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  1. How to use only thrust swords?

    in single player, Koncerz is good to level up one hand weapon skills since it can be used as a lance. other than that it suck badly.
  2. MP tatar infantry's yatagan

    alright, worst thing just happened lol. and pretty funny. after failed to defeat my roomate's tatar infantry with poleaxe. i took a spear trying to use the big distance advantage to kill him. and guess what, he took a big gun out and one shot me in the head lol. it remind me of indiana jones shooting the swords guy.
  3. MP tatar infantry's yatagan

    tatar infantry moving really fast, they can chamber block my attack while rush into range. once in its yatagan range only thing i can do is busy blocking his attack. and lag seems to make it even worse. i just keep geting intrupted and slash to death.

    i was trying to using a poleaxe over head attack to crush tatar's block. but it doesn't seem working. the weapon description said "can crush through block". did i do it wrong or it is working intended?

    i am new to multiplayer btw.
  4. MP tatar infantry's yatagan

    once tatar infantry close in to its yatagan swing range, i can hardly do any counter attack.
  5. MP tatar infantry's yatagan

    i just feel these yatagan are too fast to be effectively chamber blocked. do you feel the same or its just me lacking of skill lol?
  6. Multiplayer Class description/guide as of version 1.143

    polish infantry has much lower chance fight against swedish if both player are on the same skill level. i rarely use the cheken since it is only half length of the swedish zweihander sword. even if you chamber blocked a zweihander attack it is still very hard to land the counter strike with range 70 cheken. and with their balanced pike, the swedish infantry can stop polish lancers as well. they are probably the most unbalanced unit right now, 140 range sword with that full plate armor is way too much. only russian infantry has a fair chance against them in melee.
  7. Strategy

    i don't know if anyone use this tactic before. artilary+cavalry. well, by artilary i mean my mounted heros with large gernades.

    equipt myself and heros with 2 shields, one saber and 3 large gernades. let heros follow you, then ride from enemy right flank to left, use gernade to blow up their moral as well as . then send your lancer and melee cavalry on a charge to wipe out the enemy from field. check out where enemy reforcement arrive. get another 3 gernade from your package. blow their reforcement point with your horsemen trample everything.

    the reason i use 2 shield is hero and horse dies too easy on hard mod. 2 shield in both front and back protect your men very effectivly from muskeets firing.
  8. Besieging tactics with Poles

    i think thats an AI problem. the AI too dumb to find their target on the wall.

    the recent patch seems fixed this problems a little bit. however shooting someone on the wall with 2/3 of their body behind rampart is rather disadvantagous and time comsuming. i perfer much simple and direct method. get your russians mace and steel shield or your poles with shield and axe. skip the fire exchange. rush and overwhelm the wall at a rainy/fogy night. russian infantry has 70 health they can take more than 2 muskeet shots unless its on the head. polish mercenary has better helm but poor shield, less health and lower weapon skill.
  9. Hatchet : effective against armour ?

    QWW said:
    ["toporik_good", "Hatchet", [("toporik_rich_a",0)], itp_type_one_handed_wpn|itp_merchandise| itp_secondary|itp_primary|itp_bonus_against_shield|itp_wooden_parry|itp_extra_penetration, itc_scimitar|itcf_carry_axe_left_hip,
     1200 , weight(1.4)|difficulty(8)|spd_rtng(102) | weapon_length(50)|swing_damage(28 , cut) | thrust_damage(0 ,  pierce),imodbits_axe ],

    Cut is the key as well as bonus against shield.

    that's interesting. where can you find this?
  10. Besieging tactics with Poles

    IMO, the best wall assaulting troop would be russian mercenaries infantries/cavalries with shield and mace. i usually equipt russian with poleaxe/sabre in field, switch to shield and mace on the wall. they are extramly powerful in hand to hand combat. their mace ingore 50% of target armor which works very well againts heavyly armored swedish troop. i once had them attacking a city with tons of swedish reiter on hard mod. they pretty much smash their way into the city with very few casualties. it take only 2 swing killing a full plated reiter. also its better to attack at night/rain/fog when guns and bows are less effective. do not try blow up the wall, use the old style ladder seige. this way your formation more likly having their shield facing the enemy position.

    the only problem is it take very long time and big amount of money to fully upgrade an army of elite russian infantry or cavalry. but once you have them in enough numbers, you can march them to the end of the world!
  11. what is the requirement for recruiting nogai?

    izum fortress is taken haha. it worked, i can recruit nogais in group of 3 each time. i have 24 nogais in my army now. i really like them in cavalry battle, they seems designed to kill horsemen. i use lancer to face swedish reiter in the first charge. when reiters start to running in circle with their pistol, i sent nogai after them for melee. it worked pretty well on hard difficulty. these men have very fast attack with a range 100sabre, it always hit enemy first before the targets can finish their swing.
  12. what is the requirement for recruiting nogai?

    thanks Turanianghazi. i am gathering my men and marching to izum fortress. i have to take it from a russian lord.
  13. what is the requirement for recruiting nogai?

    how can you recruit Nogai horsemen? i am the lord of Akkerman and izmail fortress. and i had every building/comanders in my town. but still unable to recruit these guys. i was fighting some of the crimean lords who had nogais in his army. they look like some simple low level nomadic horsemen...
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