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  1. Arthur453

    Question about keys

    You can only see the life bar of your own player names should be if you aim at them you see it, you cant read dead that atm but in the next version you can hope this explains your things.
  2. Arthur453

    Where is gone the fog?

    No sorry fog wont return however in the next version there will be diferent skyboxes for each map so if you got a nighttime map view is reduced.
  3. Arthur453

    Wolfpack_mod Server

    And then got banned well then.
  4. Arthur453

    Crazy Suggestions Thread

    Not that there are cowboys in FI2 yet lol *slaps on face*
  5. Arthur453

    Forest Outpost

    Sure send me the map if you want.
  6. Arthur453

    FI2 Multiplayer Servers Unban Requests Thread

    Hello, der we are investigating why you are banned,
    You know anyone else on the server who know you? this could help alot.
    You will hear from us soon.
  7. Arthur453

    Forest Outpost

    Hello, der the map seems cool but is it ai meshed?
  8. Arthur453

    [WB][M] Full Invasion 2: Osiris 1.03 {Co-op Survival}

    Rename -m Full Invasion2 to FI2 v0121 like this    -m FI2 v0121 and I think it should work fine.
  9. Arthur453

    Wolfpack_mod Server

    The site isnt illegal, you buyed the serial key do?
  10. Arthur453

    Wolfpack_mod Server

    No I mean you buyed the game or is it a ilegal version downloaded?
  11. Arthur453

    Wolfpack_mod Server

    Hello, you have been poll kicked? or you dont have a offical copy of M&B if you dont you will get kicked from the most servers automatic.
  12. Arthur453

    Crazy Suggestions Thread

    Ive seen it die in other versions but not this one.
  13. Arthur453

    Crazy Suggestions Thread

    its unkillable never seen it die and his health bar is black lol
  14. Arthur453

    Crazy Suggestions Thread

    the health from the mumakill in wave 9 is bugged it has unlimted health.
  15. Arthur453

    Wolfpack_mod Server

    Very mature if you say things like this: Go to a bridge, throw yourself off it, Please stop it.
  16. Arthur453

    Wolfpack_mod Server

    Nice lie jack I wasnt even near the beds.
  17. Arthur453

    Wolfpack_mod Server

    When you said he was bedwalking I wanted to teleport to him but I saw him next to me with a horse and you said he lies coman
  18. Arthur453

    Wolfpack_mod Server

    Logs begin till the end
    21:45:02 - [Korbek] some1 kick crabking fukin troll keeps rifing over the beds

    21:45:11 - [CrabKing] i'm not even near beds: : Korbek says bedwalker

    21:45:16 - [Korbek] stfu liar

    21:45:51 - [Korbek] admin you gona do ure job or what?

    21:46:04 - [FI2_Mapper_ArthurPendragon] well

    21:46:08 - [FI2_Mapper_ArthurPendragon] I didnt see anything

    21:46:21 - [Korbek] wow really

    21:46:26 - [Korbek] ****min ftw
    I ignored this

    21:46:40 - [CrabKing] what an ass, grow up

    21:47:02 - [God_Wills_It] How to kill the game for everyone by Arther

    21:47:22 - [God_Wills_It] arther because you dont deserve for me to spell your name right


    21:49:06 - *DEAD* [God_Wills_It] No space marine ******ry please

    21:49:17 - *SPEC* [FI2_Tester_Angel_Foxie] You better stop it.

    21:49:23 - *SPEC* [FI2_Tester_Angel_Foxie] Otherwise you'll be banned.

    21:49:27 - *DEAD* [God_Wills_It] Naughty

    21:49:32 - *DEAD* [Korbek] when the admin starts doing his job we'll start behaving mmk?

    21:49:44 - *DEAD* [God_Wills_It] Atleast buy me dinner before you flirt with me

    21:49:49 - *SPEC* [FI2_Tester_Angel_Foxie] When you stop being *****es the admins will start doing their job.

    21:49:58 - *DEAD* [God_Wills_It] Foxie hmmm

    21:50:02 - *SPEC* [FI2_Tester_Angel_Foxie] And they can't JUST trust a random guy.

    21:50:03 - *DEAD* [FI2_Mapper_ArthurPendragon] you should watch your words now God

    21:50:46 - *SPEC* [FI2_Tester_Angel_Foxie] Imagen if the admins had to slay everybody that said "OMG HES TEAMKILLING OMG"

    21:50:52 - *SPEC* [FI2_Tester_Angel_Foxie] Everybody would do it.

    21:50:57 - *DEAD* [God_Wills_It] Or youll ban me ? spooky admin, all i did is point out an admin spawning space marine armour because he cant block

    21:51:03 - *DEAD* [Korbek] and yet your reason for not slaying him is cus you didn't see it are you supposed to see it if you're too busy playing the game?

    21:51:09 - *DEAD* [PizzaHutt] stfu god_Whatever

    21:51:21 - *DEAD* [FI2_Mapper_ArthurPendragon] look what you say after that God then come back 

    21:51:23 - *SPEC* [FI2_Tester_Angel_Foxie] Shut your mouths now. Or get kicked.

    21:51:23 - *DEAD* [God_Wills_It] one t
    21:51:30 - *DEAD* [God_Wills_It] Not two

    21:51:32 - *DEAD* [Korbek] **** you ****mins

    21:51:37 - *SPEC* [FI2_Tester_Angel_Foxie] You have no idea how to be admins.

    21:51:41 - *DEAD* [God_Wills_It] Badmins are ****mins

    21:51:45 - *DEAD* [God_Wills_It] bad****mins

    21:51:48 - Korbek is banned permanently by FI2_Tester_Angel_Foxie.

    21:51:56 - God_Wills_It is banned permanently by FI2_Tester_Angel_Foxie.

    all that happened is this.

  19. Arthur453

    Wolfpack_mod Server

    Well I didnt ban someone logs will prove things.
  20. Arthur453

    Wolfpack_mod Server

    Ye I agree with Foxie we never spawned coins for ourself I had space armour yes
    And if we are playing we cant see all so if you say it in chat we always go look for it but then the most people stop doing it so we cant see and we ban only with a reason.
    And you where insulting me.
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