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  1. CRBR Helm

    Bannerlord Draft Cup Francophone Edition 3 (42/42) - Inscriptions Fermées

    Pseudo : Helm
    Votre classe : Archer/Infanterie
    Lien Profile Steam :
    Je confirme de parler français et d'avoir lu, validé les règles et que je serai présent le 24.04.2022 à 20.30 CET
  2. CRBR Helm

    Need More Info Strangely high ping in EU servers today

    Hello, i have had the same issue with Orange provider only on EU servers with constant 160 ping for a week.
  3. CRBR Helm

    Thank you for your maturity [APE] Superhobo

    Punishing roleplaying shield wall nonsense. Pretty based in my book.
    You dont understand the shieldwall art. It is full of emotions and sensitivity, makes roleplayers pp hard
  4. CRBR Helm

    Thank you for your maturity [APE] Superhobo

    I know for a certain that roleplayers have been at the server while there are 30 people there.
    That's true, and that is the issue, we can't cancel stuff we prepared because people take on their time to come to our trainings/formation, and most of the time we need a good ping because, believe it or not, most of the time we are training fights with the clan members whether it's duels or x vs x battles. We are sorry if people can't join duel servers because of our presence but we actually have no choice. I understand your point of view but try to understand ours. Until there is a new server for rp stuff, we can't really change anything
  5. CRBR Helm

    Thank you for your maturity [APE] Superhobo

    sorry for you experience, but also:

    the prophet speaks the truth ?

    maybe TW could look into providing an extra server for RP purposes? don't think you would need one for every region, ping shouldnt make too much of a difference, right?
    The issue with the ping is that we don't just do formations, we pratice with X vs X battles, clan duels etc... so we can't really go on a 150 ms server :-/
  6. CRBR Helm

    Thank you for your maturity [APE] Superhobo

    i do understand better why your clan name is Keyboard Warriors :wink: (for some of you).
    Honestly, I sympathize with the roleplayers, but it was ****ing annoying joining a seemingly full duel server to find it filled with 20+ roleplayers walking around in formation. Just another thing that wouldn't be an issue if we just had some custom servers :iamamoron:
    i totally understand that but we do not have any other solutions, and the server is usually not full during our trainings so real duelists can join. Sometimes it is full and it must be really annoying for you guys and we are sorry for that.
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