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  1. Maximus183

    29th Infantry Division

    Well to answer TDM's question;

    The 29th has a tank company attached as well, with both GMT and EST schedules. So if you like tanking we can still offer just that.
  2. Maximus183

    MP Antiquity Mount&Gladius v2.0 [8/23/10] Poll Added

    Well after something like every 2nd day all the custom roman items just randomly disappear for no apparent reason. I've given the same stuff to companions but their stuff doesn't go away.
  3. Maximus183

    MP Antiquity Mount&Gladius v2.0 [8/23/10] Poll Added

    I'm aware of that. But is what's happening some kind of fixable bug or is it something too complicated is what I'm wondering.
  4. Maximus183

    MP Antiquity Mount&Gladius v2.0 [8/23/10] Poll Added

    Is anyone getting all your roman stuff disappearing constantly in singleplayer? :neutral:
  5. Maximus183

    29th Infantry Division

    Alright, spoken to Cpl. van Schuuren. Akong, something went wrong when your "papers" were created, this is why your enlistment can't be processed properly. Go into the forum and check your PM's, Cpl. van told me he sent you one regarding what you need to do.
  6. Maximus183

    29th Infantry Division

    This guy right here has some nasty potential, I got my eye on him :wink:
  7. Maximus183

    Red Orchestra Ostfront

    I just came... all over. Being a hardcore RO/DH fan, I find this is super awesome, orgasmofantastic news.
  8. Maximus183

    29th Infantry Division

    Nah, this is one of the most updated and modified forums around I suppose, stuff gets messed up sometimes.
  9. Maximus183

    29th Infantry Division

    Akong said:
    Apparently they're having "technical issues" processing my enlistment.
    They don't like me :sad:

    Nah, it just means there's techical issues. As you can see, the 2nd in command of the 29th has already approved your enlistment. So technically you are already accepted.

    MaHuD said:
    But that would mean i have to pass basic training for Darkest hour first, right?

    Well yes, seeing as it is a 29th only group and being in it if you're not a member is pretty unecessary.
  10. Maximus183

    29th Infantry Division

    There's a 29th only Warband group for those of us who play it :grin:
  11. Maximus183

    29th Infantry Division

    Akong said:
    I applied.

    It better be good!

    It will be a decision you won't regret :wink:

    Temuzu, it depends on if Darkest Hour does as well :wink: The good thing about Darkest Hour, is that it isn't a very demanding game in terms of specs. With almost 300 members everyones computer performance varies, which is also one of the reasons we will likely not move to RO2. But who knows.
  12. Maximus183

    29th Infantry Division

    Welcome to the 29th ID Griff/Pvt. Ionita :smile: You'll have a blast
  13. Maximus183

    29th Infantry Division

    Sweet as hell man! You're gonna love it :wink:
  14. Maximus183

    Mod Recommendations

    Darkest Hour for Red Orchestra. WWII on the western front on a realistic platform.
  15. Maximus183

    29th Infantry Division

    Im working on adding info about the Public Realism scrimmages in the OP at the moment.

    EDIT: Done.
  16. Maximus183

    Co-Op Gaming and suggestions

    Any of the old Splinter Cells is awesome for Co-op. For a shooter I'd recommend Rainbow Six Vegas 2.
  17. Maximus183

    Which Battlefield??

    Get BF2, get PR, get a good crew, own it up!
  18. Maximus183

    29th Infantry Division

    Cheers man! :smile: Hit me up on Steam whenever you're up for pubbing.
  19. Maximus183

    29th Infantry Division

    Huh, guess someone felt like necroing this... Anyway, the reason I do this is because the 29th really is a life-changing experience, for me as well as for many other members. I'm not doing it for my own sake, I'm doing fine without recruiting people. I do this because I would like to share this experience with anybody who wants it.

    Anyways, to keep things updated:

    I was awarded my Marksman Badge for the rifle

    I was promoted to Private First Class.

    I was awarded my Expert Infantrymans Badge.
    Beyond that I am also in Squad Leadership Training so I will hopefully be getting a Cpl. promotion within a few weeks :smile:
  20. Maximus183

    Nanny beats 11 months old baby

    I think you've been hanging around TW too much Temujin :wink:
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