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    7 new maps, Ranked and Battle mode, hundreds of balance changes

    @NIN3 vielen dank für deine harte Arbeit und Engagement. (Lass dich mal wieder ingame blicken, du hast noch offene Rechnungen ☺️)

    @badbuckle best of luck with this mess!

    Can we finally expect major changes to the class system? Something like the classic Warband mode that includes a similar armory system?
    The current class system is the biggest fun killer and a downgrade. The variety and individuality made warband mp so fun, adaptable and ultimately successful. I miss that so much in BL.
  2. Hax.

    2nd Balance Patch: design insights + full changelog

    Maces are OP as **** and destroy everything and everyone in 1-2 hits. I can't understand why this was buffed in the first place.

    Since none of you devs actually play your own game; this is still a goddamn issue and it`s beyond annoying. Can you, after 5 months, please for the love of god balance this already.

    You can easily kill 10 people in a lifetime with a mace. Neither is fun, but a huge unbalanced mess that could easily be noticed and solved (months ago) if you played this for just 2 hours. Smh.
  3. Hax.

    About the recent archer spam i'm seeing in this game

    Friendly fire can't be done or will take too many hours to program. Or they would have implemented it long time ago. Maybe SP need's to be done first.. No one got any clue when or if that will happen, not even TW it looks like
    FF was included until a few months ago. All they have to do is prioritise this fix. What would be a good alternative? Wasting another 2 years on useless balance patches because there are no custom servers?
  4. Hax.

    Make Cav Stronger Again

    These cav players learned the truth
    There you have it. Cav definitely doesn't need a buff, but the exact opposite would be nice. Horses should take much more damage and run slower once they are wounded.
    Ironically, the picture also shows why it is not worth playing skirmish at all.
  5. Hax.

    About the recent archer spam i'm seeing in this game

    The problem could be easily solved by finally fixing friendly fire and punishing those medieval stormtroopers who shoot wildly into every battle. It's a mess to be surrounded 1vs4 and still get shot.
  6. Hax.

    TDM: Playing VS Vlandia sucks

    I think the best course of action would be to have a new ammo type exclusive to the Sharpshooter that could allow the Hickory crossbow to deal as much damage as the Arbalest's base damage, but at the expense of having a smaller quiver than both the default and strong crossbow bolts.
    It would be a huge improvement if they just replaced their crappy class and perk system with Warband's arsenal. Tier 1-7 weapons/ammunition and proper gear that requires some grind and skill. I can't believe they're still sticking with this system and ruining all the game modes with it every quarter. That's like keeping a turd for years and being proud of it.
  7. Hax.

    Vlandia Rebalance When?

    And these Sergeants are especially annoying and plentiful in TDM and Siege, and very often they'll simply overpower every infantry battle. Lesser factions like Khuzait, Empire and even Aserai can't hope to match them in infantry battles, while Battania and Sturgia can only hold their lines.
    All you have to do is select a mace. You will kill everything in 1-2 hits, no matter if it’s a peasant or heavy inf.
  8. Hax.

    My thoughts on some questionable perks and how they could be changed

    Don’t waste anymore resources on it. Remove the class system entirely from Siege and tdm. It’s the worst conception anyone came up with. Give us full armoury access for all cultures.

    If you ever decide to release custom servers, people will abandon your vanilla game modes and all your competitive efforts will remain wasted time.
  9. Hax.

    2nd Balance Patch: design insights + full changelog

    You brought some nonsense arguments which make no sense or basically never happen or can happen to a complete newcomer / noob.

    You obviously have no idea how combat and melee works in this game . You are probably playing siege or TDM. No offense but you arent competent to talk about combat and footwork :smile:

    Actually i thought you were a competent and good player but get off your high horse, banging your ass on the keyboard and call it a post is not productive and embarrasses you at best.
    I did not have the problems described above until now, only with the last patch this became noticeable and it sucks tremendously. Maybe others see it that way, or not. Im all up for critism how to improve or solve this new "feature". In any case, I find it a huge nonsense that a chain/plate armor suddenly gets snapped down by a scratch or fist bump even when you perfectly blocked the momentum of your opponents hit.
  10. Hax.

    2nd Balance Patch: design insights + full changelog

    After playing for a few days im no huge fan of that Update.

    Armor feels incredibly useless, whether you choose light or heavy armor doesn't pay off in the slightest. you will die by 2 shots or hits. Especially heavy armor makes no sense because it doesn't absorb anything. Fighting outnumbered is almost impossible. you can literally bang on the mouse and watch yourself die, as no counterattack is possible due to dozens of stuns and delays. (See )

    Also footwork is useless, an enemy attack is not blocked but hits you with very low damage, especially against multiple enemies you get stuned and spammed to death by 1-7 dmg "hits" (which is complete bull****, what is the armor for if it doesn't work)

    The archer buff was a bit of a bummer and promotes archer spam immensely (again) with the lack of FF it's again a joyful camp on one side and a frustrating chaos on the infantry side, which resolves a lot of group fights in a short time.

    Maces are OP as **** and destroy everything and everyone in 1-2 hits. I can't understand why this was buffed in the first place.

    Basically, after 2 years I still can't get used to the class system. It doesn't offer a good choice, it's not noob friendly, it doesn't offer any satisfying functionality, it doesn't give a long term goal, it doesn't offer excitement or variety, it's much more of a burden and keeps forcing you into roles and equipment that don't do anything and that you don't even want. it just sucks and has no place in game modes like siege.
  11. Hax.

    2nd Balance Patch: design insights + full changelog

    @NIN3 First of all, thanks to you for being committed to togetherness and explaining your decisions to the community. I am actually looking forward to test the new patch.

    However, I don't understand why the cost of cav was reduced in Siege. The problem with cav has always been their dominant numbers on the battlefield. This made Siege in particular a frustrating and one-sided mess that forcefully prevented any infantry action on many flags.

    Also, I don't understand why the warband series, which is known for large battles with many players, suddenly turns to a completely new 12 player mode with a meager armory for all game modes.

    Will Siege mode be balanced and expanded separately in the future?
    Will Siege be competitive again and thus bring back many clans for a better overall gaming experience?
    What else can we expect in the future?
  12. Hax.

    The banner customization for multiplayer is without a doubt the worst case of wasted potential

    I was also hoping for proper customisation for armors and armory as shown in one of the dev blogs


    2 years later here we are with zero functional customisation but armors based on skins and perks that take away all depth, satisfaction and fun. It’s a typical “we got McDonald’s at home” joke but it’s not funny.
  13. Hax.

    Multiplayer is dead, and TaleWorlds killed it.

    They definitely could give the resources to the team if they wanted, but evidently MP seems to be their lowest priority.
    What would happen if the resources were available? Would this actually change anything for the better? The past two years show how all the community feedback has ended up in the trash can. BL MP will never be good if this continues, and even the most stubborn soul will be driven away at some point.
  14. Hax.

    Announcement: server crashes are being worked on

    To be fair they are aware of the server problems and promised improvements will happen..soon.
    Unfortunately the results speak for themselves and nothing has changed for good in the past weeks if not months.
    That wasnt so hard was it?
    @Dejan @Callum
    The so-called community managers never really cared about the MP community. If they ever did. They don't even manage to fulfill the basics and absolute minimum expectations. A clear failure that in 2 years has not improved as much as the content, which was and is more or less the complete opposite of what the community wants.
  15. Hax.

    All right, so who asked deaths to be removed from the score board?

    It's a design decision and it was confirmed by NIN3 on discord, they are still discussing it apparently though, so there is still hope i guess
    I’d really like to know what and with whom NIN3 has to discuss this bull****. Definitely nobody out of the 300 remaining mp players.
  16. Hax.

    Make Cav Stronger Again

    The more you practice the better you get at this game. Alot of players are coming across people who played all the MnB's, They have years of experience and play time. Keep playing the game and practice
  17. Hax.


    "LeT tHe CoMmUnItY fIx ThE gAmE" is such a terrible idea both for taleworlds and the community itself. Who's exactly gonna be doing the fixing?
    Comp players who make the game as sweaty as possible, or casual players who just want to have fun? Perhaps both? We'll end up with multiple versions of the game made by diffrent modders, splitting the already dying community further. And what about new players? When they launch the game they'll have no mods installed and see empty offical servers. No casual player coming from SP is gonna install mods which they don't even know where to find just to play some MP, they'll just quit. Letting the community fix the game won't save MP, it'll only slow it's death.If you want to see the game actually do well you gotta work with Taleworlds even if you don't agree with thier vision, no matter how annoying and frustrating it is.
    Valid points and concerns but personally I’d see the game dying in different versions made by invidual hands that understand and more important understood what made warband a great game. Working together with TW has been tried for the past 2 years and yea…here we are. You expect way to much. They will never be able to make the big things right when they cannot do the little things right (basics like simple communication or decent servers).
  18. Hax.

    All right, so who asked deaths to be removed from the score board?

    Why is it that the MP community still not gets involved in literally anything? You lay out the red carpet for the next bull**** that nobody wants or needs while the house is suffering from existing fires in forms of unaddressed bugs and crashes. You literally pouring oil into the flames. I’m so sick of it. Why do you guys at TW fail in such a fatal way to provide simplest communication and creating a dozen problems more in every process you implement. It does not only feel that the dev team does not play MP it’s pretty much proven since the last patch.

    @Bloc hits the nail in his post. The game drifts so far away from its origin and becomes a medieval fortnite for idiots. For gods sake it is such a freaking disappointment.
  19. Hax.

    Open petition to remove class system from the game

    I prefer the class system over the warband system. It gives you the option to start as heavy unit instantly and that makes it more noob friendly. If everyone starts naked they will get 2-hit and deleted by the good players in skirmish just think about it.
    Why is the noob friendly argument so popular regarding the class system? There is no point in having a class system that rewards you with the best gear right at the beginning. It just takes all the excitement out of it. You eventually start as a sergeant, get a Lance in a back just to find yourself on a suicide mission as a peasant to repeat step one. It won’t get any better nor exciting and that is what makes the class system not only a terrible concept but also a frustrating and boring one that has no depth in it. A new player will be swept over anyway, no matter what equipment he chosen unless he’s going for a call of duty archer or tends to enjoy some need for speed butterlord couching.
  20. Hax.

    Abuse of the votekicking system needs serious attention

    It's a competitive gamemode when I fight 6 good players with 3 good and 3 bad I will kick the bad players.
    What the **** is that.
    Straight up the worst and biggest ******* move you can do in that situation. You either stand your ground against that 6 people or bring your team to your your level and eventually lose together. People with your attitude are the reason why new players won’t touch skirmish and quit MP.
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