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  1. Raising Relations with Towns and Religion

    Ah good to know, thank you. And if I don't own the city, I am out of luck I guess. Does anyone know what the benefit to switching the religion of a city is? I haven't had enough time to play and see the difference
  2. Raising Relations with Towns and Religion

    I suspect all the Christian towns hate me because I am a pagan, but I am curious, if I set up a temple will they eventually come to like me more or am I stuck running missions until the city likes me? I want to up enterprises, but I can't do it because none of the towns like me. It's made harder...
  3. What's your favorite weapon loadout?

    And so you can reload carbines on the run! That's nice. I just wish there was one that reloaded a bit faster. I have a rifled carbine which has accuracy of 100 and a reload of 40 as well as a m1777 which has accuracy of 55 and a reload of 65. The problem is that they are so much slower than the pistols, but the pistols are useless at anything farther than spitting distance. I like the idea of the double barreled pistol, but you basically need to be touching the target. Might try playing with those again and trying to get in very close. The dueling pistols have been somewhat underwhelming, but I guess I need more skill my pistol skill is only 150 as is my musket skill. What should I aim for before these become more impressive weapons?
  4. What's your favorite weapon loadout?

    I'm curious, what is everyone using for weapons? I'm particularly interested in what ranged weapons people like. I have tried pistols, but find them too inaccurate at range and I dislike that I can't reload a carbine while moving on horseback. I figure pistol accuracy and musket reload time will...
  5. Suggestions

    I'd love to see a single player component with dedicated country building like the Sword of Damocles mod. I personally would love to carve out my own little empire.
  6. Who has the Weakest Faction?

    Computica said:
    Halrik said:
    I'd say the Vaegirs and Villianese, although I have to admit that the Sarranids need some buffing up. As a suggestion for that, I'd say to make camels scare the crap out of horses. (A horse's first response to a camel is usually WTF IS THAT!?  :shock: followed by something like  :???: I said that out loud didn't I?... )
    I actually did that and it really ruined the gameplay. Instead Camels have more health than the average horse. There good for people who like to get into the fighting.

    Halrik said:
    The Vaegirs might just be at a disadvantage against their neighbors, being poorly suited for fighting the Rhodoks and Antarians, but it seems to me that too many of their units are pure chaff. Their rank and file infantry tend to be easily mowed down, having no real defense or niche. At least the Nords have throwing weapons and pure manliness behind them, but the Vaegirs have neither. Their archers? They're alright, but they're never in sufficient numbers to make a difference, and I believe that should be adjusted. Their cavalry lines are nice though, but they rarely make up for what they're missing.
    If you've been playing 3.8 you'll notice that the VAE Are pretty damn tough now. There Calvary and Infantry are acceptable fighters. The horses they use are strong and there archers have another upgrade level.

    Halrik said:
    The Villianese, their problem is obvious. Their only decent infantry are their nobles. They look good thematically, but they just don't seem to pan out right. Also... I think they looked cooler with the round shields. :roll: (Who is going to drag around a board shield through their terrain, other than a Roman? ) I think they really just need higher agility and athletics skills... and faster looking shields.
    VIL Infantry are actually supposed to be playing more of a defensive role. If you couple them with archers and let your scouts pick off troops from the rear they are quite effective. I myself am still afraid to get into fights with the VIL. The fact that they have board shields makes them more defensive to ranged fire leaving the enemy left to charge before the archers kill them off.

    Halrik said:
    On the topic of secondary weapons. EVERYONE had a large knife, if nothing else, as a weapon. From the kid on the street begging for change, to the gentry, everyone would have a knife. So, I see no reason to at least toss a dagger onto every soldier who's using a hafted weapon. (Unless that slot is reserved for ammo. )

    Oh, and as a side note... WTF are you guys talking about with difficulty? Most of the settings for "difficulty" have nothing to do with how your troops fight, only with how they compare against you... or issues completely unrelated to the battle! Most of "difficulty" is just the damage percentages involving the PC, and troop AI which evens out anyhow. (In fact, the only things I've found myself doing differently between the extremes is that I stop getting off my horse in tournaments after dismounting everyone, as a matter of honor... cause... screw em, I had one horse to, and I'm not the first person up the ladder, since the first person gets hit with a javelin in the face. )
    The Game difficulty is a BIG Factor with how troops fight and the odds your put up against you. SOD:Warlords is nothing like native when it comes to the AIs actual skill with each weapon type they specialize in. If your not cheating and you play with normal settings you'll start to notice that your getting your ass handed to you. Play in the melee arena and you'll be able to tell how much harder this game is compared to native and many other mods.

    I can confirm this. I still have issue trying to get enough momentum to take a goddamned castle. I eventually took one from the Sarranid, but have been fighting non-stop ever since. The sieges are absolutely brutal. I ran up against Khergit lancers on the top of the walls and they tore my men apart.
  7. Voting Poll:What's Your Favorite Type Of Firearm To Use?

    Heheh, sorry, I'm just blown away by the mod and can't help getting pumped. Keep up the good work and know we're rooting for you.
  8. List of mods for With fire and sword. (Last updated 31/5/12)-Updated

    Oh right, fire and sword. Well I like fire and steel better... Anywhoo, I hope one shows up, that would really push it to the next level. Either that or let us use M&B:W resources... That would accelerate ports of other mods, but that's a legal no-no, so meh. I'll have to wait then.
  9. Voting Poll:What's Your Favorite Type Of Firearm To Use?

    Alright, I will continue to dream then. It really reminds me of the Fallout 3 - Fallout New Vegas issues because you can't use resources from one to another, though there are already items from FO3 in FONV. I'll have to wait on a diplomacy mod then as they have linear warfare working well and the caravan system is great. Would it be possible to integrate the ideas they had like the mercenary camp (with upgradable mercs) or the caravan trade system?
  10. Voting Poll:What's Your Favorite Type Of Firearm To Use?

    Alrighty then, there we go, a musket shot should kill, and a pistol shot should do a lot of a damage in the event that it doesn't kill lol. But seriously, I really appreciate the effort you put into this. That does beg one question though.... Will there be a SOD for Fire and Steel? I don't know too much, but it is the same engine even down to be warband based, right? I'm not asking you to put this down or anything, I'm just curious if one could port it, because that might be a project that some one else might be willing to attempt.
  11. List of mods for With fire and sword. (Last updated 31/5/12)-Updated

    I agree, in fact, I am looking for a diplomacy mod for Fire and Sword. However, the ultimate mods remain the Sword of Damocles series for their depth, and if that could be ported to Fire and Steel, it'd take the game to a whole new level.
  12. Voting Poll:What's Your Favorite Type Of Firearm To Use?

    Computica said:
    I agree with Halrik here. I did my best to simulate the effects of Plate Armor on bullets. Even though bullets are piercing weapons; the effect they have on armor is very light. Like I said though. Firearms are valuable for point, shoot, & kill. If you land a hit it will do damage. Just because it might not kill your target on the first hit they are definitely dangerous against a crowd of troops.

    Alright, I can buy that, but isn't that plate armor you're talking about? It seems like there are very few line soldiers who are actually wearing plate armor because that seems to be mostly nobles and what not. I'm not saying one shot should kill a knight, but one should kill your run of the mill line soldier if he doesn't have his shield up.
  13. SOD Warlords - Suggestions & Discussions Thread

    Also, another suggestion, could you change the Antarian empire color or remove the snow where they are settled? Its impossible to read the names of their cities unless you're incredibly close b/c its grey on white.
  14. Voting Poll:What's Your Favorite Type Of Firearm To Use?

    Thanks. As I see it, the real appeal of firearms when they showed up was their ability to give the average joe the ability to bring down a knight with relatively little training (though that reload time would be murder.) I think the reload rate is fine now, but to really use firearms effectively at all you need at least two pistols and that leaves room for no ammo, so I think that it will work out well. I'm not sure how to handle giving it to line troops though. I know you're opposed to it, so may I suggest what they're doing in "with fire and steel" (which is fantastic, but needs the diplomacy options integrated, if there was a SOD for it, I'd play little else.)

    There they have a mercenary camp where you can hire soldiers and upgrade their gear through a dialogue window. It might be interesting to take a look at that because then you could concievably figure a way to purchase muskets for your men and apply the same thing to have your marksmen use muskets or bows (since you have both in your inventory). Also, you'd have to upgrade to horribly expensive "modern" flintlocks to make muskets be really useful on a large scale (due to they reloading much faster than a matchlock or especially a wheel lock). This is me just spouting ideas and chomping at the bit for them to release some diplomacy stuff for F&S so I can take over a country...
  15. Voting Poll:What's Your Favorite Type Of Firearm To Use?

    I like pistols myself, but feel like they should do more damage. Right now, I'm not really seeing a reason to use them at all b/c bows do more damage and you can fire more rapidly and carry more ammo. I see very few upside to firearms right now, just giving the pistol more of a punch would be perfect, that and raising the ammo capacity. I mean 20 bullets and cartridges takes up far less room than 20 arrows....
  16. Thoughts and Strategies

    Hmm, could companions start regiments in the future? I don't have any nobles left, is there a way to get more of them without conquering a castle? I am running up against hard opposition as I can only field 100 men.
  17. Thoughts and Strategies

    Can you do this before you actually become a king (Ie before taking your first castle?)
  18. SOD Warlords - Suggestions & Discussions Thread

    The ability to check the party screen while conducting a siege (as in waiting to starve em out). Also, does their food supply magically go to full again if you abandon the siege for 2 minutes still? If so, please remove that. No one actually starves anyone out I feel.

    Also, more companions would be nice. I've been looking all over for em and nothing's doing.
  19. Thoughts and Strategies

    Ahoy all, I'd thought I'd start this as a place to put all your strategies, especially starting out. I know I've had trouble due to not having regiments to supplement my attacking forces. Battle 1. Form a line and let the enemy come to you 2. Stick your cavalry on the flank 3. Keep your horse...
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