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  1. Need More Info Online is lagging despite stable fps

    OK, replying in case anyone is experiencing similar problems. Low graphic settings seemed to be the issue causing more lagging. The lower settings I was playing with both SP and MP, the worse the lagging was. I updated my graphic card drivers and raised the graphics to medium settings. With updated drivers and low settings, my game was still lagging horribly. Higher graphic settings stabilized my overall performance even though I still experience mild lagging but it is now stable enough to be able to enjoy SP if not completely MP.
  2. Need More Info Online is lagging despite stable fps

    We have a special performance build to check for these issues by collecting telemetry data. Can you switch to that build, test your performance and send us your data?
    1. Switch to “perf_test” from the Steam betas tab. You can find more info about it here.
    2. Open the game as usual and proceed to the stage where you are experiencing performance issues.
    3. Before the performance issues start, toggle the profiling tool by holding the “right shift” and pressing the “T” key.
    4. Record for 20-30 seconds, press the toggle key combination again. Please keep in mind that, the more you record, the more upload time it will require.
    5. Find the "test.tmcap" file in the "...\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client" folder. You can find the "Mount & Blade II Bannerlord" folder inside Steam’s application library folder.
    6. Finally, upload the file to the "" site. Please write your username and this threads URL into the description box so that we can find it easier. It is appreciated if you provide more information about your PC, what you were doing while the game was recording and your graphics configuration. If the data you are trying to upload is too big or the site fails to upload, you can use an alternative site to upload your data. If you choose to do that please left a reply to this thread with the download link.
    Hate to be a pain but the upload function is simply not working, I have been trying all day to upload. the file is 256 kb.
  3. Need More Info Online is lagging despite stable fps

    Summary: I'm getting a relatively stable 60 fps capped at 60 otherwise it's in the 60-100 range. No matter the graphic settings, medium, low or the lowest possible settings, I'm getting a fairly stable fps between 55-60 yet I still experience stutters and lags without even getting fps drops. I...
  4. After modding the game, my playthroughs are 500% more enjoyable. Give it a go boys.

    I know it is in EA right now and the devs are working hard, but they better watch their backs as these modders might end up creating the game the community wants rather than their own agenda. :unsure:
    If you ask me, the point of Warband was always that the modders could easily develop what the community wanted. Taleworlds provide the base game, and the modders make magic with it. That's what did Warband for me atleast.
  5. Realistically, how long will we have to wait for new quests to be implemented ?

    I think you both are missing the point anyway -- the idea of 'quests' in bannerlord is only a short task to do with the specific purpose of improving your relation with the quest giver. Whilst having a negative affect sometimes with the opposition.
    By improving your relation you can recruit better troops from that location.

    ^ that is literally the whole point of it.

    This game is a sandbox and it is not like a typical RPG where it heavily relies on quests to give you things to do -- you are the one in charge.
    Why do you need hand holding to enjoy Bannerlord?

    I think we are playing things very differently ?
    Exactly this. This isn't Skyrim.
  6. A Big Thank You to the Devs

    I agree with you.
  7. Awful textures

    Indeed, and the combat mechanics are from 1999 ? You have only 4 moves to attack, how lame is this ¿?¿

    Is this april joke from the devs ? I guess we see tomorrow the real version of M&B Bannerlord!
    This is Bannerlord, the 4 directional attacks is what it's about. You clearly never played Warband or don't understand what this game is about.
  8. SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Early game Lord-player relationships

    Now I know this point has been made previously by other players about early game being kind of incomplete and short and I'm already sure the developers are working to expand on it but I'd like to share some of my own feedback as mere food for thought, for the developers. So early game, the...
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