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  1. Esorcism

    Multiplayer Modding - Unofficial Documentation

    Last Update: 14/06/23 - 1PM GMT

    Table of contents​

    Table of Contents
    Hosting the Server
    Folder Structure

    Mod Files
    ------An example
    ------An Example
    TaleWorlds API
    ---How to find what you need
    ---How to use what you need
    ---Code structure
    ---Client/Server compilation
    ------Preprocessor Directives
    ---------Define the directives
    ---------Use the directives
    ------An example
    ------An example
  2. Esorcism

    Multiplayer Modding - Unofficial Documentation

    Hello everyone. Lately I've started writing an unofficial Multiplayer documentation, mostly coming from my notes and schemes about Bannerlord Modding. I just recently started modding on this game, although I'm backed up by a decent coding experience, but since I had (and have) to go through it...
  3. Esorcism

    Looking for Multiplayer related resources

    Hello everyone, I'm very new to modding in Bannerlord, although I have a long experience of coding behind me. For this reason, I decided to give it a try, and after making my first mod following this amazing tutorial serie and reading the avaiable documentation, I decided to hop onto the...
  4. Esorcism

    Need More Info Cannot login to platform services

    TaleWorlds: The only software house that updates its game without first updating their Multiplayer services.

    For real, this is purposively blocking players from playing MP: you know by doing so there will be half a day where people won't be able to login.
    I just don't understand it, it's going against your own community.
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