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  1. Laisha

    [DOWNLOAD] Prophesy of Pendor [v3.9.5 IS NOW OUT!!!]

    Oh hey, I haven't been here in a while...and a new version!  Cool!
  2. Laisha

    The SCREENSHOTS Thread

    Since it's so quiet around here, I suppose I'll add some videos to the mix.  Obviously spoilers are ahead, so if you haven't played and want to see the story and features for yourself, don't look further.

    A couple of month ago, I decided to start a playthrough of Light & Darkness.  I chose to use the pre-patch version, as I wanted to preserve the confusion and unintentional hilarity caused by all of the translation errors.  Strangely, this run has been tougher than my previous two playthroughs, but that might be a good thing, as Warband can seem kind of easy at times.  I've also been discovering features I missed before, like the lake dungeon!  I seriously had no idea it was there:

    You guys can also start from the beginning, when I was (probably) very boring:

  3. Laisha

    Gekokujo: Images, Videos, and LPs

    phlpp said:
    haitch40 said:
    Are we allowed to monetize youtube videos of this?
    Oh and I hope to do a playthrough but I am waiting for 3.1 first.
    Whatever the rules that taleworlds sets applies. I'm pretty sure they're not against it (I think the only company against it is Nintendo), so monetize your videos to your heart's content

    There are a few companies not keen on monetized videos (Nintendo just happens to be the most obvious).  But yes, Taleworlds is fine with it.
  4. Laisha

    Gekokujo: Images, Videos, and LPs

    Yemeth said:
    BTW, one thing I would try to improve is the video quality, even with 720p it seems you do overcompress a bit before uploading to youtube. Of course, if you have slow upload speeds you need to do this and then please disregard it, but if not please try to improve the quality.

    Looking forward to the third video...

    I'd like to improve the quality, but I am somewhat limited at the moment.  I basically need access to better video editing software (Windows Movie Maker is poop), but to use it, I need to upgrade to a 64-bit OS.  It'd probably also help if I upgraded everything else, too, but that will come with time...and money....
  5. Laisha

    Gekokujo: Images, Videos, and LPs

    Guess I'll add mine to the pile. 

    You might remember when I did an LP for 2.1.  Well, I've been mulling it and I've come to the conclusion I just didn't give that one justice.  It was early on for my channel, granted, but...I just didn't do well enough.  Well, not this time!  This time I'll be funny and actually try to be engaged and everything!

    So, I hope you'll watchI guess?

  6. Laisha

    Congrats on the Sub-board!

    Good show!  I'm really enjoying the new version, too!
  7. Laisha

    Light & Darkness - Halloween Specials. Single&Multiplayer both! (Nov. 1, 2015)

    Still, it does mean something's going on.
  8. Laisha

    On Gaming and Nerdery B&S LP

    ...Care to elaborate?  I mean, considering I am trying to build a channel, that ought to be expected on some level, no?
  9. Laisha

    On Gaming and Nerdery B&S LP

    Hi all.  I know it's been a little quiet around here, but I've started a let's play of this mod, like so many others.  I'd be appreciative if you'd check it out, just to see what's up.  It's only a couple of videos in, so expect more to come soon. Playlist...
  10. Laisha

    Comments: 3.0 Released

    Hanakoganei said:
    Nothing wrong with more LP's heheh. It's fun watching how other people play too.

    Just a tip, this is how to pronounce gekokujo. Of course you don't need to change it if you don't want to or think it's too difficult, but I'm sure a lot of you people that can't speak Japanese were curious.

    Appreciated!  The next time I record, I'll avoid mauling it.

  11. Laisha

    Comments: 3.0 Released

    Hi folks.

    I know a couple of these have been done before, but I wanted to post here that I'm doing a bit of a let's play of Gekokujo.  I know spend a little (lot) of time explaining Warband mechanics, primarily because it's my first Warband let's play...but I didn't want to bore myself with native play.  Besides, explaining Warband in feudal Japan has to be way more interesting.

    So, if anyone's interested, check out the first episode here:

  12. Laisha

    PoP: "A Kingdom Divided" Roleplay

    Yeah, I've made it a little more obvious now.

    Ya'll still have to do the work of copy-pasting the link though!  Can't do everything for you.
  13. Laisha

    PoP: "A Kingdom Divided" Roleplay

    Hey everyone, just throwing out there that the second event of A Kingdom Divided, "The Horde of Torbah," has begun.  If you wish to join up (a few orders are thin on players) or just follow along, now's a good time to do so.
  14. Laisha

    The Heart of PoP

    I think this works:

  15. Laisha

    New patch of English translation is released

    Obviously needs more work, but it's a very, very good start.

    I have to admit, being able to understand what's going on aside...I kind of miss the goofy randomness the mistranslations caused.
  16. Laisha

    PoP: "A Kingdom Divided" Roleplay

    All Dawnites are pyromaniacs until proven otherwise.
  17. Laisha

    PoP: "A Kingdom Divided" Roleplay

    For the record, the first event has started.  We could definitely use a Silvermist Ranger so that we have players for every order.  Legionnaires, Eventiders and Gauntlets are also welcome.

    Or frankly, whatever you want.  As GM, I won't complain.  I still get to kill you in all sorts of fascinating ways no matter which order you join.  :twisted:
  18. Laisha

    PoP: "A Kingdom Divided" Roleplay

    Wait, did you just insult the Clarion Call?!  I'LL KILL YOU

    *swings impotently at Saeros*
  19. Laisha

    PoP: "A Kingdom Divided" Roleplay

    Hey fellow Prophesy of Pendor fans! We wanted to let you know that a new PoP roleplay has begun. It is focused on the orders and their competing ideologies. We've set it 100 years after PoP4 so that we don't conflict with the RP MitchyMatt started. Obviously, that means we have a fanon...
  20. Laisha

    The Midnight Watchmen [TMW] - UNDEFEATED IN OVER 5 YEARS

    Geez, I don't look at the thread for a few days and suddenly America is at risk of being taken over

    I think one thing we can agree on is disgust at Cath for letting things degenerate this much.
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