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  1. [S] A New Dawn

    Sorry for asking a stupid question, but does 0.6 require the 0.5 folder? I noticed that when I download the 0.6 file, it doesn't contain all the textures and resources. And yes, I downloaded 0.6 from both Nexus and moddb.

    EDIT: Never mind, I re-looked at the statement in moddb that says that it doesn't require the patch files, but never stated about the main file.
  2. [Submod] Adenian Front

    Thanks and cheers! :grin:
  3. A few questions

    Shinigami936 said:
    New to the mod, and I've run into a few issues.

    Are there any ways to get a steady income apart from enterprises?
    I haven't tried a town yet, but castles and villages don't bring in enough money to maintain a garrison, and it would seem enterprises can't be made on 0 relation anymore, though I don't have enough capital to make more than 1 or 2 anyways.
    Looting gives some great cash, but no income makes it difficult to sustain my troops for more than a few weeks.

    What are some of the easier castles/towns to defend?
    If I'm going to start my own kingdom, I want to find a place that has a good chokepoint where archers can let loose. All the castles I've seen so far have 3-4 entry points including ladders headed up to the archer's location.

    Is there any point Perisoan Ruins?
    Poked around it for a bit, but it seemed completely empty, and I could walk straight through a good bit of the castle/terrain.

    There's no actual way of getting a steady income. This game probably expects you to become a vassal or king early-game, prisoner-management gives you about at average 100 per prisoner (Dependent), trading gives you the same as Native, enterprises give you amounts that won't last you if you fill yourself. Probably a steady income is continuous combat in my opinion. (And selling the rusted and broken loot you find everywhere)

    I know Jamiche Castle, though it's difficult to take over. Jamiche Castle is primarily owned by Redwood, so it's a pain. The way your soldiers will go is, they enter the castle gate and enter the field, where the Redwood Archers would be standing at all sides, and shooting continuously at you from all directions, making it impossible to shield. There's 2 ladders leading to the lowest part of that wall, but I doubt they would even be able to reach it before they all die.

    Perisonan Ruins serve no purpose yet, future updates may give it something to poke around for.

    EDIT: I'm not sure if it was Jamiche Castle, but I remembered it was one of those Redwood Castles by the North-West of Amana.
  4. how to recruit noble from town/castle

    Own the place itself.
  5. (Spoilers) Red Immortal Quest help?

    If Scholar-san ever told you to hunt that bandit, just find him outside town before he runs away and never comes back. If not, find Scholar at Galwe's castle. If not again, go back to Grund's Crazy Man and start the quest if you haven't, if that bandit is nowhere to be seen ever again, you have to restart your game if you want to complete it.
  6. Perisno 0.6 Talk

    Jointventure said:
    Love you guys :smile: Finally finished it.

    But then I got the firesword and it was all for nothing haha.

    I don't want to bother you anymore, but how do I start the portrait quest I have seen people talk about? I have talked to the redwood princess but she gives no unique option. I have never seen any assassin now that I think of it.

    My thanks in advance!

    Have good relations with Princess Leth. or become a Redwood vassal (I forgot)
  7. Perisno 0.6 Talk

    And I return from my seemingly long absence, and this is still alive.
  8. [Submod] Adenian Front

    Can I request a Dropbox link for this?
  9. Imperial Legion?

    I don't know if this is true or not. But I've heard that the Imperial Legion was originally supposed to be the enemy faction in the game, but it was scheduled to be removed.
  10. How to get epic gears?

    tk327 said:
    Hi everyone  :smile:,

    I recently played this mod after Pendor, what bugged me is, I saw some epic gears in cheatmenu Adenian Champion plate/crown/phoenix shield and such (those with 1-2 denars) but nowhere to be seen ingame. Are they available to players somehow or just WIP?

    Those with 1~2 denars might be exclusive items only available to certain units, and also possibly unlootable.
  11. [Submod] Adenian Front

    Well, what browser do you use? I'm using Google Chrome, without 2Shared registration, and any other software, just normally downloading it with the Chrome Download, but it seems to loop when I click that Download button below the advertisment.
  12. After beating the 2000 army of darkness

    Hallegra said:
    Someone needs to up their looting...
    What he said
  13. Black Clothes

    Hallegra said:

    I'm not stating anyone's race here, I'm just stating the little problem with shaders or something.
  14. Black Clothes

    I don't know if this is my own computer's problem or not, but when I patched my game to the next update and started a new game, I realized everyone's clothes are really dark (If you look closely, you can see the colors, but I normally see it black.) Solutions? EDIT: Never mind, I tuned up my...
  15. Perisno Weapons

    So in other words, using a bow with Power Draw 5 requirement while having Power Draw 10 is better than using a bow with Power Draw 1 and 10, because the requirement deducts it's accuracy?
  16. Best Set

    Given a chance to read this far, how would you predict your final set of equipment be?
  17. About companion vassals...

    I don't think there's a way into doing this at all. But I'll still keep in touch if anyone found a way, I want Shi Jin also to walk around with Black Armor instead of Noble junk.
  18. best mod for being a bandit

    ale637 said:
    whats the best mod for playing as a bandit???
    i went a little wild in the native version and before a knew it i cant sell my stolen goods anywere and cant get troops because i already burn down all the little villages, so im looking for a mod that would help me do all that stuff while still being playable

    Blood & Steel, at the start you can choose a Brigand class to start off.
  19. Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Joshua Ryde said:
    How exactly are you meant to improve relations with Perisno Pilgrims.
    I have my Kingdom of Perisno at 100 relations and have been running it for ~100 days.
    I have plenty of money but they don't think i am the "chosen" one...

    Assist them in battles, I think they're associated with ''Commoners''
  20. Morgh's M&B WB/WFAS Editor v1.50

    Is it possible to add companions?

    greenhonnor said:
    where is the download link????? :mad: (Founded, sorry)

    I changing a mod, most the troops. but the troops had germanic name - Like recruit is some like Borgit.
    I dont find where i must go to change the name in game of an unit?

    someone can help?

    Websites in description, it contains the download link?
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