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  1. Prince de Radzivil

    SP Musket Era Csatádi's Visual and Historical Mod

    Sieges in Warband are more uniqe, because the location of castles matter more, they are more different. There are castles where we cannot use siege towers, so the setup is different. Sieges in Warband are harder. Not so much in WFAS, but still.
    The most interesting ones are in Viking Conquest due to the dozens scripted siege events. Very interesting, realistic and entertaining.
  2. Prince de Radzivil

    SP Musket Era Csatádi's Visual and Historical Mod

    Many thanks for your great work!
  3. Prince de Radzivil

    SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13

    Ryantheskinny said:
    Screenshots of Map (map is WIP):
    South Ireland (feels Very over populated)
    Middle England and Wales
    North Ireland
    Northumbria and Alba
    The Norselands
    Frisia and East Anglia now The Danelaw
    The port of Dorestad
    More random pics



    Standard travel showing FPS
    Fast travel showing FPS

    Overall Ireland is over populated using the vanilla layout, while England and the Norse kingdoms feel okay
    Thanks again Tingyun for letting me use your Post. The map will probably be the longest part of getting the mod to a playable state.
    Great work.

    Not sure if whole-Europe map is a good idea really, adding North-Western part (including Normandy, Brittany, parts of Frankia, Northern islands, some parts of Sweden) would be already very ambitious. Nevertheless, wish you good luck with your project.
  4. Prince de Radzivil

    SP Musket Era Csatádi's Visual and Historical Mod

    YourStepDad said:
    While I do realize they were very anachronistic and most certainly not used by Sweden, especially in full plate armor during the 17th century, instances of them were not unheard of earlier in the century by Venetians, Austrians and other German states during earlier periods of the 30 years war. They were quite possibly the coolest unit I've seen in any game, period. It'd be nice if you had kept them as bodyguards or represented them in some extremely small or insignificant way.

    The Scots bringing their (two handed) claymores over though, while it likely didn't happen much, isn't entirely infeasible or out of place. I think they're a cool flavour unit that deserves to be represented in some way.
    It's true that they were present at last in TYW and ECW, but there is absolutely no evidence of their documented use during the Deluge era (or earlier during this century) in Eastern Europe. The armies by 1650s tended to incline for some uniformity, so those things like swordsmen were very unlikely to be present in any armies of the fighting sides in Eastern Europe. It was also logical from military point of view as they were completely defenceless against cavalry, which was essential part of warfare in the region. Considering very small size of the armies in game (just 150-400 men per commander) even one guy in a stack representing considerable group of men. :smile: I hope you would agree: Csatádi added so many new historical units (Vlachs, Hungarians, missing types of infantry and cavalry for Russia and Tatars etc) that removing some of the vanilla ones (which were somewhat anachronistic for this conflict) is quite logical decision in order not to end with way too eclectic AI armies.

    Also old two-handed swords, infantry armours and such stuff remained in game in the stores, so you could convert one of your merry followers to serve as good ol' swordsman. :wink:
  5. Prince de Radzivil

    SP Musket Era Csatádi's Visual and Historical Mod

    YourStepDad said:
    Hey Csatadi, I read about the changelog and the minor additions such as western bodyguard for a specific Polish nobleman, and it reminded me of something.

    I don't remember if I asked this before, but what do you think of the idea of giving city and court guards who have halberds the animation to hold them like this?

    This is from Nova Aetas, but an alternative animation that would very much be appropriate exists in jacobhinds animation osp pack for Warband. What do you think of this idea? Would it be possible and not too difficult to implement?
    Would be great indeed  :cool:
  6. Prince de Radzivil

    SP Dark Ages [SUBMOD] VAGN`S Armour mod for Viking Conquest (Released v 1.1)

    Zeqe said:
    FYI -- It seems to be the problem is caused by missing materials files. Without the missing materials we can't fix the white texture issue. Hope that helps anyone else trying to solve this problem.
    So, any chance to solve this?
  7. Prince de Radzivil

    SP Musket Era Csatádi's Visual and Historical Mod

    itruvor said:
    That's it.
    The matter was in the ordinary tsarist censorship. That there was no growth of nationalism in the new territories of the Russian Empire. And this was commonplace throughout the Russian Empire.
    Actually, the territory of Poland, like Finland, had a certain status in the Russian Empire.
    It is not. During Sienkiewicz' time Poland was striped all of its former status, constitution, autonomy, self-government, currency, separate army etc etc - basically everything during the first decade after the January Uprising. There was no even such thing officially as "Poland" any more but "Privislinsky kray". In the Russian part of Poland after 1860s it was extremely problematic to get proper education in Polish language.

    And the hardcore Russian nationalism and unitarism was actually on the rise since the reign of Alexander III. Just read what happened to Finland under the governorship of Nikolay Bobrikov in late 1890s-early 1900s. All this produced tons of problems in almost every corner of the empire and contributed a lot to its fast collapse and fragmentation immediately after the February Revolution.
  8. Prince de Radzivil

    SP Musket Era Csatádi's Visual and Historical Mod

    I think Panzerni should keep their mail.
    I really doubt they had many cuirasses across their ranks. Chain armour is way better for them.

    Dragoons will remain with uniforms, no buff coats.
    They had it sometimes, especially officers. But generally in the PLC (and generally all across Europe) until the late 17th century dragoons were quite poor quality troops (but still proved to be very effective with time).

    I planned a black hussar armor set long ago for the player. Maybe one day I make it.
    Hope the karacena would be first.  :razz:
  9. Prince de Radzivil

    SP Musket Era Csatádi's Visual and Historical Mod

    Vercynogetorix said:
    dont recall this one; been there and perhaps seen it, but dont remember.

    Here you have drawing of Radziwiłł at a head of dragoons meeting with Cossacks; that one is original and of period.

    Note two types of dragoon uniforms present, western and polish; Radziwiłł also is in a "dragoonlike" uniform
    Will post the fragment a bit later today.

    This painting (entry to Kiev) is one of few also made after those mentioned original pencil drawings. IIRC the painting was lost after WW2?

    Personally I found the vanilla dragoon uniform beautiful but it's way too fancy for this unit type, which was in general considered of quite poor quality until the 18th century. I think the present depiction of the dragoons in the mod is quite nice in general: the mix of western and local clothes and style of warfare.

    This your picture is also pretty nice (perhaps only Cravat-tie is a bit anachronistic for 1650s):

    Yes the "big reform" uniforms were as you describe, but there was smaller reforms before (actually two or three small changes). The sky blue type is of 1694 to 1712 dragoon; later they went "full germanic"
    Well, the colours could differ as they were not unified until early 18th century. Sky blue was pretty popular through the 17th century, so why not to use it for the dragoons? It could be red too.

    Possibly; this form started to get dominant around 1668; but was present earlier as well.
    Knowing the other works of this author he is very reliable in general. He is historian, re-enactor and also makes some his drawings himself.
  10. Prince de Radzivil

    SP Musket Era Csatádi's Visual and Historical Mod

    Vercynogetorix said:
    Ther image here presented is based on frequently reproduced and at the same time innacurate images based on this gobelin (battle of łojów 1649-1651); the problem with it, is that everyone assumed that this is an era representation. Gobelin was created more than 70 years later and depicts Dragoons of the time, AFTER saxon king August II Strong have decided to revamp them into cavalry based on western model

    this is the Gobelin:

    The tapestry is based and almost identical to the original drawing of Abraham van Westerveld, court painter of Janusz Radziwill and participant of the battle. The collection of the originals and copies of his drawings of Janusz Radziwill's Cossack campaigns are now in the Muzeum Wojska Polskiego in Warsaw.

    Also the Polish dragoon regiments uniform after the 1717 reform looked absolutely different.

    EDIT: this depiction is pretty accurate so for 1650s. I believe it's by Sergey Shamenkov probably?
  11. Prince de Radzivil

    SP Musket Era Csatádi's Visual and Historical Mod

    Csatádi said:
    It's better not to start yet, I'm curious what others think about this. More eyes see more. :smile:

    And I almost forgot, patrol troops also need officers when they're generated.
    I liked regimental system in Twilight of The Sun King mod. Having at last some musician, officer and flag-bearer is nice idea for an "army".
  12. Prince de Radzivil

    SP Musket Era Csatádi's Visual and Historical Mod

    Many things already suggested by me too time ago. :smile:

    Csatádi said:
    Hussars with pistols are on my list. What name would you give them? In English, of course.
    A very simplified division on fancy rich Husaria Companion (towarzysz) armed with lances and simpler Husaria Retinue (pocztowy) armed with firearms. Considering game mechanics this is the only way to make them more or less accurate game-wise, as in other case the AI would mess with weapons choice a lot. Proposed this year ago.
  13. Prince de Radzivil

    SP Musket Era Csatádi's Visual and Historical Mod

    btw, does anyone have some spare time and knowledge to help to improve some scenes a bit (like Polish and Swedish castles interiors)? Or with some codes/scripts? I am sure Csatádi would appreciate all help.
  14. Prince de Radzivil

    SP Musket Era Csatádi's Visual and Historical Mod

    Csatádi said:
    If you check the latest posts you can find what I'm doing.

    Anyway here you are a save game compatible quick graphic fix:
    Your worries are causeless, there aren't people who want to mod wfas. There is noone to fix quest bugs although these are more important than a few new items for example. New scenes would be neccessary but noone makes new scenes. Don't get me wrong this isn't whining just facts. If you would and could add new content welcome aboard.
    Well, one needs first to know how to do stuff and learning defiantly isn't the most fun part of modding. :smile:

    Most mods here are produced by just one-two persons in general. And you are the one for WFaS doing an amazing job. :wink:
  15. Prince de Radzivil

    Viking Conquest Reforged Edition Patch released! (2.021)

    Could you guys, please, make a list of all new hotkeys? Want to be sure that I'm not missing anything.:smile:
  16. Prince de Radzivil

    Where is Sweden?

    Shameless bump. :fruity:

    Now with the new expansion released and patched nicely, are there any plans for expanding the map at last a bit? I understand the problems with the Franks inclusion, but at last the missing kingdom of Brittanty, which was historically so closely connected with Britain and especially Cornwall. In 867, just around the game start, it was a unified realm under the rule of King Salomon of Brittany and reached its territorial peak incorporating large chunks of western Normandy and the Channel islands. Also their gear won't defer much from that of Cornish.

    Couple most famous abbeys from Brittany (Landévennec), Normandy (for example, Jumièges, Fécamp, St. Wandrille, Mont St-Michel) and Picardy/Flanders (Corbie, Elnone, Maroilles, St-Riquier) to Low Saxony (Gandersheim, Lamspringe, St. Ludger) also would be nice, just to add some life to these empty spaces on the map.

    Also Shetland/Hjaltland islands and settlements (for the kingdom of the Isles) would be defiantly nice to flavour the North a bit.
  17. Prince de Radzivil

    SP Musket Era Csatádi's Visual and Historical Mod

    Dangerdude said:
    Been testing yesterday and sadly I couldn't find any Hungarian mercenaries and all the stuff  :sad:
    The Hungarian hussars should be there in 1.3 version - just check some more taverns, they are a bit rare sometimes.

    Have you seen new Swedish and Polish armour etc in game? New flags? Just to make sure you installed it properly.

    If it goes to the new stuff posted on several last pages, it hasn't been added yet.
  18. Prince de Radzivil

    SP Musket Era Csatádi's Visual and Historical Mod

    Looking great. I think the colour should be all the same (Swedish blue) for all coats but just of a bit different washy shades, portraying that the textiles of somewhat questionable quality or old, faded on sun and rain.
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