is negatively affected by the current prosperity. This leads to a kind of circular balance where over-the-top prosperity will in time deplete the food...
  8. iskar

    What do you think the scale of Calradia is supposed to be? (in terms of travel distance)

    Games working in real time regularly undercut realistic distances while overloading the geographic and cultural diversity. Think most RPG Adventures - in Gothic III you could traverse the entire "continent" on foot in a couple of ingame days at most. Then again, "cities" in most games have a couple hundred inhabitants at most compared to tens of thousands or even millions (like Rome, Alexandria, etc. in antiquity).

    That being said, I don't really mind the "shrinking" of geographical distances, as the game would be pretty boring if you had to traverse realistic distances between towns, let alone kingdoms and it would basically make M&B from a battle simulator into a travel simulator. Might as well play Euro Truck Sim instead then. :razz:
  9. iskar

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Make smithing not a skill just a feature

    Please just listen to this guy^
  10. iskar

    Lack of field battles

    The only thing I miss are opportunities for proper siege defense, as the AI will never siege when they don't vastly outnumber the defenders. Which is a bit sad as I already liked the siege defense in Warband and it would be even cooler now with stones and ballistas and catapults and trebuchets and zombies and lasers and ... I digress.

    As for large field battles, I cannot say they are lacking. Only that AI armies tend to be a bit slow to catch each other. I've had a few where my character was in charge of the entire army and it was awesome (even though most of the army consisted of peasants as my fellow lords are apparently nitwits - it was still a tactical challenge to put these peasants to productive use without them routing.)
  11. iskar

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Houses of Calradia - Complete naming overhaul.

    If you had to remove one mid tier title, which would it be? Seems we have plenty of mid tier but we need a low tier for Nobles that are mostly fighters and not commanders. In order to keep it simple for the community and to adhere to one of the primary goals of the mod I'm thinking of keeping the top 3 titles oversimplified.

    Some clans literally have 1 or 2 members and own no property and dont rate the title Jarl, Despotes, ect.

    Empress Rhegaea, Senatoris Lucon, Imperator Garios > Despotes(large clan leader) > Archon/Komes (mid tier military leader or small clan leader) > ??(individual Knights of the nobility, youngest fighters of the Nobility)

    So we need a short(visually), oversimplified title for lesser nobles and the youngest nobles that are of fighting age. Keep in mind Thane, Thegn, and Sir/Dame are the "Knights" for the other 3 Kingdoms that are done thus far.
    Then Eugenes might be the right choice. It litterally just means well-born.
  12. iskar

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Houses of Calradia - Complete naming overhaul.

    You could take Komes or Droungarios (mainly military commander titles) for the level below Archon.
  13. iskar

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Houses of Calradia - Complete naming overhaul.

    I'd say the three claimants to the throne would not choose different tites, since they all claim to be the one rightful emperor. Hence I would suggest:

    Basileios/Basileia > Despotes > Eparches > Archon.

    That should be enough, as you could apply Archon to all Tier 1-3 clans, Eparches to Tier 4 and Despotes to Tier 5+.
  14. iskar

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Houses of Calradia - Complete naming overhaul.

    For the Empire, consider that by their personal names, place names and heraldry they are more byzantine/eastern roman than classical roman. Hence Greek first names and titles would suit them better. Kaisar, Sebastokrator, Basileios, Archon (already in the game), Strategos, Droungarios, Eparches, Despotes, etc. would be better than original latin titles or the forcibly latinised ones of later periods (like baro, marchio, vicecomes and nobilis homo).

    PS: Please don't use google translate or the likes to obtain "latin" titles. Stuff like Magnus Dux makes me cringe - there is no such concept as a Grand Duke in classical latin, "dux" being solely used to neutrally refer to leaders/tribal chieftains (cf. the dux aeduorum in De bello gallico).
    Dux and Comes might be employed like titles for late antiquity contexts, but again mostly for the western part, not for our pseudo-byzantine Empire of Calradia.
  15. iskar

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops [Suggestion] Change mechanic for party speed


    this would insta-fix Khuzait dominance as well.
  16. iskar

    Battania- cant figure out

    I thought Battanias role was pretty obvious: Barbarians, sorry, Primitives to be crushed under the pseudo-byzantine heel of the Empire. Their archers then to be integrated into the Imperial Legions.

    Why is there no legionary smiley?
  17. iskar

    Please let me deploy my men before the battle starts...

    No, initial distance is determined by battlefield size. In village maps you start a lot closer than on the open field. The 400m is the normal distance at the start of battle. Must have been a coincidence for you with unlocking the (not working) tractics perk.
  18. iskar

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops kuzait are a problem

    That's not very specific, we all are.
  19. iskar

    Only way to play the game?

    I don't like executing lords, although the game got basically unplayable through their constant escaping and respawning with half a complete party. I got this fixed by using a mod that fixes prisoner handling and escape rates. Now I just let them rot in my dungeon forever and don't have to kill them.
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