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  1. Ulfkarl

    Resolved Battania related bodyproperties data seems to be hardcoded.

    2023 almost, 2024 now and still this is an issue, did you find any workaround?

  2. Ulfkarl

    Documentation Sound Modding Sound & Music

    still no way to add sound variation for the same event?
  3. Ulfkarl

    Documentation Sound Modding Sound & Music

    I'm having issues with fire arms. I've added the custom sound to the animations, but I am now running into a few issues.

    1. Knowledge based - How do I get the sounds to sound muted with distance or add reverb?
    2. Limitations - After a certain number of firearms go off in large battles, eventually all of the firearms sounds muted. Any ideas?

    If anyone is interested in taking a look, you can see the mod here:
    I think you need to specify if your sounds are 3d inside your module_sounds.xml, you have to write "false" on is_2d="true"

    <module_sound name="example/combat/hit" is_2d="true" sound_category="mission_combat" path="example_sound_modders.ogg" />
  4. Ulfkarl

    Documentation Sound Modding Sound & Music

    this guide does not cover the proper way to replace existing /mission/combat/ sounds for new ones, is it even possible to do it? no one has done that since 2020 why do devs hate sound modding?
  5. Ulfkarl

    How to replace sounds in BANK files?

    Taleworlds needs to give full mod support for sound and music events. We were able to do this without any problems in the old versions, but unfortunately, we were unable to do such things in the recent updates. I hope they take a constructive step in this regard, because I think the new sounds will be good for the mods and the mods will be reflected better.
    yes, Imagine big mods like kingdoms of arda where you have to replace screams and voices to orc voices, troll sounds, wargs, etc.
  6. Ulfkarl

    Real recorded combat sounds

    I just finished my first mod, special thanks to: bestmods168, Reus, hunharibo from the official discord Mount & Blade Modding
  7. Ulfkarl

    Help Creating a Sound Mod to Replace Voiceovers

    same problem here, 2022 and still not a fix for this?
  8. Ulfkarl modding

    we need a fix for this, I am having the same problem while trying to enhance the combat sounds
  9. Ulfkarl

    How to replace sounds in BANK files?

    I replaced some combat sounds to make my game more immersive and realistic, I used the fmod bank tool to export the combat assets BANK file, then replaced some wavs and rebuilt but I am getting a fatal error. The files have the same names they had before, what did I miss? How to replace them...
  10. Ulfkarl

    Documentation Sound Modding Sound & Music

    I need help I want to replace existing combat sounds in the BANK files, is there a guide for that?

    Can anyone give me an example of code for the module_sounds.xml to play mission_combat sounds?
  11. Ulfkarl

    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    the only reason I still play the game sometimes are the mods, the vanilla game sucks and it is boring, mods keep this game alive, I need more, please taleworlds, support your modders, we the players need the mods
  12. Ulfkarl

    SP Native Realistic Battle Mod

    I love you, this mod combined with serve as a soldier is a whole new game better than the original
  13. Ulfkarl


    LMAO I think I just made a mistake reinstalling this game again, I can't even find a match and I see people here getting scammed with gold, mmmm I will have to uninstall again
  14. Ulfkarl

    For those who still think, that the skins wouldn't be monetized

    who cares at this point, no one is waiting for that, once custom server files are released they can do whatever they want, also mods can make those skins free LMAO
  15. Ulfkarl

    [BL] Warbanner - Bringing Warband to Bannerlord

    I don't have a problem with bannerlord combat, if you want to make warband in bannerlord that will be a downgrade, I find bannerlord animations and combat better than warband (except for the ballerina 360 swings), my only problem with bannerlord is the game modes, no custom servers and the dumb class system
  16. Ulfkarl

    Where is kick bottem?

    where the **** is the kick option, I got a perfect match ruined by a dumbass rambo
  17. Ulfkarl

    This update absolutely sucks

    I'm glad I uninstalled this game before the update, Im not touching this trash since crush throughts are back
  18. Ulfkarl

    All Quiet On The Bannerlord Front

    I played some Warband last night and had a good time on a Battle server and then some Deathmatch.

    Just in that clip alone, there's a world of difference. You can hear cavalry coming consistently. The camera doesn't take a second to swivel around. The polearm isn't clunky and sluggish. Turning around isn't pointlessly encumbered. The horse gets reared reliably, and it allows me to follow up with a decent attack. The chamber system actually works efficiently. The jump is functional and un-floaty. The whole thing feels responsive and fluid, easy to understand and unfettered by good-for-nothing details in the combat mechanics.

    There's also much more personality in the equipment selection. You can tell more reliably who the newer players are (even from a distance) by their chosen armour, so there's more chance of better players going easy on them (as I do), rather than facing everyone as if they could potentially be the best player in the game. I literally saw someone write in the chat: "Dont kill nestor, he's a new player xD." He was easy to recognise, and I protected him from getting backstabbed. TW really aren't looking out for the little guy (by making everyone look the same) with Bannerlord's class system.

    if only we had an actual mount & blade 2 and not this trash called bannerlord, warband is way more superior to bannerlord in every aspect, such as balance, combat mechanics, etc. etc.
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