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  1. Where did you get your name?

    Gator is from The Other Guys.

    "Gator don't play no ****! You hear me?! You feel me?! Gator never been about playin no ****"

    "Gator needs his gat you punk ass *****"

    "Gator's *****es better be wearin jimmies!"
  2. Napoleonic Wars Zombies gamemode

    I really enjoyed the game when I played it, and like others got tired of chasing the last few people around for several minutes. If this is scripted or modded, I really think there should be a stamina meter for those left alive, and they start to slow down after longer periods of running or make the partizans a bit faster(which I think would be cooler).
  3. Suggestions

    When surrending I feel it should drop your weapons. If you put your arms down you should be able to pick them up again. Really fun addition though.

    I also second the notion for having a beard + cigar/pipe/glasses.
  4. Bug for Rocket Artillery

    Well I was quite unfortunate the other day. Some new rocket artillery dropped their pod somewhere else on the field and decided to steal mine. I wasn't sure what he was doing standing next to mine, but I was in the processing of aiming the rocket to fire when he picked up the tri-pod. I was...
  5. Napoleonic Wars: Administration Applications

    Community name: Gator
    Steam Name: appled
    Age: 27
    Location/Timezone: CST
    Applying for (Ts/Servers): Server. NW Official US
    Regiments: Was in 23rdAC, solo for now.
    About yourself: Long time mount and blade fan. 1000+ hours logged(and those are just the recorded ones). Been gaming since I was old enough to control it, all the way back to the origins of PC gaming/atari/NES. It is my hobby of choice.
    Why you would be a good admin: I am on a lot when there is no admin. I will uphold the rules and make sure the server is having fun grief free. I have had many roles in authority both career and gaming wise. Would like to help make sure the server doesn't have "problems".
    Previous Experience (if any): I have helped admin/build player run UO servers. I  have owned my own CSS server. I have lead a CSS team and been in leadership roles for many MMO guilds. I love gaming.
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